trip to Rosemary beach, 30 A questions

Discussion in 'South' started by AugustWest1, Jul 2, 2018.

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    Going to 30A Rosemary Beach next week with the family. I was looking for some good bottle shops in the area. Also recommendations for good bars would be appreciated as well. We are coming from Texas and probably going through Mobile on the way down. I also wanted some insight on good local/Florida beers that don’t have distribution to Texas. We get a limited distribution of Cigar City beers here, but not much else from the area.
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    Cottage Hill Package is off 10 in mobile and has a pretty good selection. As far as what to drink, man I took most with me earlier this month and just grabbed some Pilsners when I got there. Beers to be on the lookout for
    MegaMix from MIA brewing, sorely upset didn't find any this year
    If you like Saisons/Mixed fermentation, get off at Pensacola and hit up Perfect Plain, they are knocking it out of the park on those.
    I can't really give you bar recommendations because we stay at Navarre. Find a good bottle shop and you can find some things that we normally don't get here. I grabbed a 4 pack of Funky Buddhas Last Snow when there. If weather is bad and you don't mind a drive, Chan's Wine World in Destin has a really nice bottle shop, and a pretty nice bar/gastro pub adjoining it. Have fun
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    I'm not aware of any good bottle shops along 30A, though it's possible one has opened in the last couple years as the amount of commercial development going on has been heavy, especially between Seaside and Rosemary. Handful of wine stores but nothing beer-focused. If you're looking for growler fills, 30A Growler Garage in Santa Rosa Beach on the west end of 30A is a solid option. Around 30 taps, usually a solid selection with lots of local Florida beers (including at least one Cigar City handle most times I've been there) and plenty of regionals and nationals. Good service, very friendly, easy to get in and out, and you can drink on-site if you're in the mood. They post their tap list on their Facebook page pretty consistently.
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    @AugustWest6726 I second the recommendation of Cottage Hill Package in Mobile. Modica Market in Seaside has a nice little beer selection as well as good breakfast to go.

    I also recommend you to checkout Idyll Hounds Brewing up the road in Santa Rosa. It's a 10-15min drive and they have excellent beer, food trucks, and packaged beer to go.