Visiting MI, staying near Lake orion

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    What up guys, will be in town in August between the 8th-13th. Looking for pointers on bottle shops, tasting rooms, eateries, ect. I plan on going downtown as well and stopping at Schramms. Any info helps.


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    One of the great features of this site is the Places search (on main menu) capability. You can search the BA database by name, city or state to find what is near where you will be. Here is link to a search that I did using Lake Orion. You likely will get others chiming in with recommendations for the other cities in that general area, or you can do a search yourself to find other places.
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    Another place to search for breweries close by is the Michigan Beer Guide at You could also check the map and listing at the Michigan Brewers Guild site. Not all breweries are members of the guild, and neither guide will give you a list of good beer bars or beer stores.

    There used to be a brewery in Lake Orion that was pretty good (51 North Brewing) but it closed a few months ago. Someone who is familiar with that area will chime in soon with help that is more specific.
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    since youre in lake orion, its definitely worth seeing what the Clarkston Union and Union Woodshop have on tap. They usually have some gems on draft and the food is good! It looks like the Clarkston Union has both of the extremely good IPAS from Old Nation (Boxer and M43) as well as my favorite Shorts beer (a colab with Half Acre) called Freedom of 78.
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    Here are a few options for you. If you feel like getting further out of town, go to Kuhnhenns, Witch's Hat or Griffen Claw.

    Bottle Shops
    Orion Keg and Wine
    Hollywood Supermarket
    Red Wagon

    Rochester Mills
    Parker's Hilltop (Newer)
    Exferiminatation Brewery (Newer)
    Homegrown (New)

    Clarkston Union & Woodshop as stated above but it is usually busy
    Brown Iron Brewhouse
    Clubhouse BFD

    The good news is you won't have to go too far for craft beer in Michigan. Bring Rare Barrel or Russian River if possible :slight_smile:
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    I'll chime in and say that I went to Clarkston Union finally this past week and was a big fan. I've wanted to go there or Woodshop for years, but as mentioned above...they tend to be busy on weekends, which is when I'm usually there. I was there during the week, so went on a Thursday for lunch - no problem getting in. Great food, great beer (had Boxer and M43 on tap), and it was great for the kids (good kids menu, they give stuff to color with, and they had Wi-Fi that worked).

    I've also been to BFD and enjoyed it - really solid beers and food. I had Griffin Claw Flying Buffalo with Hazelnut when I was there, which was cool to get to try.
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    Definitely second that, and here is how I rank the Clarkston taps:
    1, Union - has the most taps, probably ~30
    2. Honcho - has 12 or so taps
    3. Woodshop - last because only 6-8 taps, but the best food if you like bbq
    The 3 joints are within 100 yards of each other.
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