Tired Hands Founder Left Amid Allegations of Toxicity; Now He's Back Against Workers' Wishes

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    Reversed Course — Tired Hands Founder Left Amid Allegations of Toxicity; Now He’s Back Against Workers’ Wishes


    Per the article…
    • At least one employer has quit since Jean’s return to daily operations
    • Employees have discussed a potential work stoppage
    • Promised training on how to report harassment still hasn’t happened; it was postponed twice over the past year and apparently never rescheduled
    • Anonymous TH worker cited in article urges people not to buy their beer while Jean’s at the helm

    For those who don’t do the whole Instagram thing, Tired Hands said Brienne Allan’s post that TH tried donating to the Michael Jackson Foundation and Pink Boots Society and that the money wasn’t accepted was untrue. Then TH posted something calling her an asshole and piece of shit.


    She’s since posted receipts from MJF and Pink Boots saying that TH did indeed try donating and that the money was rejected.


    My understanding was that Jean has promised to step down from all TH operations. Guess that was untrue. He certainly doesn’t come off in a very good light in this exchange.
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  2. Sheppard

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    Jean seems unhinged.
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  3. stairway2heavn

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    I mean it just seems like they assumed the news cycle moved on (omnipollo is now ok with them promoting and brewing milkshakes, so there you go) and are SHOCKED, JUST SHOCKED, that anyone might question their motives or reject "free money." Bad, but seems pretty standard. We're this close to Jean posting about cancel culture. You know. The cancel culture that has Chappelle making big time Netflix money and CK winning a Grammy. That powerhouse force. (Please insert link to Bill Maher YouTube video here from, oh, the last 2 years. ).

    ETA, the stupidity is amazing. Just actually change and apologize. You make good beer. Is it really that hard not to, you know, be insufferable? What if it was profitable to at least make the minimum effort? Still a hard pass? Well good thing there aren't other good lager or NEIPA brewers in Philly. No, I don't know what a "other half" or "human robot" is, why do you ask?
  4. nuplastikk

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    Shocking that Tired Hands doesn't want to promote and celebrate frivolous accusations.
  5. William_Navidson

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    Or drunk? Yeah, whoever was posting this weekend (likely Jean) was definitely not doing so with the best interest of their business in mind… literally nothing to gain by unearthing all of that again.
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  6. Mgh2001

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    I just browsed their IG, he seems like an insufferable person.
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  7. jmdrpi

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    If all of the accusations were frivolous, then why did Tired Hands publicly acknowledge them last year and state they were committed to making major changes?
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  8. Jbrews

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    I feel like sitting for a beer with Jean would be quite the experience.

    Like somewhere between 3 minutes of GG mixed with the narcissism of Geraldo.
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    Ok, yeah, I'm out.
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  10. jmdrpi

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    Another way they are back to their old MO - after comments on their recent Instagram posts got spicey, they've deleted all comments and locked down commenting.
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  11. Streaky

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    Was just there and tried all the anniversery beers and some others. Nothing was as good as the good old days of TH. The strawberry milkshake actually tasted the way they do at crappy breweries who are just trying the "gimmick"...very artificial and gross-sweet. I'm not saying the rest of the beers were horrible, but they didn't have that special TH thing that their beers used to have. They could have been brewed by anyone. Or maybe by Tonewood but for half the price, and better.
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  12. hoppytobehere

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    I've ordered through Dudley Direct a few times and the beers have always been great.

    However, Jean is a giant tool and now that he's back at the helm I won't be ordering anymore. Their sales have to be pretty poor for their constant "free shipping" offers. Hit 'em where it hurts.
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  13. Chroma914

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    Man, this was so easy to course correct for him, and of course he blows it. When it was announced last year that he was stepping away from daily operations, I had assumed that the day would come where he would re-enter the company spotlight again. I mean, it's his business that he created and headed for close to 10 years, so it seemed pretty predictable. What I did think he would do is like any other shamed public official - "step away" for a few months, and then when its about to return, do some good PR, tell people how you've used that time to reflect, be better, etc, and then come back.

    What's he do? Just rattles the cage, deletes old posts, acts like a fool on Instagram, and gives himself/the business another round of bad press. Grats.
  14. tonyro

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    Yup. He could at least faked it. Whether it's arrogance, narcissism, or stupidity, we just don't know. Probably all of the aforementioned.
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  15. Jbrews

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    I wish I could’ve read what @slappywhitehat had posted in the comments of their most recent post.

    I love that Q was brought into a post about an IPA.

