Top 5 Favorite Breweries for Hoppy Beer

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by ELS, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Wolfhead

    Wolfhead Initiate (167) Sep 1, 2009 Illinois
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    Toppling Goliath
    My homebrew, I hop the crap out of everything I brew
  2. TheEpeeist

    TheEpeeist Disciple (385) Nov 5, 2008 Pennsylvania
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    1. Trillium, by a good bit
    2. Hill Farmstead
    3. Tired Hands

    I haven't tried a bunch but Tree House, Alchemist and Lawson's are just below my top 3. Dreadnaught and Younger may still be my favorite imperials.
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  3. Tmwright7

    Tmwright7 Initiate (190) Feb 3, 2015 Pennsylvania
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    For me it breaks down into breweries i've had a lot of experience with and breweries that i've only had a chance to sample a few times but really stood out to me.

    Oskar Blues

    Limited Experience:
    The Veil
    The Alchemist
    Tired Hands
    Wicked Weed
    Maine Beer Co.
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  4. lanciloti

    lanciloti Zealot (548) Nov 10, 2013 Illinois
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    On the come up: Monkish, Veil
    Honorable mentions: Grimm, Tired Hands

    These are in no particular order
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  5. yucatown

    yucatown Initiate (165) Aug 17, 2015 Florida
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    Trillium makes my favorite IPAs. I like Tree House and The Alchemist too, but Trillium is superior (subjective, I know). Also enjoy Cigar City (cannot go wrong with White Oak, Jai Alai and Ollie Jollie when available), Cycle and 7venth Sun. Cycle never bottles their IPAs, which is a shame. They're just as outstanding as their stouts.
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  6. ovaltine

    ovaltine Poo-Bah (1,994) Apr 6, 2010 Indiana
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    Toppling Goliath
    Modern Times
  7. JuicesFlowing

    JuicesFlowing Poo-Bah (2,119) Jul 5, 2009 Kansas

    Let me just say I'm pleased with Boulevard's hoppy beers.
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  8. DeweyCheatem-n-Howe

    DeweyCheatem-n-Howe Devotee (407) May 23, 2015 Massachusetts
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    Tree House
    Other Half
    Maine Beer Co.
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  9. HeyItsThatGuy

    HeyItsThatGuy Initiate (44) Feb 27, 2016 Illinois

    Goin' local for all but one:
    4 Hands
  10. HeyItsThatGuy

    HeyItsThatGuy Initiate (44) Feb 27, 2016 Illinois :grinning:
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  11. jason3125

    jason3125 Devotee (462) Jul 15, 2014 Vermont
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    Toppling Golliath
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  12. A_Rad

    A_Rad Disciple (360) May 8, 2015 Wisconsin
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    Based on what I have been lucky enough to try (haven't had any Tree House yet sadly):

    5. The Veil
    4. Aslin
    3. Lagunitas (Born Yesterday might be my fav shelfie)
    2. Russian River
    1. Alchemist
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  13. boney77

    boney77 Initiate (149) Nov 5, 2008 Ontario (Canada)
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    4. Russian River. Still classic.
    3. Grimm.
    1 and 1. Tie. Trillium and Treehouse. So close. Can't pick.

    I wont add a 5th because I don't know if I'd place anyone else in the same tier, but I have no experience with Other Half, Fat Head's of Cellarmaker. All the other heavy hitters I've probably had.
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  14. Nuks

    Nuks Initiate (119) Jun 18, 2014 Illinois

    1. Fat Heads
    2. Half Acre
    3. Three Floyd's
    4. Stone
    5. Toppling Goliath (but more for Zeelander than Sue :stuck_out_tongue:)
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  15. jlordi12

    jlordi12 Devotee (425) Jun 8, 2011 Massachusetts
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    1) trillium
    2) Foam Brewers
    3) Alchemist
    4) treehouse
    5) Bissel Bros
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  16. ScaryEd

    ScaryEd Meyvn (1,477) Feb 19, 2012 New Hampshire

    Tree House
    Hill Farmstead
    The Alchemist

    Honorable mention:

    Firestone Walker
    Foam Brewers
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  17. Jkolls

    Jkolls Aspirant (287) Dec 2, 2015 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    1 - tree house
    2- trillium
    3- bissell brothers
    4- monkish
    5- hoof hearted
  18. Shoney_35

