News Urban Chestnut Brewing will be the biggest in STL

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by Duffmanohyeah02, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. Duffmanohyeah02

    Duffmanohyeah02 Initiate (0) Nov 1, 2011 Missouri
    Beer Trader

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  2. BedetheVenerable

    BedetheVenerable Meyvn (1,023) Sep 5, 2008 Missouri

    Please, PLEASE distribute your core brews to mid-Missouri! I would buy a whole lotta Zwickel!
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  3. hoppytobehere

    hoppytobehere Crusader (735) Aug 10, 2012 District of Columbia
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    I would assume distribution will be all over the place with that kind of volume. Need to check out their beer garden this summer when I'm in town.
  4. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,245) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    Bigger than Falstaff er,, not Lemp...damn, what's that other big brewery in St. Louis?
    15 million bbl/yr capacity?
    Tip of my tongue...Eberhard's son-in-law's place...
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  5. BrewSTL

    BrewSTL Disciple (339) Mar 14, 2013 Missouri

    Give it a few years, AB is likely going to pull out of STL as it is their most inefficient brewrey.

    I am absolutely psyched about this news. Urban Chestnut is doing some awesome things. If there was one craft brewery in town that I would want to take off it's this one.
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  6. mdvatab

    mdvatab Zealot (574) Apr 5, 2006 Indiana

    The St. Louis brewery is ABInbev's most inefficient brewery???

    Unless the STL brewery has suddenly gone into the crapper in the past 2 years, I call bullshit. Where did you get this info?
  7. ramnuts

    ramnuts Initiate (0) Feb 16, 2009 Oregon

    I totally agree that Urban Chestnut is the best brewery in SL. I am a RAMS season ticket holder and have always been disappointed in the craft beer scene there until UC came in. There is no longer a need to bring my own from PDX when I go to home games in the Lou.
  8. BrewSTL

    BrewSTL Disciple (339) Mar 14, 2013 Missouri

    I didn't say it was in the crapper.

    Maintaining 100 year old facilities + high labor costs = less profits... they could easily produce the same amount of beer at lower costs elsewhere. They didn't blink an eye when they laid off 1,000 employees in St Louis shortly after the merger, and I doubt they will hesitate to relocate brewing operations when the opportunity arrises.
  9. chimneyjim

    chimneyjim Aspirant (273) Jun 23, 2004 Oregon

    You can find Zwickel and Winged Nut, at least, in Springfield.
  10. mdvatab

    mdvatab Zealot (574) Apr 5, 2006 Indiana

    No, you said the St. Louis brewery is their most inefficient brewery, and you have no clue what you're talking about. Just because the brewery has been there since the 1800's doesn't mean they haven't had many updates over the years. There are other AB breweries in the US that are less efficient than the St. Louis brewery.

    As far as labor costs go, if they were strictly focused on that, they could move the brewing opererations overseas and shut all 12 US breweries, but then they would have higher transportation costs. The layoffs that they had in St. Louis were mostly administrative (non brewing-related) jobs.

    As much as you'd like for ABInbev to be relevant to this thread, it's not.
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  11. BrewSTL

    BrewSTL Disciple (339) Mar 14, 2013 Missouri

    So upgrading facilities doesn't coast major $$$$? Ok great point... i'de like to hear which ones you think are less efficient
  12. lovindahops

    lovindahops Savant (970) Mar 26, 2010 New York
    Beer Trader

    Well I for one am excited for this expansion. I just got back from St. Louis a couple days ago and I can say I enjoyed the two offerings i had from UCBC... STLIPA and Zwickel. Would be nice to have some type of access to these brews.
  13. mdvatab

    mdvatab Zealot (574) Apr 5, 2006 Indiana

    Again, let's focus on your original statement: "AB is likely going to pull out of STL as it is their most inefficient brewery."

    As an A-B employee from '06-'11, this was the same kind of nonsense that I heard from people outside the company who had no idea what they were talking about. And as an STL native and ABI employee at the time, few things were more unnerving than to hear that InBev might close up the brewery there altogether and move somewhere else. Do I know for a fact that this will never happen, or do I doubt ABInbev management's profit motive? Absolutely not. Was I personally impacted by ABInbev's cost cutting. Yes.

    It's not as simple, though, as saying, it's their most inefficient brewery, so they're likely pulling out of St. Louis. You're misinforming people when you make blanket statements like that. Do I know for a fact that the St. Louis brewery is not their most inefficient brewery at this moment? No. But can I make a more informed argument that it is not? Yes.

    First, when I was an employee there, there was at least one other AB brewery that was notoriously "the most inefficient". Unless there was a big change (eg- they dumped a lot of money into an upgrade), that brewery is probably still less efficient than the St. Louis brewery and several others. Since I don't think it's public information, I'm not going to name the brewery. Well-informed BAs like jesskidden, though, could probably make a good, educated guess.

    In addition to that, I saw many high-dollar upgrades at the St. Louis brewery while I was there. And I find it unfathomable that the brewery which was sitting hundreds of feet from August Busch, III's office was allowed to be the most inefficient AB brewery in his (former) core US market. And, lastly, was the STL brewery close enough to the bottom of the efficiency ranking where it could have slipped into last place during the 5 years since InBev bought AB--especially with ABI's US management team still located at the brewery? No.
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  14. mdvatab

    mdvatab Zealot (574) Apr 5, 2006 Indiana

    Back on point, I'm very excited for UCBC's expansion as well! Their beer is of the highest quality, and the guys who run it are class acts!
  15. TheGoldsmith

    TheGoldsmith Initiate (0) Jan 20, 2013 Missouri

    Brown Derby International Wine Center has done several tasting events with UC already, including one last week.
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  16. KansasBeerLover

    KansasBeerLover Disciple (338) Feb 16, 2009 Kansas

    I had some STLIPA 2 years ago. Darned good stuff, especially for a new brewery. Maybe they will make it to Kansas. :astonished:
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  17. Duffmanohyeah02

    Duffmanohyeah02 Initiate (0) Nov 1, 2011 Missouri
    Beer Trader

    They bottle it now, so chances are after this expansion, you may get some distro!
  18. HOP_KING

    HOP_KING Initiate (0) Jan 30, 2013 Illinois

    STLIPA for the win. That and Schlafly AIPA are my two favorite St. Louis beers
  19. russpowell

    russpowell Poo-Bah (7,435) May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Beer Trader

    & SW Mizzou too please!
  20. MusicaleMike

    MusicaleMike Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2008 Pennsylvania

    Had some Urban Chestnut at a beer festival in PA this past week, Zwickel and Winged Nut, and they are just as good as I remember! Love those beers...
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