The Brewers Association's Top 50 list for 2019 - MN's Top 3

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    The Brewers Association's Top 50 list for 2019 has been released.

    Lacking actual production numbers, the list offers limited analysis, but of interest to MN residents is that the top 3 MN breweries remained the same order (Summit, Schells, Surly) as they were on the 2018 Top 50 list.

    Also of some interest is that Summit went from the #24 craft brewery in 2018 to the #21 craft brewery in 2019. Schells and Surly remained in their same positions (#25 and #34 respectively). Without production or revenue numbers, it is not possible reach any conclusions about growth, etc.

    Also, some interesting (to me, anyway) movement on the list of other regional breweries:

    Three Floyds (where Todd the Axe Man went after leaving Surly - the brewer, not the beer) is up from #39 to #31.

    Bell's remained #7.

    For Wisconsin, New Glarus rose from 16 to 15 while Minhas dropped from 15 to 18 and Stevens Point rose from 22 to 20.

    Great Lakes dropped from 20 to 23.

    It'd be nice to have actual production / revenue numbers. Perhaps some of our more well-connected members can fill those in.
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    This list is based on volume only, not revenue. Additionally, because it is volume based, it doesn't distinguish beer produced as sole brands or contract-brewed barrelage.
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    Yes. It would be better to have actual data (year over year volume, revenue, in-house brands v contract, etc.) rather than just a ranked list.
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    In all fairness, I, too, wish that our local breweries would disclose their annual P & L.
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    Umm, what?? While it would be very interesting, why would that be any of our business?
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    Mind your P's and Q's.