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Discussion in 'Mountain' started by Smurf2055, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. Smurf2055

    Smurf2055 Initiate (0) Nov 12, 2011 Washington

    Not too familiar with the beer scene, any suggestions for breweries to look for or places to check out? I've heard Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay and the Yard House a bit off the strip.
  2. rhosk

    rhosk Initiate (0) Sep 15, 2010 Colorado

  3. blatherbeard

    blatherbeard Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2007 Texas

    Freemont st has Chicago brewing company, the flamingo has their own bar with their own beer as well.

    CbC is pretty good, flamingo was ok but better than macro imo.
  4. shueyy

    shueyy Initiate (0) Nov 28, 2010 New York

    If you want to go off the strip the Freaking Frog is the place over 1000 bottles in the cooler 600 whiskey cool place. The last time I was there the bartender brought me back to cooler and said just pick out the beer you want and bring them back to the bar. The beer book was like 40 pages and the beer keeps changing so easier to go find the beer you want in the cooler. it's over by the UNLV campus in a strip mall.
  5. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,196) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    There's decent beer on the Strip, it's just not cheap.
    Holstein's (Cosmopolitan), Todd English's PUB (Aria), and the Pub at Monte Carlo all have excellent tap and bottle're just stuck paying $8-12 per pint. Toss in the before mentioned Burger Bar and/or Yard House and you'll be okay. I usually don't have the means to leave the Strip, but I'm usually happy during a 2-3 day stay.

    Destral has a good guide to Vegas in this thread:

    While not the greatest beer ever, the Casino Royale (between Harrah's and the Venetian) has $1 Michelob bottles with no limit. That's cheaper than you'll find at the store.
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  6. sholland119

    sholland119 Poo-Bah (2,063) Sep 8, 2005 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    For me:

    Aces and Ales (tap list)
    Freakin' Frog (draft list just ok but great for bottles: ask to see the cooler, though really pricey)
    Big Dog's Draft House (brewpub)
    Total Wine at the south end of the Strip (bottles to go) {locals swear by Khoury's and I'm not a hater but the selection has been pretty limited every time I have visited}
  7. Provocajade

    Provocajade Initiate (0) Dec 15, 2009 Nevada

    I'll second everyones suggestions but will try to expand the list.

    There are Sin City Brewing walkup bars on the strip (Venetian, Miracle Mile from my memory) has not been mentioned. I remember I <3 (dont know if they say thats I heart or I love burgers) Burgers in Palazzo shoppes I remember having decent beers. They kept changing their menu and lessening each time I go so not sure what exactly will be on tap, but I do know some local Joseph James Brewery beers was there last time. Public House in the Venetian also has a respectable beer menu (its about 6 pages long, can be seen online). I remember walking by the Halo Bar in Miracle Mile there was some local Tenaya Creek Hop Ride IPA bottles available. Evening Call, a frozen daquiri bar inside Mandalay Bay has a few craft beer bottles. Petrossian Bar in Bellagio has a few crafts, I believe it was all Belgian Trappist. First Food and Bar in Venetian had some decent stuff on bottle and draft (menu is available online to check out). If you want a fancy dinner, Sage in Aria is a delight and does beer pairings with their courses or you can nosh at the lounge side (beer menu available online, some are draft). BLT Burger in Mirage had all drafts and I think even make beer milkshakes (menu is online).

    Also if you are heading down to Fremont St. area - there is Triple 7 Brewery in Main Street Station, Chicago Brewery in Four Queens. A few of the mixology lounges in Fremont East has some beers - Downtown Cocktail Room, Vanguard... I think Beauty Bar may have beers. I honestly havent paid attention because when I'm down there I'm mostly set on craft cocktails, my other love. I'm pretty sure Mickie Finnz had a few bottles of something but I was too busy drinking my fishbowl of regret to remember.

    A little bit off the strip, but close is Mint Indian Bistro. It's one of my favorite restaurants in terms of flavor, quality and service but the owner likes his beers. While catered to pair with Indian food (so not really any stouts or porters - mostly Belgiums, ales, ipas) it is respectable.... they put the beer list online so you can take a look. It's worth going there for $10 lunch buffet. In the same ish area is Ferraros Italian which has some intriguing Italian imports that I can't even buy in town. There's a Gordon Biersch in the same block.

