We have too much beer (and soda, and seltzer), and not enough cans

Discussion in 'Beer News & Releases' started by woodychandler, Oct 10, 2020.

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  2. beertunes

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    It's been an issue for a few months now. There's a couple new facilities in the works, but won't be operational until late 2021.
  3. ESHBG

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    And yet oddly enough I see more cans now than ever, especially new ones! Of course one could argue uh yeah this is what is causing the shortage but you'd think during a shortage you wouldn't be seeing so many new cans...
  4. scream

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    We need MORE BOTTLES !!
  5. hbbeeremptor

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    The number of times I've been told "can shortage" as a response to the question "What's the deal with not receiving this?" to my reps in the past 8 months is too damn high. But I expect the answer before I even ask it.

    I know Forbes has written multiple times over the past couple of years about aluminum/can shortages so it's not new. Apparently there have been carbonation/CO2 shortages in the recent past; COVID has just made their impacts felt much harder. Shit's weird.
  6. beer_beer

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    Sad news. Reviving old bottle lines. May the Can be with you!
  7. dcotom

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    Steel cone-tops, baby! That's the future!
  8. beertunes

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    And, it's not just cans. My work has been having trouble getting lids.

    On a side note, Alcoa is shutting down an aluminum smelter in my county. Theoretically, the slack will be taken by other plants. But, if no material comes in, no product can go out.
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  9. BruChef

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    A slightly unpopular solution for some might be to sell beer in 4x12oz format. I personally would love if most beer was sold this way.
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  10. jonphisher

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    I just really wish places would allow growlers again...I know that’s not realistic at the moment but man I long for the day that it is.
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  11. AlcahueteJ

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    I’m seeing it at the grocery store. Much less variety in options and signs in the soda aisle saying it’s because of the can shortage.

    If this causes bombers to have a resurgence I’ll cry...
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  12. ESHBG

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    Oh wow that's interesting, nothing like this in my market yet that I have come across.

    Unfortunately sounds like everything related to cans is going to be getting more expensive.
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  13. BillAfromSoCal

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    I prefer 12 oz can to 16 oz, but if the goal is to can equal total volumes of beer than more aluminum is used in 12 oz cans because now you need more tops and bottoms for the same total canned volume....god, I just hope this Al shortage does not push canners to use 22 oz instead of 16 oz. cans. That would not be good
  14. Obsidian81

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    I haven’t noticed much of a change around here in terms of availability.

    I hope SNPA continues to be available in cans around me because is a noticeably better beer from a can (into a glass, of course).
  15. GetMeAnIPA

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    Just another reason to dislike hard seltzer.
  16. zid

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    They could have just stopped there.
  17. HorseheadsHophead

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    We should have seen this coming.
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  18. PapaGoose03

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    A lack of growler filling must be a state by state thing because breweries are filling growlers, howlers and crowlers here in Michigan.
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  19. jonphisher

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    Yea, it may even be a brewery by brewery thing to be honest I'm not really sure. Or kind of like "they're not doing it, so we won't do it" type thing. But you're probably right I doubt (maybe there is?) there is any explicit law saying breweries can't fill reusable growlers. Just seems all the places I got to have stopped refilling, you can buy a new one full, but not bring in a growler to be filled.
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  20. bubseymour

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    Is the aluminum can shortage going to impact canned foods as well? Just wondering if all part of the same supply chain issue or isolated to beverage cans.
  21. jesskidden

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    Most canned food still use tin-coated steel cans (aka "tin cans") - some with plastic inner linings, depending on contents.

    Just take a magnet into the pantry and check. :wink:
  22. unlikelyspiderperson

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    I certainly haven't noticed any impacts in the local market. Wouldn't most mind a return to bottles and it would be interesting to see beers.that have only been canned be bottled
  23. bubseymour

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    I thought food cans were still tin, but wasn’t sure if they converted to aluminum over the years.
  24. InSaNeOldGuy

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    We have a reach-in glass door refer where we can store just over 15 cases. Bottles tend to stay fresh longer, and imo just taste better. Hopefully the industry will produce both so everybody is happy.