Toppling Goliath Releases and Updates

Discussion in 'US - Midwest' started by WI-Beer-Man, Sep 3, 2016.

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  1. BeerGuy8315

    BeerGuy8315 (0) Apr 29, 2016 Iowa

    How much were tickets and when are they starting pours?
  2. nmoe

    nmoe (269) Dec 18, 2015 Minnesota

    $10 for a 5 ounce pour. Anytime from 8-1 on Saturday morning. They are out of tickets by the way.
  3. Zdarby11

    Zdarby11 (115) Oct 29, 2014 Minnesota

    That is my understanding as well. I also believe you can have up to three tents per site. Thinking I might go the camping route as well versus a $200 hotel room.
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  4. BeerGuy8315

    BeerGuy8315 (0) Apr 29, 2016 Iowa

    Also by the email winners received today it seemed like Supa Sumo would be available during the MD pick up windows as well. Can anyone confirm or deny?
  5. Jinx989

    Jinx989 (499) Apr 22, 2015 Illinois

    My email said that as well
  6. SovereignGood

    SovereignGood (0) Jan 11, 2016 California

    That's what I gathered from the email. Limit 12pp available in the taproom along with merch during event.
  7. Theholmestrio

    Theholmestrio (0) Mar 20, 2015 Missouri

    The email from TG states that Supa Sumo will be available to purchase during MD bottle pick up. No pours, no growlers fills, etc.
  8. Theholmestrio

    Theholmestrio (0) Mar 20, 2015 Missouri

    Yes and yes. I've seen small hand held coolers, medium sized coolers, backpacks, etc.
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  9. KarlKarl

    KarlKarl (0) Feb 10, 2012 Minnesota

    looking for a Friday share. Didn't get a ticket to the rubiayat event. Wouldn't mind cracking a couple bottles that night. Thanks
  10. BeerGuy8315

    BeerGuy8315 (0) Apr 29, 2016 Iowa

    Any places in Decorah still have tickets for MD pours? Missed out on ticket announcements and didn't get any unfortunately.
  11. booyahachieved3

    booyahachieved3 (0) Sep 5, 2012 Kansas

    Anyone staying at Quality Inn planning on a share tomorrow night? Four of us will be staying there.
  12. JFresh21

    JFresh21 (520) Mar 6, 2012 Illinois

    Just cancelled a hotel at the Country Inn.
  13. Delz

    Delz (0) Jun 1, 2015 Wisconsin

    I will be there!
  14. AGirlandHerStout

    AGirlandHerStout (0) Nov 23, 2014 Indiana

    My husband and I will be there as well. Getting in town Friday, just not sure when!
  15. booyahachieved3

    booyahachieved3 (0) Sep 5, 2012 Kansas

    We'll be there fairly early; hopefully they will let us use the common areas for a share, we'll probably head to the lobby area around 8 or so. I'll post again when I have more details.
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  16. TeeJep

    TeeJep (0) Apr 1, 2016 Iowa

    We stayed at the Quality Inn last year, and they did let us use that common area for a bottle share. We're at the Super 8 this year (4 of us total), but I'm not sure what they have for a common area (if anything).
  17. scifan87

    scifan87 (0) Jan 12, 2016 Illinois

    me and a buddy plan on camping as well. camping bottle share?
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  18. KarlKarl

    KarlKarl (0) Feb 10, 2012 Minnesota

    While I didn't do the share, we stayed there last year, and I know they were allowing shares in their commons area. Pretty small from what I can remember.
  19. DogfishRyan

    DogfishRyan (0) Mar 2, 2011 Minnesota

    They may have a small common area, but I think I'd rather share in the parking lot. That place is nasty. Keep the suitcases off the floor.
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  20. Sabtos

    Sabtos (1,789) Dec 15, 2015 Ohio
    Society Trader

    Since the C&C share seems to end at 6, are all the remaining shares simply ad hoc at hotels only? Or are there other public locations where it still goes on?
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  21. Boldbrew

    Boldbrew (0) Jun 26, 2017 Minnesota

    A friend and myself will be camping, I definitely think a camping bottle share is in order. We will be at Rubaiyat Friday night but would be down after that or Saturday afternoon/evening.
  22. Zdarby11

    Zdarby11 (115) Oct 29, 2014 Minnesota

    I will also be at Rubaiyat as well Friday but would be up for a share at the campground afterwards. The unfortunate thing is that quiet hours start at 10!

    I plan to call tomorrow morning to get a site. Since there can be up to three tents per site, if I get a site and someone else isn't able to, just message me and I can share the site. Likewise, if I miss out on a site and others have extra room, I would appreciate if I could join.


