Unreconcilable by Bobcat

Discussion in 'New England' started by FutureOBrew, Dec 26, 2012.

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  1. FutureOBrew

    FutureOBrew Aspirant (203) Feb 27, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Went on a beercation this past weekend to Vermont. While there, stumbled upon what seems to be a new beer from Bobcat...Unreconcilable a Barrel Aged stout( TWStandley and I were told the barrel came from HF full of their brettanomyces). We tasted and was this a unique flavor for sure, it had a very light mouthfeel and had a noticeable kola flavor. Needless to say a nice surprise.

    Has anyone else stumbled upon this beer or had the luck of tasting? Thoughts?
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  2. duchessedubourg

    duchessedubourg Aspirant (230) Nov 2, 2007 Vermont
    Beer Trader

    Enjoyed it very much. Is the latest in one offs from Mark - previous one was "Unrepentant."
  3. ilovermont

    ilovermont Initiate (43) Jul 18, 2012 Vermont
    Beer Trader

    Technically it's 'Nonreconcilably'--a BBA Unrepentant finished with brett.

    Tried it twice so far...once at the Bobcat and once when a few bottles made it out of the restaurant for distribution/at-home-consumption.

    Really dig the brett treatment. The stout's peppery flavor nicely shines when consumed warm.

    Another solid offering from Mark/the Bobcat.
  4. bostonbeans

    bostonbeans Aspirant (275) Apr 19, 2012 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    Mark is the Man! Heard there is a nice porter coming to town with a BA treatment... CAN'T WAIT!
  5. SupremePie

    SupremePie Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2012 Vermont

    Snagged this the other week at Bevy and couldn't be more excited to try it. Glad to see its living up to the quality I have come to expect and appreciate from Mark
  6. TWStandley

    TWStandley Defender (617) Jan 15, 2008 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    Very interesting indeed. I echo Futureobrew's comment about it tasting like cola. Definetely a unique brew!
  7. iwantmorehops

    iwantmorehops Aspirant (232) Sep 25, 2010 Vermont
    Beer Trader

    Not a huge fan of the base beer, or Brett for that matter, but I opened a bottle of this last night and it was just great. Amazingly unique beer, and really hard to describe. Keep these wild barrel beers coming Mark!
  8. benz08

    benz08 Initiate (0) Nov 9, 2008 New Jersey

    Think I may have snagged a bottle of this a few weeks ago at Hunger Mountain Co-op. Is this the only of his beers that they've done with brett? just remember bourbon barrel aged with brett. Forgot the name of the beer and I'm too lazy to go downstairs to look.
  9. FutureOBrew

    FutureOBrew Aspirant (203) Feb 27, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Yes, that's the one . I got it at Hunger Mountain as well... I believe I put the wrong name in the ( oh darn) but either way it is bourbon barrel aged with brett and tasty and unique.
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