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    Cheers from East Los Angeles, chugging a Santa Monica XPA and thought, I'm gonna make this world better and give craft beer reviews; here I come!
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    Cheers, and welcome aboard! One of the things that makes this a great site is that it's user-driven, and your contributions will certainly be appreciated by your fellow BA's. Be sure to check out "What beer are you drinking now?" in the Beer Talk forum. Pour yourself a beer, post a pic, and join the crowd at the virtual bar. You'll meet some interesting folks there, many of whom are fellow IPA fiends :wink:.

    Enjoy the journey!
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    Welcome to the BA site, Fistedmind. Your beer reviews will be greatly appreciated by the members here. If you can write reviews for places too, well that's just all that much better. Enjoy your time on the site.
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    Look out everyone...... @Fistedmind is in da house!

    Welcome from Western NC! Reviews are definitely encouraged. A relatively simple way to leave a review is to click on Beers (at the top of any forum page), then click the magnifying glass in top right and search for the name of the beer you want to review. Chances are good that the beer is already being reviewed, and you can rate it and leave your thoughts there.
    Here's an example of the XPA ratings and reviews:
    (oops....looks like Your Rating = None :flushed: )
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    Hey Fisted, welcome to BA. Review by all means, look forward to your contributions.
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    Welcome from Florida - Cheers and review away!
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    Welcome and Cheers from CT!
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