The Best Beers of 2018 (So Far)

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by WunderLlama, Sep 16, 2018.

  1. WunderLlama

    WunderLlama Poo-Bah (1,838) Dec 27, 2010 Massachusetts
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    Always trying new beers. What have been the best new beers you have tried this year? Not necessarily new releases, just highest rated in the 2018 calendar year. Here are my top 10 so far in 2018:

    Doppleganger Tree House 4.6
    Pseudo Sue DDH Toppling Goliath 4.6
    In Perpetuity Tree House 4.56
    Even More Jcs Evil Twin 4.54
    Stickee Monkee Firestone Walker 4.53
    Blurred Up Heist 4.53
    Azacca Flocka Haze Heist 4.53
    Virtuosos Lord Hobo 4.53
    Double Simcoe Daydream Other Half 4.53
    Black Note Stout Bells 4.5

    Whatcha got?
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  2. Squire

    Squire Poo-Bah (2,005) Jul 16, 2015 Mississippi
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    I'll let 'cha know when the year ends.
  3. eppCOS

    eppCOS Crusader (703) Jun 27, 2015 Colorado

    I'm with @Squire on this - "too soon!" - so far, my standouts have been Comrade Superpower IPA and Cumbre's Project Dank. But cheers to January to 9.16.18 !
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  4. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (2,058) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota

    Founders CBS @ 4.55 ( Tried it fresh in November, but re-rated it much higher in June)
    Brouwerij Het Anker Cuvée Van De Keizer Blauw @ 4.49
    Boulevard Grand Cru @ 4.37
    Lucky Bucket Wicked Joe @ 4.36
    Avery Raspberyy Truffale @ 4.36
    Boulevard The Sixth Glass Quadruple Ale @ 4.35
    Evil Twin Brouwerij Het Anker Cuvée Van De Keizer Blauw @ 4.33
    Goose Island Brasserie Noir @ 4.31
    Avery Plank'd @ 4.31
    Big Sky Barrel Aged Ivan The Terrible @ 4.29

    These are just the top 10 new-to-me beers I've had in 2018, but also had many of my old favorites too.
  5. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Meyvn (1,236) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado

    I haven't reviewed or rated much this year. But so far nothing comes close to rusty nail.

    That being said, these threads are always about striking ones own beer ego. Great, you had DDH12345, who cares? I drink some super rare shit that's made in 1/6bbl batches bro. In a garage. By a person of artificial color.
  6. Squire

    Squire Poo-Bah (2,005) Jul 16, 2015 Mississippi
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    I've had some great beers and plan to have more. I'm really not so interested in what I've had so much as what I'm gonna have.
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  7. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (2,058) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota

    The Evil Twin was Imperial Biscotti Chili Hazelnut Break
  8. MistaRyte

    MistaRyte Devotee (420) Jan 14, 2008 Virginia

    Damn I hope they redo this again... I passed on it, and have heard nothing but praise about it. The price point is identical to IBB in this area.
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  9. BeastOfTheNortheast

    BeastOfTheNortheast Aspirant (272) Dec 26, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist
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  10. Ryan4120

    Ryan4120 Disciple (389) Dec 17, 2014 Virginia

    Still plenty of time left in the year but the ones that have stood out to me are:
    Firestone Walker Stickee Monkee: 4.65
    Arrogant Baladin in Bocca Al Lupo: 4.81
    Troeg's Nimble Giant: 4.5
    Founder's Dankwood: 4.59
    Founder's Barrel Runner: 4.49
    Southern Tier Samoa This: 4.65
    Ommegang Bigger and Bretter: 4.56
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  11. hopsputin

    hopsputin Meyvn (1,301) Apr 1, 2012 New Jersey

    Honorable mentions, so far. I've never been able to say a definitive 'favorite':

    Tree House - Alter Ego
    Single Cut - Kinky Boots of Lead
    Celebrator - (I've had it before, but hadn't reviewed it until this year)
    Alchemist - Heady Topper
    The Kernel - Imperial Brown London Stout
    Twin Elephant - Vigo the Carpathian
    Trillium - PM Dawn w/ Cold Brew Coffee
    Trillium - DDH Four Point
    Lost Abbey - Dead Man's Game
    Deschuets - Mirror Mirror (aged a few years)
  12. Gobearswalter34

    Gobearswalter34 Meyvn (1,202) Aug 1, 2014 Illinois

    Love Dankwood!!
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  13. bubseymour

    bubseymour Poo-Bah (2,256) Oct 30, 2010 Maryland

    My top beers rated in 2018 (yeah, I'm a generous rater...):
    Double Galaxy - Hill Farmstead - 5
    Morning Wood - Funky Bhudda - 5 (this may be the best stout I've ever had)
    Difference and Repetition 9 - Hill Farmstead - 5
    Bourbon Paradise - Prairie - 4.96
    Big Sound Scotch Ale (BBA) - Cigar City - 4.94
    Pirate Noir - Prairie - 4.94
    Pick Your Own - Allagash - 4.93
    Fundamental Observation - Bottle Logic - 4.93
    The Grid - Triple Crossing - 4.93