    If you're heading waaay down to M resort there is 32 degrees which has a nice rounding of beers. The buffet is famed there so if that's your thing maybe it might be worth it. Neither I've tried yet since I live on the other extreme end of town.
  8. JBogan

    JBogan Champion (850) Jul 15, 2007 California

    Just a small correction to avoid any possible confusion; There are two Total Wine locations in the Las Vegas valley, but neither of them are anywhere near the strip. One is in the Summerlin area on S. Rampart Blvd and the other is in Henderson on N. Stephanie. Perhaps you were thinking of either Whole Foods Market located in Town Square towards the southern end of the strip or Lee's Discount Liquor a few miles further south on the strip.

    As for Khoury's, it's true that they do not have a large selection, especially when compared to places like Total Wine or even Lee's. However they do get some very good beers (mostly imports) which are not found anywhere else in Vegas. That, and the friendly and personal service are why locals enjoy going there.
  9. blatherbeard

    blatherbeard Initiate (0) Sep 30, 2007 Texas

    And im suprised we havent gotten to this one yet

    I never got the chance to go in, but id think itd be a good place if you like HB's beers.
  10. VegasHopHead

    VegasHopHead Aspirant (238) Jun 21, 2012 Nevada
    Beer Trader

    Not a favorite just due to the prices, But if he wants to be on the strip, no one mentioned the Public House in the Venetian. Its not cheap, but they probably have the best selection of craft beer on the strip. They have Cask as well as Las Vegas' only cicerone.
  11. sholland119

    sholland119 Poo-Bah (2,063) Sep 8, 2005 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Yes, I did mean Whole Foods, not Total Wine. Thanks!
  12. Domingo

    Domingo Poo-Bah (2,196) Apr 23, 2005 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    Actually, I totally forgot about the HB. They actually get their kegs direct from Munich and apparently they're unpasteurized and just like the real thing. I've never made it over there, but I've heard from some reliable people that it's 100% legit.
  13. JBogan

    JBogan Champion (850) Jul 15, 2007 California

    I've been to the HB here in Vegas a few times and the one in Munich once. To the best of my recollection the beers were pretty much the same, although the giant pretzels (Brezels) in the Munich HB were better. Or maybe it was the Brezel girls in Munich that were better.
  14. Jays2716

    Jays2716 Initiate (0) Jul 16, 2012 Missouri

    Public House is worth checking out. Personally, I avoid the Freakin' Frog. They are always out of half the list and are grossly overpriced. I once paid $10 for a 10oz pour of Deschuttes Conflux. He said it was the only keg outside of Oregon. The Big Dogs by my old house had it for $6.25 for a 23oz pour.
    If you want to try local beer, make the trip to the Big Dogs Draft house. Its a pricey cab ride, but the beer is the best in town.
  15. JSBerkowitz

    JSBerkowitz Initiate (0) Aug 10, 2009 Nevada

    If you only paid $10 for a 10oz pour, consider yourself lucky. He has apparantly charged people 20$ for an oz of Ola Dub 30 Year old saying it was the last bottle in las vegas....
  16. jimebrews

    jimebrews Initiate (137) Sep 6, 2008 California
    Beer Trader

    As an occasional visitor...

    If you end up in downtown (Fremont St.) Vegas i also would recommend Chicago Brewing (inside four queens-all the way in the back corner - its a tiny place). Their brews always seemed solid (i enjoyed the IPA and stout) and they will comp you drinks if your playing the poker machines at the bar. I don't think they serve it in the casino, so you'll have to go back in for a refill. There's also Triple 7 at Main St. station (a short walk from four queens) their brews were mediocre, but probably worth checking out if downtown anyway.

    If you have an extra evening I would recommend heading downtown. Enjoy the light shows, usually a concert going on during summer weekend nights, and buses run back and forth from the strip 24 hours. At least thats been my experience the last few visits. Best thing is ... Fremont St. is small enough that no matter where the rest of the group settles i can usually take a few mintues and walk back to Chicago Brewing for a refill.

    Off the strip, Big Dogs is great but i am rarely able to pull people away from casinos. But i can usually convince people to go to Fremont St. for a while.
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