Tree House Brewing (2022)

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    From their site, regarding ages six and up

    Reservations are required for each guest to enter Tree House Cape Cod. This is due to the heavily limited capacity permitted both inside and outside the building, and to ensure an incredible experience for all who visit.

    For those not partaking in alcoholic beverages, we have a non-alcoholic option that comes with a free glass and two tickets for mocktail, seltzer, and/or coffee.
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    Curiosity Nine is very interesting, mosaic all the way. Not quite up my alley, but if mosaic is your thing, I think you’ll enjoy it quite a bit.

    It reminds me of alter ego. Obviously remove the Julius base (and Amarillo?), which leaves mosaic.
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  3. ScaryEd

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    Has anyone else tried Ramble yet?

    I'm by no means an expert on lagers but I absolutely love this one and think it might be the best lager they have made.

    Then again I'm a Simcoe fanboy so...
  4. ScaryEd

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    And yes, Green Machine is fire.
  5. Smokee

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    Yes it is. I grabbed some on Tuesday from Charlton. Damn good.
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    Man, why would they not sell find the limit in 2 packs?
  7. mvogt

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    When the draft menu says you can split a 16oz or larger pour, does that mean I could get (for instance) a half pour of Julius and a half pour of Green, or does it just mean they would put my 16oz of Julius in two cups?
  8. dele

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    You could get a half pour each Julius and Green.
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    Totally agree!
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  11. njcraftfan

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    1st timer to treehouse. Will be passing by on drive from vacation and planned to stop in for cans. Any idea what kind of wait I’ll have around 1pm? Trying to asses how angry the family will be. Lol. .
  12. MattOC

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    Which location? Either way, if you’re just going for cans, put your order in when the online shop opens at 9:30am and there shouldn’t be much wait to pop in and grab it when you arrive.
  13. rightcoast7

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    Assuming we’re talking Charlton, I don’t quite agree with this approach, as someone who often pulls the exact same move of stopping with the family in tow on the way to or from vacation. Ordering isn’t the problem, you can do that while you’re in line and it takes no time at all. The problem is how many people are in line for pickup. Historically I’d say 1 pm on a Saturday is probably just about the worst possible time to stop crowdwise, but the crowds in general have been much less crazy on my last few trips, or maybe they’re just better about moving people through.

    My recommendation would be not to order in advance, in case you get there and your family pulls a hard “no” based on the crowd. And if the line is reasonable, just order while you wait. On the other hand, if you want to take the “ask for forgiveness instead of permission” angle, you could order in advance just to lock in the fact that you’ll have to wait it out regardless of the line.
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    Thanks! Yes hitting Charlton. Good advice as I wasn’t aware I could order real-time on site.
  15. tinoynk

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    On the topic of first time visitor advice, I’ll be in Cape Cod for a wedding in a couple weeks so planning on grabbing cans at Sandwich, is there any concern about a line for picking up preorders there?
  16. Mgh2001

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    I haven’t been to the Sandwich location, but I believe to go orders are time slotted pickups.
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  17. Capt_Quint

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    Yup, pickups are time specific. You may wait about 10 mins for them to bring your order out.
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  18. mlm61

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    If you order in advance, there is no problem if "your family pulls a hard “no” based on the crowd." You get a full refund on all orders that are not picked up. I do it all the time. Green Machine could be available in AM but kick at 1pm. Get the order in first thing in the AM.
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    Did this yesterday on the way to our cottage in Falmouth. Selected an 11:30 pickup but because of traffic, didn’t arrive at Tree House until noon…no problems. If you’re arriving later than your chosen time slot it’s not a huge deal. If you arrive before your chosen time, they won’t package it till your time slot.

    So my advice is to try and pick as accurate a time as possible but err a little earlier as opposed to later to avoid waiting.
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  20. beui

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    Hi all!

    My GoogleFu is failing me. Can I buy bottles or cans of Treehouse Julius in Boston?
  21. stairway2heavn

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    No. They have locations in Deerfield, sandwich (cape cod), and Charlton. You'd have to either get a proxy to meet you with it in Boston or make your way out. See the treehouse thread for info. I think there is a proxy request thread as well.
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  22. dubdrop

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    Went to Deerfield for pizza and a pour on Saturday and it was fantastic! We got there a little before noon so we could get our pizza order in early to avoid a wait and actually had the first two pies of the day. Pizzas were large and quite good. Only got one beer b/c I had a long day of driving, but the side pull of Ramble I had was great! Not sure how long the pizza wait was a little later, but within 30 minutes of opening, the place was a zoo. Not in a bad way necessarily, but it was bustling. Really beautiful grounds and despite the heat, it was a very relaxing atmosphere. I look forward to repeating the experience this fall.

    Also, as someone who was a huge fan of Green from 2015 on, I'm happy to report that Green is getting closer to the beer that made me fall in love with TH in the first place.
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  23. shkin

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    I was there at exactly the same time. Since we arrived before noon, we picked up the beer first, then a super quick lunch with pizza and a beer. We were back on the road by 12:45 or so. It did become quite busy quickly, busier than I remember from a visit two Saturdays before.
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    Bit of a tangent but this reminds me of an article about Tree House I was reading years ago in a beer magazine. It claimed that TH afficionados had long been known to mix their beers together (ie. Green & Julius) to create some interesting concoctions. I have NEVER seen any mention of this on here, or from anyone I've spoke to.

    So, can anyone weight in here or is it just one of those (pretty dull tbf) urban myths?
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  25. Shyla987

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    Definitely not an urban myth but I don't know how prevalent it was nor would I say they were "aficionados". There was (not sure if it still exists) a Facebook/Instagram group called Mixmasters the sole purpose of which was to mix beers and post pictures of them. Saw lots of TH beers being mixed. Plus lots of fruited sours ("look at the colors!").

    Edit: Found this here on BA, years ago thread for mixing beers.
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  26. VodkaPong87

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    Doesn't everyone do a cuvee every now and then?

    I've mixed a few together and usually it's one form of Green with another form of Julius. Always delicious
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  27. Rysk22

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    You could argue that every non-core beer is just a cuvee of the core four
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  28. darkandhoppy

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    sometimes I'll pour a new beer without rinsing the glass that previously had a different beer....

    does that count?
  29. redbill

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    That's how I invented Maple Green
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    I always chuckle when companies make claims like this "As far as we can tell, there is not another ready-to-drink cocktail like it anywhere in the world." I picture Nate traveling to remote parts of the world sampling every canned Rum n Cola he can find.
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    Yeah love that marketing! At this point they could sell Treehouse bricks and would sell out.
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    Swept the top 5 dipa’s on untappd 2022
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    This one is wholly different than ordinary cola, dude.

    Kidding aside, I bet it's pretty good. Every product they make has plenty of passion behind it, can't fault them for that.
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    That list is so phony. Yes, almost all of them (the top 5) are amazing beers (except Emperor Julius), but the vast majority of people who score them are going to give an auto 4.25+ rating
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    A single name takes that list to task

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    Funny that the hazy DIPA rankings are basically Parish, Parish collabs, and Fidens.
  39. wehaveamap

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    All seriousness, probably the most ordinary beer they make in 2022. Tbh it was never my favorite HF, but it’s not quite what it used to be to me.

    HF > TH in most things, but I think most Tree House DIPAs > most Hill DIPAs
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    Abner? Nah.
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