    Shoney_35 Initiate (185) Sep 6, 2013 Ohio

    Loved Boneyard when I was in Portland and Jack's Abby shouldn't be over looked on the east coast. From a local perspective, I think Hoof Hearted is killing it. Wish it was easier to get.
  19. Zoomslowik

    Zoomslowik Disciple (356) Mar 17, 2016 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Finally went to TG last week, and they definitely move up from Honorable Mention. King Sue and Sosus were delicious. Hopsmack is pretty solid too. Can't wait until some of these hit Illinois!
  20. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Meyvn (1,140) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    They all scratch the hop itch for me.
    As for neipas being the "hoppiest" beers, I am afraid I must disagree. The maltier base, yeast, and esters all mute the hops a bit. A bone dry clean beer still highlights the hops better for me.
    edit, how did I forget melvin?
  21. kilgore777

    kilgore777 Initiate (128) Oct 22, 2009 Pennsylvania

    From Pittsburgh, so availability is limited. Never get too much exotic stuff (like RR, Trillium,etc.), so this is based only on stuff I can get/have had.

    5) Fat Heads

    4) Alpine

    3) Alesmith

    2) Bear Republic

    1). Main Brewing Co.

    Lunch was the best IPA I have ever had (and stupidly didn't get dinner while in Maine). Lunch was awesome!
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  22. JonB25

    JonB25 Zealot (533) Jun 2, 2013 Pennsylvania
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    1. Alchemist
    2. Did I say Alchemist
    3. Forgot Alchemist on the list
    4. My wife just said Alchemist
    5. And in fifth place, I think I need to mention Alchemist
    Do love their hops, others are Troegs, Stone, Maine, Victory and Lawson.
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  23. the_beerist

    the_beerist Disciple (372) Jul 23, 2005 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    Tree house
    Great Notion
    Tired Hands
    Fat Heads
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  24. Druid_51

    Druid_51 Initiate (169) Aug 11, 2013 Kentucky

    Brew Kettle
    Rhinegeist...Cincy local
    Ballast Point
    Fat Head's

    Limited distro in this area
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  25. invertalon

    invertalon Devotee (435) Jan 27, 2009 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    Fat Heads
    Toppling Goliath
    Hoof Hearted

    Can't think of a 5th right now... lol
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  26. tjwarren

    tjwarren Disciple (349) Dec 31, 2008 Ohio

    I am partial to the locals here so I will Say:
    1. Fat Heads
    2. The Brew Kettle
    3. Market Garden
    4. Columbus Brewing
    5. Jackie O's - for nothing else than Mystic Mama - imho the most underrated beer there is.
  27. kgraham91

    kgraham91 Initiate (133) May 27, 2016 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    1. Toppling Goliath
    2. Surly
    3. Arizona Wilderness
    4. Stone
    5. Fulton
  28. WillemHC

    WillemHC Aspirant (205) Jun 21, 2013 Utah
    Beer Trader

    1 - Cellarmaker
    2 - Cooperage
    3 - Altamont
    4 - Sante (Simpleton is bae)
    5 - Trillium, Treehouse, or Alchemist just because I feel obligated to throw the EC some love

    Honorable mentions: Fieldwork and Faction. Also went to New Orleans once and absolutely loved what I had from Parish..
  29. jlharman

    jlharman Initiate (125) Apr 5, 2015 Washington

    In no particular order: Boneyard, Melvin, Russian River, both Bale Breaker and Fremont for their fresh hop releases, and Crux just released Gimme' Mo which qualifies them for my list.
  30. rozzom

    rozzom Defender (680) Jan 22, 2011 New York
    Beer Trader

    Although there may be closer and sexier (can't believe I'm saying that) breweries these days, it's got to be Hill Farmstead.

    I'm confident that no brewery will ever give me that same level of first time reaction to their beers. I hate the term "craft beer", but those first few times I went up there, there was an overwhelming feeling of how well crafted all their beers were - particularly the hoppy offerings.

    And another word that makes me semi-nauseous to use is integrity - but that's another word I associate with their beer. Don't get me wrong - a lot of en vogue hoppy beers are absolutely delicious. But there's often a sense that they're geared towards tasting (and looking) "just like X" for a very small window of time. Whereas I've had growlers of HF that were several weeks old, that still tasted exceptional.

