Tree House Brewing Company (2019)

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  1. Rysk22

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    There's obviously a difference in hop flavors, but the house yeast also has a very strong, sometimes overwhelming character, that can lead to people saying the beers all taste similar
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    guys all beer tastes exactly the same why are you fighting this
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    Have you tried a blacked out teku yet?
  4. thedaveofbeer

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    Do you mean a blind taste test? Yeah, I have done plenty of blind taste tastes for both the purpose of identifying beers and removing bias.
  5. WTCrane

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    As someone who homebrews, I can smell the hops in these beers better than anything. When you get a bag full of hop pellets and shove your nose in them, they absolutely have distinct characters. But a lot of these beers are so over hopped, with various different kinds that most of the flavors just meld into something I'd have trouble identifying by taste alone. Simcoe is a personal favorite of mine to use.

    That is one of the reasons I love Hill Farmstead so much (not to thread jack). But you can actually taste all the hops he uses, and he melds them together beautifully. Especially his Nelson hops. He pulls such a unique characteristic out of that hop. I wish I could replicate it in my homebrew. I also Appreciate Hill, and Other Half for their single hop series so you can actually get an idea what a hope tastes like stand alone.

    I also think Tree Houses IPA's are so good for their yeast character, more so than their hops. I don't think when you brew as much beer as they do, that there is anyway to keep the hop consistency the same. That's why their batches vary so much. They are putting mountains of hops in the tanks there. No way they are hand selecting them all like someone like Shaun Hill does.
  6. wasatchback

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    They get to select hops just as Shaun does. In fact since their contracts are quite a bit larger I’d say they have even higher precedent with certain suppliers if not the same. Not 100% certain on this but I’d assume that the lot of say Citra that they select would probably last them through the year. You’ll get more variance when you switch over to the new harvest lots as hops can change considerably year over year but at that level the growers and suppliers have so much data on hop oil makeup that they can get pretty close to matching a previous year’s selection just based on the numbers alone. A lot of breweries will slowly blend in new crop year with the last bits of the previous season.

    The reason your homebrewed Nelson beers don’t resemble Shaun’s among many reasons is he gets some of if not the best selection of Nelson available to brewers in the US. He’s a partner in Freestyle hops, a venture in NZ to try to produce better, more consistent hops from that market. The Nelson that most brewers buy on the spot market and especially what’s available to homebrewers is unfortunately pretty crappy and resembles nothing close to the best stuff that’s out there. The variance in Nelson is incredible.

    I would put the batch to batch variation more on human error and fermentation inconsistencies over hops. You’ll see year to year differences in the hops but I’d be willing to bet the hops they’re using for say Julius are pretty darn similar for at least a years worth of brewing. Also their weird blend of yeasts probably requires a very specific fermentation regimen and different level of timing and precision than what most others are doing.

    I make a lot of hoppy beer at home and have pretty good understanding of what just about every hop smells/tastes like. I find it very hard to pick out hops in certain TH beers. The yeast esters overpower everything.
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    I agree:

  8. bobby_teddy

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    I could maybe tell apart the greens from the alter/dopples and then those from everything else including most curiosities, hurricane/storm beers and the Js. The everything else category all taste very similar to me. I’m 50/50 whether I could pick out the saps from the everything else. Maybe with a fresh pallet.
  9. Mkozaka

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    Not directed at you, just using your post. Great example why breweries post (and should enforce) a drink limit.

    State Trooper Involved in Southbury Crash in September Charged With DUI

    Black Hog Brewing in Oxford. Trooper had at least eight drinks.
  10. TreeHouse_Erection

    TreeHouse_Erection Aspirant (205) Aug 7, 2018 Connecticut

    For the life of me I’ll never understand people standing in line at open. I just came back from TH and literally walked in and out with every option that was available at open in under 10 min. Pour line was empty too even though I didn’t get any. Great night to go as are most.

    The selection makes it a little tough to walk out of there with a little of everything. I don’t usually like to get even a case worth because I know I’ll be back soon and don’t drink on weekdays, but by the time I’m half way down the list it’s already adding up. I never thought I’d skip Jjjuliusss (someone in Oregon just spit out their sip of Double Stack) but there were several options I have yet to try (Autumn, Raven, surrealism and Brighter than starlight) and also the last batch I had was a little underwhelming and fell off a cliff after a week.

    The experience is definitely better than ever especially on weekdays. Good luck to those braving the insanity next week. They open at 10am on Wednesday and it’s going to already be a shit show by 9
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  11. CTHopman

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    With all due respect, the Curiosity series which is a necessary rotational "evil" employed by most top notch breweries in some form, blurs the lines as to the prevalence/proper listing as to the sequence/ratio of hops. There is a tremendous amount of overlap. Hardly a TH thing but of note just the same.
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    100% I think this is the intent of the joke. Not core beers. How different can you really make a DIPA with only a hand full of unique hops 80+ iterations in? The fresh coat of paint and the need to collect help the brewery use up inventory and sell the same beer over and over and that’s the joke.
  13. thedaveofbeer

