The 20 Most-Read BeerAdvocate Stories of 2018

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    The most popular BeerAdvocate stories in 2018 covered a fairly wide range of topics, from the polarizing subject of kids in brewery taprooms, to the best beer pairings for Nashville hot chicken, and a deconstruction of common myths about lager.

    Read the full article: The 20 Most-Read BeerAdvocate Stories of 2018
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  2. Lingenbrau

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    I'd have to say my personal favorite of the year was the Beer Hiking the Pacific Northwest. Hits close to home, obviously, but I'm a fan of @Keene 's work overall! Keep up the good work all. Cheers.
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  3. drtth

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    Didn’t even notice that article but think I understand your reaction based on my own thoughts about one or two other articles.

    I too want to thank @Keene and any others involved for their efforts in growing/creating some quality work that interest.
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  4. EvenMoreJesus

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    I'll join this love-fest. Well done @Keene and all. Keep writing thought-provoking articles that I can disagree with. :wink:
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  5. surfcaster

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    Glad to see that the top article was about new breweries.

    Really enjoyed 2018. 2017 was tough to top with the Shelton Bros and Firestone Walker pieces still resonating and worth reading for those who missed them.

    To a great 2019- keep it up!
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  6. hustlemuscle

    hustlemuscle Devotee (415) Jan 13, 2004 Ohio

    My favorite was the new breweries article as well.
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  7. Keene

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    We're glad you liked it, and thanks for sharing.
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