The Novice's Guide to Venturing Into the World of Craft Beer

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  1. garfscores

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    Interesting article from Food & Think

    This was my favorite quote:

  2. Providence

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    I don't think that a negative connections between craft breweries and smoking/obesity is curious at all. As the previous data suggested, education level is higher where more breweries exist and a stronger education, I would imagine, althought I haven't the data to back it up, usually leads to healthier life choices like eating well, exercising regularly and avoiding smoking.
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  3. Hoptologist

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    Beer drinking hat off, analyst hat on.
    These correlations are not very good, the closer you get to 1 the better. The square of the correlation coefficient represents the fraction of the variation in one variable that may be explained by the other variable. The linear regression model attempting to explain either variable in terms of the other variable will account for 22%(levels of happiness and well-being), 7.84% (sins) and 29% (obesity) of the variability in the data. Basically, I often get these levels of correlation between any 2 sets of data within a population. Read the article and there was a negative correlation in religious states
    "Craft brewing was far less likely in religious states — the correlation between religion and craft breweries was the strongest of any variables (a whopping -0.75)"
    I guess I would expect that, sorry to all you BA's in the bible belt.

    Analyst hat off, beer drinking hat on.
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