    ....with all this high brow stuff. listed...I also bought a sixer of Old Milwaukee for $3.99 to try out and have at a crab feed this summer, and that was a great cheap beer as well. Highly recommend.
  14. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (2,058) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota

    Judging Taekwondo tournaments, I quickly learned not to "paint myself into a corner" by being too liberal in handing out high scores. For that reason, I rarely rate beers over 4.4 in order to leave myself room to potentially rate phenomenal beers appropriately. I've only rated two beers above 4.5 (CBS @ 4.55 and Pirate Bomb @ 4.54) and only seven above 4.4, out of almost 600 reviews. I'd never give a beer a 5 because then what do you do when inevitably you have a better one?
  15. superspak

    superspak Poo-Bah (22,732) May 5, 2010 Michigan
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    Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break - Double Barrel - 4.65
    Weihenstephaner / Sierra Nevada - Braupakt - 4.56
    Kane Christian Patrick - 4.55
    3 Floyds Dark Lord Imperial Stout - 4.53
    Tree House Green - 4.5
    Old Nation Full Earth - 4.5
    Southern Tier Thick Mint - 4.47
    To Øl 1 Ton of... Raspberries - 4.45
    Tree House Haze - 4.43
    Magnify Yeah You Know Me - Chilis, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Coffee - 4.43

    Top 10.
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  16. ryno0384

    ryno0384 Initiate (84) Apr 11, 2015 Illinois

    Every Hudson Valley offering I've had has been insane. They are my brewery of the year thus far. Also had quite a bit of great stuff from Dancing Gnome (black clouds breakfast, flower series, etc) and over the weekend I had a Peanut Butter PM dawn and angry chair rocky road...both of which are worthy of a mention here. I will revisit this thread in a few months though as stout season is just barely upon us. Cheers all.
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  17. zid

    zid Champion (895) Feb 15, 2010 New York

    Ahhh, the problem of the entire craft beer nerd audience. :wink::wink:
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  18. Squire

    Squire Poo-Bah (2,005) Jul 16, 2015 Mississippi
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    One man's problem is another man's adventure.
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  19. Lahey

    Lahey Disciple (355) Nov 12, 2016 Michigan

    Barrel aged beam me up stouty by saugatuck brewing. It was a rum barrel aged coffee/coconut stout that I believe came in the 9% range abv. I had it on tap and went back for that beer a few times till it kicked a week or so later. I'm iffy on coconut and rum in beers, but it was toasted coconut and everything was well balanced. Just stood out above all others so far. Their pale ale is also high on my list.
  20. AllHopsMatter

    AllHopsMatter Zealot (586) Jul 16, 2016 California
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    This year was the first time I've had PtY, and I absolutely loved it. As far as stouts, I really liked Ground State by Bottle Logic.
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  21. dcotom

    dcotom Poo-Bah (1,985) Aug 4, 2014 Iowa
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    I'll go off the reservation here.

    TG Scorpius Morchella
    Drekker Brain Freeze - Black Currant/Guava
    J.W. Lees Harvest Ale (Port Cask)
    Rodenbach Grand Cru
    Zoinks! (Iowa Brewing Co.)
    Singlecut 18-Watt

    Oh, and CBS.
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  22. cavedave

    cavedave Poo-Bah (2,439) Mar 12, 2009 New York

    Go back and change the other one to a 4.9? Just a thought.
  23. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (2,058) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota

    I could, but then I might have to lower others too to keep them under the first one lowered. I look forward to the dilemma - haven't run across any that I've felt strongly enough about to rate 4.6 or above.
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  24. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,607) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina

    I've never rated any beer a 5 either just because of that dilemma. But for the life of me I dont see any way Alchemist could make Heady Topper any better than it already is. It might be passé now with the surge of hazy NEIPAS, but unless they screw the the formula it's still sets the standards for Dipas. It's still my favorite beer of all time.
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  25. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poo-Bah (2,474) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
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    Why can't you have multiple 5s? It's just the top level, it doesn't mean "there's only one". Plus, there's also that whole old apples to apples thing...
  26. JackHorzempa

    JackHorzempa Poo-Bah (3,645) Dec 15, 2005 Pennsylvania

  27. mkh012

    mkh012 Zealot (540) May 7, 2015 New Jersey

    My favorite beers that I had for the first time in 2018:
    • Tree House Green - 4.77
    • Cantillon Fou’ Foune - 4.63
    • Tree House Julius - 4.63
    • Trillium Permutation Series #44: IPA w/ Galaxy – 4.6
    • Tired Hands Eviscerated Pathway of Beauty - 4.56
    • Magnify Yeah You Know Me with Chilis, Cinnamon, Chocolate and Coffee - 4.52
  28. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Meyvn (1,236) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado

