News The Plot to Destroy America's Beer

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by CellarGimp, Oct 26, 2012.

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  1. cavedave

    cavedave Poo-Bah (2,163) Mar 12, 2009 New York
    Beer Trader

    Indeed, so true.

    Hope you don't mind me toasting that thought today at a local beer festival that will certainly prove its accuracy.:relaxed:
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  2. Steimie

    Steimie Initiate (0) Jan 7, 2012 Michigan

    Like bretthead tried to point out to you, you don't use a balance sheet to talk about income and expenses and profits. What you want is an income statement, which can be found here:

    YTD: 3.65B in profits on sales of 19.2B
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  3. skivtjerry

    skivtjerry Zealot (522) Mar 10, 2006 Vermont

    Well, half of almost nothing is approximately the same as almost nothing:relaxed: We'll never know for sure how things are changing until someone invents low cost time travel.
  4. Fux

    Fux Devotee (446) Apr 20, 2011 France
    Beer Trader

    Maybe that's the case in the US. Where I live, it is a common knowledge that Leffe has been brewed by monks inside an abbey for centuries.
    Who spoke about advertisement?...

    Not really convinced. Outside of the US, there has been no prohibition, still the market is dominated by giants such as AB Inbev, Carlsberg, Heineken, etc. People drink bad beer because it's cheap and well advertised. The fact that it never changes is also a good point for macrobrewer, so maybe (hopefully!) InBev is making some mistakes there.

    Sorry, but I do not agree. Some brewers might think as you say, but not all of them. Lots of brewers have had their income lower the day they became brewers, why they make this choice is because most of them are passionated people. Of course they have to make profits, as Anheuser-Bush used to do. But they do not need make ever more profit (such as Brito does), above all if this implies lower quality. As long as they can live from that, most craft brewers are just happy making good beers. Or so I hope.
  5. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Meyvn (1,254) Jun 8, 2005 Michigan

    So they moved the Abbey to Leuven, inside the Stella Brewery?
  6. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Meyvn (1,254) Jun 8, 2005 Michigan

    I was corrected once by my friends from Sweden that they had a prohibition. Parts of Canada too, among others. Just saying.
  7. drtth

    drtth Poo-Bah (2,952) Nov 25, 2007 Pennsylvania

  8. Fux

    Fux Devotee (446) Apr 20, 2011 France
    Beer Trader

    Shhh... You will truly break dreams with assertions like this... :confused:

    Interesting. I was not aware of that. Generally speaking it looks more like restrictions than complete interdictions, which mainly occured during the war... with the exception of Iceland where "beer remained prohibited until 1989" (Shocking :grimacing: )
  9. BuckeyeOne

    BuckeyeOne Zealot (513) Mar 9, 2008 Washington

    Wow, what a gross overstatement. I love imperial stouts but will not buy GI --- I in no way consider this a major loss given there a number of better impy stouts out there IMO than BCBS.
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  10. aurorabeerealis

    aurorabeerealis Initiate (159) Jun 9, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    If your're a beergeek, why would this even matter? I equate AB with Budweiser and quit drinking that 15 years ago.

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