Updates to the BA Score, Rankings, and Top Rated Beers

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    Works like a charm, thanks!
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    Regarding the original topic, it's confusing because now the BA score is on a different scale than the ratings. Make them all on the 100 point scale and allow ratings by integer. You therefore provide the numerical rating (out of 100) rather than picking between 3.75, 4.0, and 4.25 and ending up with 90% of the beers within that range.
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    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How do you view your review of a beer now? I understand I can click the edit your review button to see what I wrote, but this doesn't give me the date of when I reviewed it. Or am I overlooking something?
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    Click the little link button to the right of the rDev stat. It looks like a little chain link.
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