Terrapin's Los Bravos: Cervezas Por Todos, Beer for All

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    Athens, GA (March 2020) - Los Bravos Mexican Style Lager is a crisp and slightly sweet beer brewed with Mt. Hood, Saaz, and Tettnanger hops for a touch of hop flavor to balance a clean malt profile.

    Originally brewed in 2017 at the ATL Brew Lab at the Battery, this lager has been a fan favorite of visitors at the Taproom during baseball season for the past few years. This year, the beer is coming to the big leagues, available in 6-packs of 12oz cans as well as 16oz cans starting in April. We will have 4 packs of 16oz cans available at the Athens brewery available for curbside pick up starting today.

    Los Bravos will be releasing first in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. But this beer is for everyone, so make sure to ask your local retailer to check with their Terrapin distributor on availability!

    From the Label:

    ABV: 5.1%

    Los Bravos “Mexican-Style Lager” is crisp, slightly sweet, and is perfectly balanced by using three varieties of hops. With it’s roots firmly from traditional Vienna style lagers, this beer compliments any spicy dish and helps keep any fiesta fueled.

    12oz cans will be available the week of March 30th. In an effort to cut down on our carbon footprint, packaging materials, and waste (in line with our Terraprint initiative) we are shifting to samples by request only. Please respond to this email if you are interested in receiving Los Bravos as a press sample. We are also happy to provide pictures if you are looking for imagery outside of what is attached. Thank you!

    About Terrapin Beer Co.
    Terrapin Beer Co. began as a daydream between founders John Cochran and Spike Buckowski, who brewed and released their first beer in 2002. Inspired by the creative culture of Athens, Ga., the brewery’s home, Terrapin continues to produce unique beers year after year. Whether you’re joining us for a brewery tour at our tasting room, drinking a Hopsecutioner at your favorite watering hole, enjoying some Luau Krunkles on the beach, sipping some Up-Hi on your back porch, or enjoying a RecreationAle after a long day on the trail, we hope you appreciate the dedication we’ve put into our beers.

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    Wait, wait - they just blew a perfect name reference* - a beer named Los Bravos should be a Black Lager!

    Why? Well, because Los Bravos Black is Black.

    * Sure, only might appeal or be understood by fans of 60's one-hit wonders who are .... well, of a certain age.:grin: (And, yeah, I had the 45. < That's a round, black piece of plastic with a big hole in the middle, not a handgun).
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    From the Terrapin website (with emphasis in bold by me:


    Mexican Style Lager

    Los Bravos “Mexican-Style Lager” is crisp, slightly sweet and is perfectly balanced by using three varieties of hops. With its roots firmly planted in traditional Vienna style lagers, this beer complements any spicy dish and helps keep any fiesta fueled.

    HOPS: Mt. Hood, Saaz, Tettnanger

    MALTS: Pilsner, Vienna

    ABV: 5.1%

    IBU: 25”

    Presuming that “Pilsner” is listed first since it is the majority of the grain bill this beer is not “firmly planted in traditional Vienna style lagers”. Despite this aspect it may be a tasty beer?

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    I've been genuinely enjoying these craft Mexican lagers, but it just occurred to me how ironic it is that craft breweries are making "Mexican-style" lagers when the whole reason Mexicans started brewing lagers to begin with was to imitate the German ones? So now, instead of drinking actual Mexican lagers or the German ones that they're emulating, we're drinking craft brewery imitations of the imitation? I dunno, man. We live in strange times.
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    Austrian? I hear some breweries use a special yeast, so unless they're doing just that, its more marketing. Have you noticed a difference between these and Mexican macros, or non-Mexican lagers?
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    I personally believe that the riffing on Mexican-style lagers is to capture some of the Corona, Modelo & Dos Equis market
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    I agree with you here. Lots of people are willing to pay a premium price for a beer like Corona (I am not one of those people) and a variety of craft breweries are trying to obtain some of that money.

    Another example here is Sierra Nevada with their beer Sierraveza.

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    A bit more malt and hop presence, I think.
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