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  23. Boldbrew

    Boldbrew (0) Jun 26, 2017 Minnesota

    Ditto, if we get a spot and others are in need of a spot let me know! We are leaning towards Saturday around 6-7 to have a share.
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  24. nmoe

    nmoe (269) Dec 18, 2015 Minnesota

    Just got back from a work trip to Boston. Brought back some goodies to share. We will be at Rubaiyat Friday evening and then moving to Hotel Winneshiek across the street afterwards.

  25. Smaxy

    Smaxy (0) Aug 26, 2014 Massachusetts

    Anyone know if anything TGB related is happening in Decorah on Sunday? My wife and I will be driving back to Illinois from St Paul and will probably grab brunch and some drinks while we're passing through. Didn't win the lottery this time but got KBBS earlier this year and I seem to remember there were still some surprise goodies on tap in town the Sunday after.
  26. Hookstrat

    Hookstrat (464) Jan 15, 2006 Iowa

    Send me 25 PayPal ff and I'll bury one for you behind the Super 8.
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  27. bocky24

    bocky24 (0) Apr 10, 2013 Iowa

    Clark said he is giving sneak peak tours at new brewery Sunday 10-noon. See twitter. I bet he'll be pouring something for it.
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  28. ColomboLQ

    ColomboLQ (0) Dec 21, 2015 Texas

  29. finnstig

    finnstig (0) Nov 3, 2010 Minnesota

    Anyone from Minneapolis want to carpool down for the noon release? Don't plan on staying longer than to pick up bottles.
  30. SaxmanRick

    SaxmanRick (285) May 7, 2012 Minnesota

    I am driving down for the noon release from NW Twin Cities. I have to do a quick bottle swap in Decorah (10min) and then plan to stop in Forager (Rochester) for a bite and beer. Plan to return no later than 6pm. Let me know if this is a possibility.
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  31. Sabtos

    Sabtos (1,789) Dec 15, 2015 Ohio
    Society Trader

    Anyone hitting the road, happy and safe driving! I've got a good ~8+ good beers to share: Bruery/JWB Taking My Talents to Anaheim, Cycle/Toppling Goliath Home State, Cycle/18th St Bonded in Sin, Huna, Jackie O's Chiron's Flame, Jackie O's CSAison Reserve, Jackie O's Cucumber Berliner, Extended BA BORIS, etc. Hope I run into a few of you. I've got no concrete plans to attend shares yet we've got a lot of stops along the way and no idea when I'll be in town. But looking forward to it all, cheers!!
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  32. NIN1988

    NIN1988 (0) Oct 9, 2013 South Dakota

    10 AM
  33. Boldbrew

    Boldbrew (0) Jun 26, 2017 Minnesota

    Any luck getting a reservation? Still waiting for a call back...
  34. Jwong347

    Jwong347 (0) Jan 28, 2015 Connecticut

    Ok one more question my time is between 12-3 tomorrow. So what's the best time to get there? All I have to bring is my ID correct?
  35. fondyball20

    fondyball20 (0) Feb 14, 2015 Wisconsin

    Did you not receive the TG email this week? Or read over the confirmation email when you purchased your ticket?

    You can pick up your bottles at any time in your window, I would suggest not waiting til the last 30 minutes. You need to print off your ticket, cash, have your id, and a second form of identification (just in case there is an issue)
  36. nograz

    nograz (345) Oct 30, 2013 Minnesota

    If it is like KBBS/Assassin, anytime, it was pretty smooth. I did show up a bit after the start time for my window and believe I heard that there usually was more people there at the start, but it wasn't really bad. They really have this down now. Though, guessing there are more people with MD than KBBS/Assasin, so that could change it.

    They told me that they usually only need the ID that you used to sign up, if there were any issues with the ID, they would ask for a second form. I was never asked for a second form, but I would bring it just in case. It can be a pay stub, or a bill with your name and address on it.
  37. Jwong347

    Jwong347 (0) Jan 28, 2015 Connecticut

    I never received second email from this week. I know it took like 2 days to get the first one when I paid the $5.
  38. Zdarby11

    Zdarby11 (115) Oct 29, 2014 Minnesota

    Still waiting for a call as well. Probably going to call them in a few minutes.
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  39. dpittnet

    dpittnet (0) Dec 6, 2015 Illinois

    Sorry in advance if this has already been asked and answered. I'll be driving out tomorrow for the afternoon session a s will be bringing my wife and 15-month-old son. Once I pick up my allottment from TG where is the best place to head for lunch and great beer that is damily friendly and won't ge a complete zoo?
  40. bocky24

    bocky24 (0) Apr 10, 2013 Iowa

    Anybody know if Mabe's will have dragon fandango on tap?
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