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Discussion in 'New England' started by pumptrick, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. pumptrick

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    I am looking for great beers of the east coast. Can’t find a distribution list on here. Looking for trillium, tree house carton. Any others and where would I find the most luck? I will be in Newport. Cheers!
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    Tree House is brewery only. Trillium very limited distribution only in MA.
    No Carton in NH. Carton may distro to MA, but I’m not sure.
  3. nathanb47

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    No Carton in MA. Tree House is brewery only. Trillium draft may show up places otherwise brewery only. Bring some beers from CA and set up and IP trade, gonna be your best bet
  4. marcrgrenier

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    As noted, you won't find any of Treehouse, Trillium, Carton, Other Half, or any other of the big NE breweries in NH. Also, Newport is in a bit of a beer wasteland within the beer wasteland of NH. But, its a relatively short drive to places like White River Jct, VT where you can load up on Alchemist (Heady, Focal), Sip of Sunshine, River Roost, and all that VT has to offer. You can probably set up some IP trade for Treehouse/Trillium as those are both solid 2 hr plus drives away and brewery only.
  5. Davl22

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    So I will say, largely thanks to Vacationland Distributor's, NH's distro has gotten much better just within the past year. I'd search out the local craft beer store in that area. You won't find the heavy hitters you mentioned, but you should find Mast Landing, Oxbow, Lawson's, Proclamation, Schilling, Foundation, Definitive, Springdale, Singlecut, Stoneface, etc.
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  6. matthewp

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    Didn't even know there was a Newport, NH! Newport really is kind of nowhere, presumably you are flying in. Are you flying into Manchester, NH or Logan airport in Boston? How much free time do you have and how willing are you to travel? We might be able to help you better with a bit more information.
  7. jhavs

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    Not sure what days of the week you will be in Newport, but Polyculture brewing is a few miles away in Croydon. They have a small taproom that I think is only open on Saturdays. They make tasty farmhouse style beers.

    Other than that your best bet was mentioned above. White River Junction for River Roost and Big Fattys. Big Fattys will have Hill Farmstead on tap as well as a bunch of other good stuff. They also have a small retail spot called the Crowler Pit which has a lot of good retail can/bottle/crowler options for sale retail. River Roost and Big Fatty's are in the same parking lot.
  8. lbower860

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    Where are you flying into? Or whats your driving route?
  9. Dukies222001

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    I work one town over from Newport and live 2 towns away. To call the area a beer wasteland is the understatement of the year. Fortunately as people have said you won't be far from good beer. Starting from closest

    WRJ (45 minutes)- Is an absolutely must. If there is a level just under Tree House, Trillium etc. River Roost is at the top of that level. They usually have limited cans it's hit or miss. Across the street at Big Fatty's you will find the best taplist in the area south of Waterbury Vermont. (more on that to come) The BBQ is average at best but like I said you are there for the Taplist. They also have a decent bottle store attached.

    If you are willing to drive a little farther to Waterbury Vermont (1 1/2 hours) you will find one of the best tap lists known to mankind at Blackback Pub, if you eat there get the Nachos. Small place might have to wait but excellent service, food and taplist out of this world. You will also at that point be 100 feet from the Craft Beer Cellar which is one of the top bottle shops in Vermont. Prohibition Pig is also very good. The brew some pretty tasty beers and have a good rotating guest taplist.

    If you really wanna make a trip of it go all the way to Burlington (2 Hours) where there is no shortage of breweries Foam being the best IMO. They are right there a top that 2nd tier with River Roost.

    Also there are all sorts of little stores with great Vermont beer selection. Mike's Mobile off exit 9 (interstate 91) in Hartland is great. Should be able to snag great Vermont IPA's from Alchemist, Lawsons, Frost Beerworks, Foley Brothers, Burlington Beer Company and others.

    So long story short yes Newport sucks for beer LOL, but you're not far from the good stuff.
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  10. yuppiescum

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    Newport = West of Sunapee. Yes, not a whole ton going on in the immediate area. Dukies gives good advice above, namely, make a run for VT from there.

    I would also mention the Flying Goose brewpub on the other side of the lake which makes some enjoyable beer, awesome food, and sells growlers and crowlers.
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