Three Top Craft Brewers in Melbourne, Australia

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    There is a lot of excellent craft brewing happening in Melbourne, Australia, and we were lucky enough to sample a good amount of it during a recent visit to this fine city. I don’t know that I could ever choose a favorite, but we did find three brewers who standout in this sea of talented beer makers. Be sure to stop in for a pint next time you find yourself in this fine city. Read more here
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    Not sure your history is right* or that your choices would be mine, but nice stuff. The picture of Stomping Ground in what I believe is known as "daylight" is a revelation!

    * The regional monopolies were established way before the 70s: the passage of the Trade Practices Act 1974 was arguably the beginning of _competition_ in the beer market - _maybe_ that led to "boutique beer" in the mid-80s. And whilst some of the WA players of the 80s were bought out, I don't think the Melbourne places of the 80s (The Loaded Dog, The Geebung Polo Club etc) were bought out - they just didn't gain enough of a foothold.
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    Thanks for your response. I feel like we're saying the same thing as far as the history goes, but I'll have a look as I do trust my sources. If you don't mind will you reply with your favorite brewers in Melbourne and why? I'm thinking that might be helpful for people reading this thread and planning to check out the beer scene. There is a lot of good beer in Melbourne, so your insight will probably really help people out.
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    For readers of your blog, OK. :slight_smile: It depends what you like, I suppose - it's not at all that I don't like those you mention in your blog. And there are plenty of other good and upcoming places (maybe I should get a blog). But to name another three:

    *Boatrocker (varied styles well-handled, competent barrel programme, usually succeeds in producing what they appear to have set out to do),
    *La Sirène (mainly saisons - respectful and and the more adventurous)
    *Dainton (newish, variety and obsessions - incl. rye & blood oranges).
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    I agree, there are many coming up and coming and established brewers making solid brews in Melbourne. I do think that it can change year-to-year everywhere too, which makes craft brewing even better. I'm not quite sure what you mean about the blog. I post here sometimes, but my blog is in no way associated with this site or this forum. People who read my blog are not necessarily going to see this thread. I was asking more in the interest of those who may be looking at this thread for brewers in Melbourne.

    I do think you should start a blog to share information and your experience if you're so inclined. I'm not sure if a group of bloggers once destroyed a hotel room or something, but it does seem to some the word "blog" has become a dirty word. My life requires a great deal of travel and I am lucky enough to go and do things. I started blogging because I often find there is a lack of information on remote places or traveling on a budget, so I share what I find. I also like beer, so I do a little writing on that as well.
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    Deeds Brewing (Glen Iris) is top of my Melbourne brewers list plus their opening a Tap Room, Bad Shepherd's (Cheltenham) tap-only brews are pretty damn special.
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    Going to go out on a limb and say.... Mr Banks is killing it. They are on there way to be the Australian Clone of Other Half if they continue to improve.