The Rare Barrel sells to Cellarmaker Brewing

Discussion in 'Beer News' started by FBarber, Nov 18, 2022.

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    From Rare Barrel's Instagram:

    and from Cellarmaker's Instagram:
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  2. unlikelyspiderperson

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    Sounds like a best case outcome for the Rare Barrel brand. Maybe a chance for brewers in the Cellarmaker org to stretch their wings with the blended, barrel aged, mixed fermentation and hopefully they've got the intention to maintain some of the brand integrity of TRB. I will say that I found most stuff I had from rare barrel to be way to acidic, like puckery sour lemons acidic. It would be cool to see their concepts handled with a bit more balance.
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    Well, between COVID/economics and maturation of the craft beer industry, I expect that we will continue to see more consolidations/buyouts.

    Plan to get to Howard St one more time before it closes at the end of December.
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  4. Tucquan

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    I've had some truly great beers at TRB and have taken some home back to Pittsburgh to share with family, where they were widely appreciated. Really top notch sours.
  5. GoldenWort

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    As long as I still buy it here in PA, DE, and/or MD, I'm happy they found a way to keep it coming. Maybe I'll finally drink that Arrows of Neon that I keep putting behind all the newer ones I keep hiding it behind... (1st cut is the deepest)