    Full earth stands out for me as well. I've never had tangerine flavor like that from hops.
  29. bubseymour

    bubseymour Poo-Bah (2,256) Oct 30, 2010 Maryland

    This is what I do. My 5's are my "VIP club" so to speak. Several different styles in there as well. Many beers that once were 5's are no longer there, but moved down some. At some point it becomes impossible to rate new beers in relation to beers you had years ago. Just doesn't work well and becomes overwhelming. You have to rate new beer scores in relation to recent beers off of recent memory to make sure of pecking order is about right for you.
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  30. jhavs

    jhavs Poo-Bah (1,559) Apr 16, 2015 New Hampshire
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    My two highest rated brews in 2018 have been Veritas Peach and Flora Blue/Black. Both outside of my top 75 scores all time, but both still excellent.
  31. Kraz

    Kraz Initiate (83) Feb 12, 2018 Indiana

    My top 3 new beers so far this year are:

    1. Moment of Clarity (Tree House Stout)
    2. All That is and All That Ever Will Be (Tree House Stout)
    3. Real Friends (Honest Weight Grisette)
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  32. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,241) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado

    I've become a big fan of the new Odell Colorado Lager. It isn't trying to be German/Czech/IPL/etc. it's just lightly toasty and insanely drinkable.

    Epic's Lupulin Burst is a scary good hazy IPA that's up with the best ones (IMO), yet I can buy it whenever I feel like...and for a decent price.

    On the more "hyped" side of things, I was impressed by damn near every beer I had at Great Notion. Blueberry Muffin and Wai-Iti IPA being major highlights.
    Some additional winners for me (I visited Portland, obviously) would be Upright Hearts' Beat, Cascade Belmont Street Bramble, and Deschutes Liquid Pie.
  33. jcflorian

    jcflorian Devotee (430) Oct 27, 2014 Connecticut

    Top 10 beers (with ratings) for 10 beers I have not had until 2018.

    Trillium- Permutation #57 4.68
    Kane BB Sunday Brunch 4.67
    Firestone Walker- Parabajava 4.65
    Bottle Logic- Dark Star Novemb. 4.63
    Tree House- Super Typhoon 4.63
    Old Nation- Boss Tweed 4.60
    Angry Chair - Woke 4.59
    Tree House- GGGGreen 4.59
    Tree House- Moment of Clarity 4.58
    Trillium- Tiramisu 4.54
  34. cmiller4642

    cmiller4642 Aspirant (268) Aug 17, 2013 West Virginia

    Of the new beers I've tried this year:

    My friend's home brewed NE IPA (no joke)
    Jackie O's Vision is Lost Without Eyes to See It Through
    Jackie O's 2018 Mandala Citra IPA
    Lawson's Sip of Sunshine
    Columbus Insane Wanderer
    Jackie O's Who Cooks For You Pale Ale
    Jackie O's Purple Wolf

    lot of Jackie O's because they're so close to where I live, so I can actually go up and try stuff on tap there.
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  35. Lucular

    Lucular Poo-Bah (1,815) Jun 20, 2014 Maryland

    My top 5 new beers so far in 2018:

    Perennial Sump - 4.78
    Perennial Abraxas - 4.71
    Oskar Blues BA Ten Fidy - 4.66
    Samichlaus - 4.65
    New Glarus Wild Sour Ale - 4.64
  36. HopsDubosc

    HopsDubosc Disciple (318) Apr 24, 2015 Vermont

    Just had a Pony Hawk by Resilience brewing. Best DIPA I've had in a long time.
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  37. TongoRad

    TongoRad Poo-Bah (2,474) Jun 3, 2004 New Jersey
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    That's kinda why anything I would consider a '5' has been time tested for me; they're all beers that I've been drinking for years and, if anything, have actually grown in stature for me. I may give a 4.8 to a new beer, but those last .02 are harder to come by :sunglasses:.
  38. bl00

    bl00 Disciple (305) May 13, 2013 Pennsylvania

    Totally! As taste changes, ratings will shift as well. Not necessarily a bad thing. We're not robots, perceptions will change and thats fine.
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  39. rtrasr

    rtrasr Aspirant (294) Feb 16, 2009 Arkansas

    1. Boojum Munich Helles Lager (North Carolina)
    2. Sierra Nevada German Pilsner (North Carolina)
    3. New Province Fallen Queen Witbier (Arkansas)
    4. Bike Rack Czech Pilsner (Arkansas)
    5. Yuengling Lager (Pennsylvania)
    6. Ozark Lager (Arkansas)
    7. Rahr and Sons Helles Munich Lager (Texas)
    8. KC Bier German Pilsner (Missouri)
    9. Palmetto Amber Ale (South Carolina)

    No particular order just as they came to me, you can see I made a trip to the Carolinas this summer. It was also Teutonic Summer, as we prepare for a trip to cruise the Rhine later this year. I am also proud of our Arkansas beer, it is as good as it is anyplace.
  40. StoutSnob40

    StoutSnob40 Poo-Bah (2,144) Jan 4, 2013 California
    Premium Trader

    2016 Whiskey ADWTD - 4.83
    Beer:Barrel:Time - 4.72
    Goshawk's Grasp - 4.68
    Never Never Again Again - 4.65
    Monster Tones - 4.65