    I think the second trip I took up there, I remember opening a (yet another) growler of Abner and thinking "this can't be beat". And so far it hasn't been.
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  31. bubseymour

    bubseymour Poo-Bah (2,162) Oct 30, 2010 Maryland
    Beer Trader

    Another vote for Hill Farmstead. I've had several of their hoppy beers over last 3-4 years now. From pale ales to DIPA's they have the best portfolio of hoppy beers I've been able to sample to date. I had many other hoppy beers while up on vacation in VT, Foam, Lawsons, Alchemist, Lost Nation, and all offer excellent hoppy beers, but most only have a couple offerings. Foam, I found 1 of their hoppy beers to be amazing but some others to be a few steps down.

    Locally, everything I've had from Aslin has been amazing.

    National distribution, Lagunitas is my tops (thanks to Born Yesterday), Stone and FW (thanks to the Luponic Distortion series).
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  32. NYR-Zuuuuc

    NYR-Zuuuuc Aspirant (225) Jan 1, 2013 Connecticut

    For me:
    Bissell Brothers
    Night Shift
    Other Half
    Foam Brewers
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  33. Tilley4

    Tilley4 Poo-Bah (1,975) Nov 13, 2007 Tennessee
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    Three Floyds
  34. jhavs

    jhavs Poo-Bah (1,632) Apr 16, 2015 New Hampshire
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    Hill Farmstead
    Lawson's Finest

    In that order. Ordered based on overall for their total offerings of hoppy beer.
    My fifth spot could have been Maine BC, Tired Hands, Veil, Fiddlehead, Bissel Bros. Tree House but I rate my top 4 well above them. Second Fiddle may be my favorite overall for repeat drinking.

    Others that are new or new to me that may creep into my top 5 if they continue to produce excellent hoppy brews are River Roost, Magnify, Sand City, and Foam. Foam is kicking butt in downtown Burlington.

    And I give honorable mention to Surly, La Cumbre, Cellarmaker, Other Half, Wicked Weed, Foundation, Fat Heads, Columbus, NEBCO, Creature Comforts, Foley Bros. who all make some excellent hoppy brews.
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  35. Tilley4

    Tilley4 Poo-Bah (1,975) Nov 13, 2007 Tennessee
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    +1 to Fremont... Haven't had a lot of it but those I have had have been sensational... Wish I had regular access to their stuff...
  36. HeyHeyTB

    HeyHeyTB Initiate (132) Apr 9, 2016 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Jai Alai stays in the fridge
    2)Creature Comforts
    Tropicalia the "juiciest" I've had
    Waldo's and Born Yesterday
    4)Fat Heads
    Fresh Head Hunter
    5)Wicked Weed
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  37. jhavs

    jhavs Poo-Bah (1,632) Apr 16, 2015 New Hampshire
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    Have you tried Alchemist? Heard they're pretty good!
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  38. jhavs

    jhavs Poo-Bah (1,632) Apr 16, 2015 New Hampshire
    Premium Member Beer Trader

    Took me a minute to figure out what JAFB was, but if they're mentioned in the same group as your lists they must be doing a great job! Are they growler/crowler only?
  39. invertalon

    invertalon Devotee (435) Jan 27, 2009 Ohio
    Beer Trader


    You know, silly me to not see that I posted twice in this thread... But anyway, yeah JAFB is awesome! They do growler fills and such, but no real production canning or anything. They do fantastic IPA's... Wayyyyy under the radar. They were the biggest up and coming brewery in Ohio until Hoof Hearted came about, then the momentum shifted there.
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  40. Immortale25

    Immortale25 Poo-Bah (3,031) May 13, 2011 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    1. Veil, hands down
    2. FFF
    3. Trillium
    4. Lagunitas
    5. Alchemist

    I know what you're saying: "How can you rank Lagunitas higher than Alchemist?" I'm going off of a combination of quality and prolific body of work. Alchemist's IPAs certainly beat the vast majority of Lagunitas beers as far as quality goes, but I've only had two of them: Heady and Crusher. Lagunitas has a hug catalog of hoppy beers that never disappoint and, with Born Yesterday topping that catalog, gotta give it up to 'em.

    Honorable Mention: Toppling Goliath (haven't had quite enough of their hoppy beers to qualify, Tree House and Knee Deep
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