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  1. Nhmp105

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    Hey all - I am going to be staying at the Intercontinental Centre Toronto Tues - Thurs in March. Looking to find the top Brewery within 15-20 minutes away. So far it seems like Bellwoods (Ossington Ave Location) may be the best bet. However Left Field Brewing seems solid as well. I will most likely be able to make it to one of them around the 6PM hour on one of those nights. Any recommendations or suggestions? Should I be considering others?

    Thanks so much!
  2. BakaGaijin

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    Bar Hop and WVRST are close to you and are good options as far as bars go.

    Bellwoods is the best brewery. Hands down.
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  3. Coronaeus

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    I will echo the Bellwoods and Bar Hop recommendations. Easily the best options in that area.
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  4. sweetbabybladefoot

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    The above recommendations are your best bets. Also worth nothing - the LCBO (liquor store) at King & Spadina is quite large with a good beer selection compared to other LCBOs. If you end up at Bar Hop, this LCBO is pretty much next door.
  5. JonnyBeers

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    Take a cheap cab ride to Burdock
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  6. dabeerbuddha

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    No Birrieria Volo love? Best beer bar on most nights. Bottle options are top notch.
    Bellwoods, WRVRST and Hop are in the top 5 for sure.
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  7. Electros

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    Whitby: 5 paddles is one of the best breweries in Ontario. Also Town Brewing.

    Ajax: Falcon Brewery.

    Scarborough: Common Good Brewing.

    Toronto: Bellwoods, Rainhard, Blood Brothers, Godspeed, Radical Road, Muddy York.

    This just to name a few.

    On the way: Stone city Ales in Kingston.

    Check out the bevarge map:
  8. westcoastbeergeek

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    Was just there, loved Bellwoods and Burdock Breweries, and I also enjoyed Birreria Volo and even WVRST who has a small, but decent taplist and great food.

    But, given you likely have only 1 night, you'd be silly not to go to Bellwoods as they have a great taplist and a decent, moderately priced cellar list with great food. If you have time for one, go to Bellwoods.
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  9. GJKerr

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    If you have time for only one or two stops, then Bellwoods and/or Volo. Bar Hop and WVRST are closer to your hotel if time is really tight, but none of these four are that far.
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  10. darcyk

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    Maybe consider places in the east end that don't get the hype. Godspeed, Rorschach - lots of beer choice and good kitchens. Bim (Godspeed) is making the best beer in Canada right now, across the portfolio, IMO. Also, he doesn't just make hazy or lactose IPAs. :slight_smile: You can get there from your hotel by Uber or Lyft pretty easily.