Warrior Hops

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by Swim424, May 7, 2012.

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  1. Swim424

    Swim424 Initiate (0) Apr 29, 2011 Florida

    Anyone ever used these? If so how much and how did they turn out?

    Im looking to use them for an IPA and DIPA. Just wondering what sort of flavor and how bitter they are. Since they have such a high AA.
  2. dmamiano

    dmamiano Initiate (0) Nov 18, 2005 West Virginia

    I have used them. As I recall, the aroma properties were ok but not ideal.
    Made a drinkable pale, but the Warriors gave it a very different edge. Kind of harsh.
  3. Naugled

    Naugled Pooh-Bah (1,820) Sep 25, 2007 New York

    I've used them in a single hop PA as well as a blending them in other recipes (it is used in Nugget Nectar). They seem to be a good bittering hop. I didn't get any discernible or remarkable aroma or flavors from them. I have no further plans to use them in a single hop beer.

    You can find a few examples of Warrior IPA on the market if you want to try them. I can't remember the brewer off hand, but I'm sure google can find it.
  4. thamajam

    thamajam Initiate (0) Apr 2, 2010 Wisconsin

    Used them for bittering primarily. They aren't very well known for their aroma or flavor properties. My advice would be to use them exclusively as a FWH or full length of boil bittering hop and use something else as mid to late additions for flavor and aroma.
  5. toastw

    toastw Initiate (0) Aug 16, 2008 Texas

    A couple weeks ago, I used them paired with Simcoe for a double IPA, mostly 'cause I wanna get out of the cascade/centennial rut. Definitely had a different kind of smell to them. I think it'll turn out a little more sweet, a little less citrussy. But yeah, I'd use them as bittering hops early in the boil.
  6. Swim424

    Swim424 Initiate (0) Apr 29, 2011 Florida

    Yeah Im using them in the begining of the boil, full 60. Im using 4oz for my imperial/double and 2oz for my regular ipa. And a handful of other hops towards the end for aroma. Depending of the AA when I buy them I may use a bit less at the begining since based on 15% the IBU is pretty high, 121, and 79. If thats the case I may throw them in at the end for some more aroma, but we'll see.
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