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    oh you are definitely correct- but I think we have reached the point that people aren't as curious about Curiosity beers- They seem to be lasting longer and longer. I know part of that is due to the increased amount, but perhaps enough people are catching on to the joke. Of course, you also have people who say "oh look there's a pretty bird on that can! I have to spend 5.05 on it!".
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    This was the first can I tried from my haul, because it was so fresh and I wanted to see what i was getting into - it really was impressive - granted I have nothing to compare it to TH wise aside from what I drank on site, but it blew away what I had at the brewery - was glad I had it when I did.
  15. cdinardo21

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    It's like anything else - some people have a better palate than others. And i'm not even being snobby about it - as I think I'm on the lower end of that scale. But I definitely think even a halfway decent palate can tell the difference.
  16. cdinardo21

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    Well, that's easy. People come from out of town on weekends when traveling is easier, as opposed to "swinging by" on a wednesday at 7pm when there's no line - would love to have TH right down the road from me, but that's juts not practical - it was quite an ordeal with a fair amount of planning to get there when I did, so you just deal with it.
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  17. TreeHouse_Erection

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    I agree but at least 50% of the line are the same folks week in and week out
  18. cdinardo21

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    Ok - I'm with you - I can't speak for that.
  19. MrEff

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    This could be said about every single TH beer, no?
  20. TreeHouse_Erection

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    Also, I noticed a new seating area behind the can sale line. There were maybe 5 or 6 of the big picnic tables and another bar with ~12 taps. Next summer is going to be a much easier visit on Saturdays
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  21. thedaveofbeer

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    true, but curiosities used to generate a lot of buzz and sell out quickly.
  22. epoole3

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    100 should be the final release.
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  23. TreeHouse_Erection

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    100 and then 69 which will be a 4.3% rice lager to complete the troll
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  24. CTHopman

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    Actually a cream ale would be more appropriate.
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    That's pretty good.
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  26. Schuee

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    Another pretty animal can today.
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  27. TreeHouse_Erection

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    King Julius 2pp
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  29. cdinardo21

    cdinardo21 Initiate (33) Oct 29, 2019 Pennsylvania

    Missed it by a few days - oh well, I can't complain - the to-go list was pretty stellar when i was there saturday.
  30. Mkozaka

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  31. bobby_teddy

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  32. Newport_beerguy

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    When it comes to brewing, I'm sure TH is comfortable talking extemporaneously to a media entity. However, they probably have planning/zoning professionals or an attorney who worked on their application. If it were my client I'd recommend they put their best foot forward on the record during the public hearing, and THAT can be reported on the news. Any wrong step now could make life more difficult at the hearing.

    After the thing is approved, then you pump out press releases and get your vision in the press without a filter.
  33. Mkozaka

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    I agree. I just think it’s prudent (and takes very little effort) to respond to the media request with a simple quote - “TH appreciates all resident feedback and values our long-term relationship with the community. We will release more details following the P&Z meeting.” - or something to that effect.
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  34. Newport_beerguy

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    I also love the anecdote about the local who had a 2-hour wait in Monson. Like who hears about some popular thing then shows up without ANY research; he picked one of the only 2-3(?) 2-hour wait days since they've been there. His son probably sent him off as a mule for the first King J release in Monson and didn't give the old man a heads up for fear of him not going.
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  35. Newport_beerguy

    Newport_beerguy Zealot (555) Feb 24, 2011 Rhode Island

    Yeah, while that is true it's also relevent to the timeline of the attempted media contacts as to whether they had much of an opportunity to respond. The article was published Thursday evening right about when the hearing was likely starting. Did the writer try contacting someone Thursday morning after the brew day started, then it goes into the retail hours, and then the brewery manager and maybe Nate are going through prep for the hearing with little time to spare, etc.

    But if they were initially left messages like last week, then yes something like your statement would be ideal.
  36. thedaveofbeer

    thedaveofbeer Initiate (187) Mar 25, 2016 Massachusetts

    From the news report it seems like Tree House may not sell beer at the farm? I hope selling beer there is a long term plan. It would be great if we could keep those damn Connecticutters out of our fine state. Before anyone gets angry, I am just kidding.
  37. cdinardo21

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    You're half kidding :slight_smile:
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  38. brutalfarce

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    seems hard cider is the objective for the CT farm
  39. mcjlm

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    Is this silent or already gone? Not seeing it on the site.

    Thinking bout heading over tomorrow night, wondering if those big rares are still lasting as long.
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  40. Sheppard

    Sheppard Meyvn (1,086) Mar 16, 2013 Virginia

    Also, most writers say "[this person] was unavailable for immediate comment" or something along those lines. The way that this was written gives a clear slant that TH couldn't be bothered to comment when that probably isn't the case or the full story.

    With regards to the cidery, I don't know if TH has an honest idea of the demand. That cidery is going to be nothing like a winery. It is going to be busy. You're going to have the "I don't like cider but I like these ciders" people. The normal cider consumer is still underserved, especially from a destination standpoint, and I do think that this is going to be a huge success. I have no idea what kind of town Woodstock is but at least they're on a main street in Charlton. Going into another sleepy town/Monson situation is probably not good for them.
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