Traveling to Montreal and Quebec City

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    Hey folks,

    Can i get some help on the must visit breweries in Montreal and Quebec City? Any help would be appreciated.
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    I'm sure there are threads already if you search for them although I know that can be a pain. On top of that we kind of need to know what you're looking for - what you like - otherwise you might as well just search the web and find stuff like this:

    For me, however, most of what's there is a waste, I want better, more informed information. Bateau de Nuit, for example, is one of my favorite bars but it's normally not listed as it's a heavy metal craft bar! Ha!

    You might also want to scroll through the places pages and look at everything, that's what I do. Sometimes there are hidden gems in there, places that have been reviewed once, etc. Places that might be right near where you're staying, or that you'll pass as you walk around and you want to know something about it.

    It would also be helpful to know where you're staying and when you'll be there.
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    I'll piggyback on this thread. Attending a wedding the weekend of July 27-29 in Montreal. Would very much appreciate bar/brewery recommendations within walking distance (let's say, 2-3 miles) of Le Westin Montreal. Generally enjoy all styles, so no restrictions in that regard. Thanks in advance!
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    Somebody should move this into the Canadian forums to get more views.
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    Not much down in Le Vieux Port. You'll have to get out of that area to get the best of the city. Most lists of "must hits" in the city include Dieu du Ciel, Benelux, and Vices Versa. Then there are a ton of other options depending on your interest and your mood. Lots of Montreal threads in the Canada forum.
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    Luckily 2-3 miles includes just about everything. Even Vices et versa (the furthest away from OP) is within that distance. Brewsky is ok and the closest. Benelux is definitely the best, closest option.

    Honestly though, the walk to DDC from the port is not bad at all. People from here don't think of it as walkable but it is a nice 45 minute stroll through a historic part of town past lots of murals, parks and delicious food. Plus with uber/taxis or the metro everything's 15-30 minutes max. Have a nice trip!
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    Old Montreal: Try Brewsky; they are at Marche Bonsecours in the basement ; food is pretty good and original such as the Mac N Cheese Lasagna, the beer is good too; with their own offering and others breweries. But it is small, like 40 seats or so.

    restaurant around: Tourist traps!

    Plateau: Pit Caribou, you will discover some of Gaspesie' beers, forget to eat there, and I suggest not going with a car.

    Restaurant arounds: Pied de cochon, Saint Sushi,if you like Cupcakes Dlish :slight_smile:

    Mile End: DCC (you got to go of course, but you can find their beers all around); Le Siboire which is around 100 feet from DCC they got a respectable selection.

    restaurant around: Lawrence and a few other

    If you go further north on Saint Laurent, you have Vice Versa who just got bigger, you will have a good selection of beer of all around the province and from Dunham (same guys) etc..
    then you are in the middle of Little Italy (who are still trying over Italy's qualification) aso for restaurant you will find plenty; but accros the park there Triple Crown Dinette)

    At 2min from Vice Versa on Jean Talon you will find Haricana, I suggest to go there to try their experimental beers which can be **** up hybrid oak aged infused with martian bacteria enzyme with pluto yeast.. you get the point :wink:

    In Verdun, there Benelux, I suggest the Verdun's one because of their Terrase;
    restaurant wise: there not much, there Blackstrap which I think is overated Anyway I would have sent you to my cousin's coffeeshop but she closed it last month due to health issues:slight_frown: best coffee in town!

    Quartier Latin: Saint-Bock, fair selection of everything; in the middle of everything

    Brouhaha in Rosemont; probably the most balanced place in term of beer and food and located in an old tavern, one of Montreal's best poutine.

    Also in Rosemont Isle de Gardes, very good, also well balanced but parking can be annoying and space limited as it is set more like a restaurant than a bar.

    close too also in the same Neighborhood La Succursale, I suggest their Kolsch

    There a new one that opened in Saint Henri last week but I cannot find more information

    do not go to 3Brasseurs, I see them in every Microbrew tour, (I would metaphor 3Brasseurs as a big mac without McSauce :wink: ) went there to meet some friends last week, I cried drinking their IPA.

    And do not believe all the site about Montreal who sends you to any pub on Crescent's area or any Irish Pubs. Actually stay away from the downtown core
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