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Discussion in 'Australia & New Zealand' started by mulder1010, Aug 7, 2013.

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  1. mulder1010

    mulder1010 Meyvn (1,019) Aug 29, 2008 Australia

    Email 26/7 - Available from 27th July, draught only – from Murray’s Brewery (Port Stephens) and Rubber Duckie (Manly).


    Twitter 31/7 - Taphouse Darlinghurst have got a keg, and you can ring rubberduckie before to see if it's still on. it's limited! 02 9977 0999

    Twitter 1/8 - Sorry, huge demand at the brewery & the limited run, Rubber Duckie wont have HOTN. But demand means there will be more brews...

    Twitter 1/8 - @localtaphouseDL will have HOTN at some stage... stay tuned:slight_smile:

    Is there a more inept brewery than Murray's??? So you promise Hell of the North at your location at Manly but were unable to get a keg or two there?? The Email was the email from Murray's in Blue Box. You promise it on tap at a location and as usual unable to deliver. But no, it will be on tap at the Local Taphouse instead. That is fine and cool. Still to promise a beer at a venue and unable to deliver that product is just plain stupid. I have an idea.............It is called a brewery release only. What a strange and foreign concept. If it lands at the Local, Manly, or at the Pumphouse then it is a bonus. Really, who runs your brewery and comes up with such stupid things? Not a dig a Shaun, as not in his control but seriously if you can not deliver a promised product then why open the damned doors. I understand you had a really busy weekend but allocating kegs is not all that hard. Unless you people can not count to three. Apparently not.
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  2. CarlisleWineBin

    CarlisleWineBin Initiate (0) Jul 8, 2008 Australia

    Maybe they are too busy trying to expand into WA? I have been told be two reps now that Murray's is wanting to have more presence in Perth. Will this stretch the limited beers too far?
  3. mulder1010

    mulder1010 Meyvn (1,019) Aug 29, 2008 Australia

    Let's just say they opened a rubber duckie in Perth and in their email they said they would have Oak Aged Wild Thing available in Perth on this date. Then they send out on twitter that due to demand at the brewery they have no kegs for Perth but the Wheatsheaf will have a keg. Typical Murray's BS. Almost makes the Local Taphouse look well run. At least Red Oak delivers what they say they will do.
  4. Shawn23

    Shawn23 Initiate (0) Mar 4, 2007 Australia

    Quite a simple explanation for this stuff up. I was on leave the week before releasing the HOTN. The boys got kegs to the cellar door for the launch but didn't send one to Manly on the week before's delivery when it needed to go. The press release was out before this was realised. We then sold more at the cellar door on launch day than expected and given the wholesale kegs were already allocated (to the Taphouse for eg) and we didn't want to let them down we took the hit and Manly missed out.

    So, sorry, it was a stuff up. I'll have to cop that one on the chin. I hope you got to try the beer after all. I bloody loved it. Was very happy with it. One of our best so far I think but you guys may well disagree. All palates are different after all.

    As for Perth sales or anywhere else for that matter of course we would like to build a better presence over there. It is all part of our Brewhouse expansion which is happening next month. As yet we have no sales guy there but with increased capacity due shortly we are looking at our options. Demand from WA is very high and we've never been able to supply properly. Hopefully in future we will fix that. As you'd expect. Nothing sinister, just growing.

  5. mulder1010

    mulder1010 Meyvn (1,019) Aug 29, 2008 Australia

    Thanks for the answer. Much appreciated
    No I did not get to try the beer and really do not have the time to head the the local to try it when they do tap it. This was more in response of friends who wanted to try the beer and wanted to go to Rubber Duckie and get it there.
    Not blaming you but more logistics. Why does the local get a keg when your other venue is more important in the short and long term of the concept? Feral makes sure it's beers are available at the brewpub in Perth and does not end up at other joints first.
    If it was just a brewery only release I would have hopped in the car and drove to get a pint or a growler. Have done this in the past before as I want you all to be successful and want to drive traffic to you and your brewery.
    I guess I find it very curious that a very limited release buy you guys does not stay in your hands to drive traffic to your establishments.
  6. Shawn23

    Shawn23 Initiate (0) Mar 4, 2007 Australia

    Fair enough. Apologies again. As I tried to explain above it was a stuff up on our part. The beer was on at our cellar door/brewery at all times. We only deliver once a week to Sydney and in the context of stacking and sending multiple pallets of kegs the Tuesday before the launch date we stuffed up and didn't load that keg. The press release was out and by the time the Manly venue told us of our stuff up it was too late for launch date. We then sold more than expected at our cellar door over the launch weekend. The batch was very small and we had allocated kegs before release. We had committed a few to wholesale trade and once we got past the launch weekend and realised Manly looked like missing out we made the call to miss out ourselves at that venue (but not our 'brewpub' or cellar door which always had the beer) rather than short change the wholesale accounts we had committed to. Some went to Melbourne, some to Newcastle, some i believe also to Brisbane. That's why the Taphouse got their keg, in that week. If they are yet to tap it then I have no control over that - that is an operational matter for them.

    So there you go. A long sad story that started with a 100% stuff up at the brewery end for which I take responsibility and apologise. We simply didn't load the keg onto the truck on the Tuesday before release when we should have and things moved from there.

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