The Mystery of Barclay Perkins' Sparkling Beer

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    Not only was Barclay’s innovative in lager brewing, it was also one of the first breweries to start canning. And there was one beer where these two acts of daring combined: Sparkling Beer.

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    Another great article by Ron Pattinson!
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    A good read.
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    Agreed. Entertaining read, that.
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    Cooper's Sparkling Ale fresh on tap in Adelaide is one of my favorite beer memories. I went back four nights in a row. I would be hard pressed to classify it stylistically. It's just damned good beer you drink when in South Australia.
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    Shut up about your stupid Barclay Perkins! :wink:
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    Interesting and informative.
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    Great story. I’m a total sucker for History/Beer and a good mystery...and the cone top cans are just too cool. Cheers Ron - great job
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    The cool thing aboot the Sparkling, other than the taste when you can get it fresh, is how hazy/cloudy it is. ;
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    This one seems way different from Cooper's, though (actually, everything seems way different from Cooper's, which is no doubt part of its charm :wink:) - I'd bet it was only called 'Sparkling' due to higher carbonation than the rest of Barclay's lineup.
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    Never had this, but when I was in college in the early 1970's we had something called champale that i would like to try again
  12. jesskidden

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    Champale, now part of the Pabst portfolio (using their 'dba' of "G. Heileman Brewing Co."), is apparently still around (though I doubt it ever bore much similarity to the Barclay product :astonished: besides both being "Sparkling "...).

    Contract-brewed by The Lion and now City Brewing Co. in the years since Pabst bought the Stroh/Heileman lineup in '99 - labeled "with natural flavors and caramel color added".
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    Now I want to find and try this... Sparkling Malt Liquor? What could not be great about that? :slight_smile:
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    Now you need to find some ripple to mix it in to make a Champipple
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    Yes but only Red Ripple, we do have standards.
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    This exchange wins BA for today.
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    I'm feeling a resurgence! Bring it back to life.
  18. Keene

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    You might be right about the name, but I'm not sure. Perhaps @patto1ro will enlighten us?
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  19. patto1ro

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    Not really sure. "Sparkling" was a description sometimes used for filtered bottled beer.
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