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  1. Radome

    Radome Pooh-Bah (2,311) May 24, 2009 Florida

    I have some general positive feedback for the BA site, and for the members who contribute.

    For many years I have been using BA as my main source to find interesting craft beer locations to visit when I travel. I only recently realized that on the Place Review page there is a tab for Poo-Bah reviews. I don't know how long that option has been there, but it went over my head until now. Now that I have used it a few times, I find that I am just going straight to it to look for what Poo-Bahs have had to say, and not worrying too much about other reviews. I just found that often the few really thoughtful and useful place reviews seemed to come from Poo-Bahs anyway, so why not jump straight to them?

    This is not meant to denigrate anyone who takes the time to review a place for BA. I appreciate all of them and I will read and consider other reviews if no Poo-Bah reviews exist for a place, or if I have the time to take a more detailed look. It's just that when I'm looking for a place to spend my precious time and money in a town I am unfamiliar with, paging through tons of locations to find one that sounds most suited to my taste can take a while. I generally sort a city's list by average beer rating, and then look through them, using the Poo-Bah reviews as a trustworthy source of info, if they are available. This technique seems to help me zero in on a new place more quickly and I think it will be my standard practice now.

    Anyway, thank you, BA, for providing that tab and making it easy to find Poo-Bah place reviews. And of course, thank you to the Poo-Bahs and any other contributors who are writing reviews and making it easier for BAers to find the beer and locations that will suit our quirky obsession. Cheers to you all!

    If you have a different technique for sorting through all the options to find a place, please tell me what works for you. Thanks!
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  2. Amendm

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    Place reviews being used to plan a trip is a great idea however I would be looking for reviews by members of all ranks that appear to understand how to write a descriptive, info packed review.
    By this I mean is there; outdoor space, parking space, clean restrooms, good service etc.
    I must admit that I often read beer reviews from Poo-Bahs only. Cheers.
  3. LeRose

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    I'm partially in agreement. Among other reasons, the well-written reviews are why I come here versus UnTappd, but I don't think every solid review is written by a Poobah. Maybe the odds are a bit better - it takes time to reach that level - but there's great reviews from people who will be Poobahs eventually. After all, beer karma works in mysterious ways and we don't know who's next.

    I like the functionality of being able to filter reviews this way, but I don't restrict myself to the poster's level. With beers, there's a bunch of names I have come to trust regardless of their "standing" so I will seek those out as having similar tastes.

    Whether beer or place, the first thing I try to weed out are ratings only - the numbers don't always tell the story. I'm not sure we have that filter anymore though. I'll click on the Poobah button eventually as it kinda prunes some of the numbers only ratings, but typically after I gain a sense of all the contributions.
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  4. Gajo74

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    I'm more inclined to look at Poo/Bah reviews for beer ratings rather than place reviews. For brewery visits, I'm off the philosophy of just checking it out for myself simply because I'm in the area. To me personally, the atmosphere of a brewery trumps the quality of its beers. Granted, I still prefer the beers to be good, but I'll use the example of two breweries I visited recently. Brewery A had some amazing, creative, and experimental beers brewed with the most sophisticated technique. However, the general vibe of the place and the staff was snooty. In contrast, brewery B had simply solid, well made beers and a staff that was awesome, friendly and a vibe that was totally cool and chill. I'll take brewery B any day of the week.
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  5. russpowell

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    I'll take any raw intelligence I can get. Having said that I certainly value certain inputs more than others & that usually is from long time contributors to the site, Poobah or not.
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  6. Domingo

    Domingo Grand Pooh-Bah (3,884) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    I really like the place reviews. I rarely look at the beer reviews much, but I check the place reviews whenever I'm in a new area or looking to try something new around town. I occasionally even toss one up myself. I hope they stick around!
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  7. gatornation

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    I agree with @Domingo , When on vacation i look up the cities i will be in there and on the way both. Placenta shops and markets . I can then go to the web site to see hours and location,i find it very useful.
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    Mark another one up for Auto-Correct. Or are you into bizarre shopping? :wink:
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    LOL!! So funny that‘s my android phone spell check..
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