    What a mess he’s got himself in. I don’t see how you come back from this.
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  16. William_Navidson

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    Wait, what?
  17. Xerlic

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    Man, I was recently cleaning out some old clothes and I found my Alien Church t-shirt shoved in the back of my drawer. It got me wondering if Tired Hands has reversed course since they blew up. I guess the shirt stays where it is. I really liked that shirt too.
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  18. MattOC

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    It was a whole bunch of nonsense with a whole bunch of hashtags, including patriots.
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  19. thebeers

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    New article in the Inky has Jean’s PR flack accusing Brienne Allan of libel and saying “Yet she persisted” — a quote that sounds an awful lot like the “Nevertheless she persisted” feminist meme of a few years back.

    Hard to believe anyone is really that incompetent, but what’s the alternative? Does he secretly hate Jean and want to stir up shit for him? Is he sending out misogynistic dog whistles to the organized hater set? All publicity is good publicity?
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  20. BadBehaviorInVermont

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    Holy shit, this quote is bonkers. Tired Hands picked a PR person just as terrible as themselves..

    Matusky noted that while Allan has acted as an advocate for change in the brewing industry, she’s also a competitor, starting a brewery of her own. “It is also important to note that NONE of her original allegations have led to any legal action, settlement, or even any outreach from those making such allegations,” Matusky wrote. “In short, Jean has not been found guilty of anything. Yet she persists.”
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  21. eurotrashed

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    Did his account get deleted or just the post?

    His reply didn't have much, i think he just claimed that Jean and the staff are right wing, how Jean has been a long time 2A supporter and that Jean bankrolls the "Ardmore police" pension fund. Here is the original for others to enjoy.

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  22. William_Navidson

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    I mean… I’m as anti-Jean as anyone in this most recent back-and-forth but even I can acknowledge that there’s a good chance this is either an ironic joke or just plainly wrong lol.
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  23. TomFoley

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    that's a whole lot of WTAF.
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  24. JayORear

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    It's been said elsewhere, but now that Other Half is back to a pretty high level of quality, there's really almost no reason to buy/ship NEIPAs from Tired Hands any more. I'll miss Punge and Grassman, but not enough to support this bullshit.
  25. eurotrashed

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    I haven't bought TH in over a year. I'll pick up Other Half, Levante locally if I want a good IPA.

    It took me a long time to warm up to Tired Hands. I met Jean when he was a brewery at Iron Hill. He always seemed so full of himself and an asshole. I knew a lot of people that didn't like him. The beers they brewed at the Brew Cafe at first were like home brew beers. I swear Hop Hands used to be much clearer and had some sort of crystal or caramel malt in it. I think i went once or twice and then didnt drink their beers for years. He must have hired someone with some talent to develop the beers as the beers became good after they opened Fermentaria.
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  26. Chroma914

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    100% agree. With Other Half's prices being around the same as Hands, sometimes less, and the quality being, IMO, far superior nowadays, I just don't bother with buying Tired Hands. And for what it's worth, the staff at OH Philly since day 1 have been some of the nicest staff I've ever encountered at a brewery, which is something I could never say for Tired Hands.

    My local craft bar gets TH kegs and cans from time to time and if I'm there, I'll sample to see if the quality has improved, but my days of buying TH cans regularly is over.

    Also, another small thing to highlight - a buddy of mine bought a 4 pack of Church during the anniversary weekend and noticed that it now has a barcode on the label. I'm guessing they're prepping on shipping out cans to distro, finally. Not really surprised when they have cans sitting at Ferm and Stoners for weeks at a time, but figured that was a small nugget worth sharing.
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  27. atlhilbo

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    Yeah living in fishtown I can go to OH,HR or St Oners for cans and 9/10 times I am not choosing St Oners. Their beers just haven’t been as good as the others
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  28. jmdrpi

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    Yeah, you can't wait 13 months and now claim the accusations were false and the Tired Hands' public statements about changes were actually never supposed to be made. Plus, saying a brewpub 400 miles away is their competition is laughable.

    All of the PR guy quotes sound like they came from the over-the-top smarmy corporate antagonist that showed up in every cheesy 1980's movie.
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  29. rightcoast7

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    Imagine being a public relations consultant so bad at your job that you actually thought those many (way, way too many) quotes you gave to the Inquirer were helpful to your client. Holy shit that was a cringey read.
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  31. OGShotzy

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    I will continue to buy my beer from other breweries. You will not see me going to Ardmore Ave. or Cricket Terrace anytime soon.
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