Tavour Alternatives?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Mike_Sheridan, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. Mike_Sheridan

    Mike_Sheridan Initiate (0) Aug 22, 2020

    I have been using Tavour for the past few months here in Florida and I've really been enjoying the variety of beers I had access to.

    Unfortunately, I just received an email stating my service is suspended due to an inability to ship to my area...

    Does any other app or service provide a similar or better beer buying experience?
  2. mambossa

    mambossa Aspirant (249) Jun 30, 2015 Ohio

    I used CraftShack a couple years ago for some purchases. All beers arrived safely and timely, and within a reasonable window of freshness. Can’t say if anything’s changed in those handful of years, but I didn’t have any problems with them.
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  3. mushroomcloud

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  4. marcnotmark

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    Mike, I'm in the Tampa Bay area and have no issues with my Tavour deliveries. What part of Florida are you in?
  5. morimech

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    I gave beerdrop a try. The beers are nothing special but I like that I can substitute out beers that the curators choose for me. But Tavour's beers are nothing special either. I also like beerdrop uses UPS ground. Seems Tavour could save a lot of logistics troubles if they used UPS. Must be some legal mumbo jumbo.
  6. SFACRKnight

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    For whatever reason they send a large palate to a local distributor who breaks it down and delivers the smaller packages. Ups and FedEx would not be a huge difference I dont think.