There can only be one...Bock in Shiner, Texas

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Todd, Nov 7, 2019.

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    I'm no fan of Shiner Bock, but I like the tone of the OP letter.

    Is this another "only in Texas" AB product like the Ziegenbock, or is Crawford Bock distributed elsewhere as well? Just curious.
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    Seems to me I owed it to the thread to post this one:
    I had a couple Shiner Bocks on Monday night at the Continental Club in Austin while watching the Peterson Brothers. The Peterson Brothers were better than the beer, but they might be better than Rochefort 10, so ...
    Crawford Bock is definitely better, but the Shiner Bocks were fine. I prefer Lone Star in that kind of setting, and crazy thing is the Continental Club stocks Pilsner Urquell, and that's obviously a go-to over there. Poor little Shiner Bock. If only it didn't suck so much. :stuck_out_tongue::scream::joy:
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    Honestly, would grab the Crawford Bock over the Shiner as I find the Shiner on the sweet side. But I thought the billboard was a douche move. I am a Shiner fan boy, I will try anything they make. My daughter worked there a few years back (contract job) and she loved every moment of it. She fell in love with the people that work there and the town.
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    Shiner is pretty decent, but I always found that especially on draft, it has a kind of astringency that makes my tongue feel rough - a lot of American craft Pilsners do this as well, but not most AAL’s.

    Thanks everyone for reminding me to commit to some Optimator today. This could snap and my recent workload has had me hankering for the stronger dark stuff.
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    Shiner bock goes perfect with brisket, in my opinion, which makes it a great beer to drink while in Texas sampling all the delicious BBQ.
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    Neither beer is actually a Bock, so I really don't care about their fight
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