Trillium Brewing Company (November/December 2018)

Discussion in 'New England' started by NiceBeerCans, Nov 1, 2018.

  1. Resuin

    Resuin Meyvn (1,254) Jun 18, 2012 Massachusetts

    No exaggeration. The seaport used to be a dead zone for good bars, and I lived/worked there for years.
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  2. runpmc007

    runpmc007 Initiate (67) Jul 6, 2011 Massachusetts

    Saltie Girl is OK, the food is more overpriced than anything in the seaport and it's very cramped in there. That said I've only had their sushi and other fish items, never the steak tartare.
  3. Foamykeg

    Foamykeg Initiate (45) Jan 24, 2013 Massachusetts

    I went to Canton tonight. Just got cans. Everyone was happy. Great service. Tip options were 1-5%. Tipped max. No need for bitching anymore....
  4. Manfrombelmonty

    Manfrombelmonty Aspirant (272) Sep 12, 2010 Massachusetts

  5. Justin42

    Justin42 Aspirant (229) Apr 3, 2013 Massachusetts

    Thoughts on Dialed Up? Grabbed a couple four packs this afternoon since Dialed In is my favorite Trillium these days. Good stuff.
  6. juliolugo

    juliolugo Initiate (81) Jun 22, 2015 Massachusetts

    Since they fixed the thing that merited outrage, yes?
  7. Manfrombelmonty

    Manfrombelmonty Aspirant (272) Sep 12, 2010 Massachusetts

    The wait staff?
    The private equity?
    The new fermentation profile?
    The tequila?
    The trub?
    The morals?
    The owners greed?
    The family feel?

    I'm sure there was more...
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  8. geoffpm

    geoffpm Initiate (130) Sep 10, 2007 Massachusetts

    Dialed up is dangerous. 11% and barely a hot taste. Tons of tropical fruit notes and very chuggable. !
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  9. cmoney13

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    the PE posts were my favorite during this whole controversy.
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