Weed Beer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by crusian, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. mintjellie

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    Legalization would remove the gangs and cartels from the equation overnight. Do Pfizer and Eli Lilly hold shootouts in the street at night over control of the antidepressant market?
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    No they dont, but it would be a lot cooler if they did :wink:
  3. tehzachatak

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    it's actually chemistry. fats are nonpolar, THC is non polar, water is polar. alcohol can dissolve both polar and nonpolar things because of how the molecule is arranged.
  4. Wolfhead

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    Actually, eating the herb is the only way to O.D. on it, but I would wash it down with a good beer.
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    We don't know very much about you, so it's not helping your case. A person can have incredible ideas but if he can't write them properly, everyone will think he is an idiot.
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  6. orcrist_cleaver

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    As pot is now legal in what are arguably the two-leading states in the craft brew movement, is there anything in line for a pot-infused beer? Hemp oil seems to translate well to beer, and to my knowledge, Humboldt Hemp Ale is the only example. Your thoughts on these two movements aligning in the future.
  7. zid

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    My thoughts: The beer world could do with less attention grabbing novelties rather than more.
  8. beersdmf17

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    O'Fallon has done Hemp Hop Rye
  9. jmw

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    too pricey
  10. StLeasy

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    Washington leading the country in craft...? :stuck_out_tongue:

    For starters, the only way to get an end-product with active cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) would be to brew with an (alcohol or similar) extract. THC and other "actives" aren't water soluble, so simply adding them to the brewing process, or dry-hopping with flowers (buds, nugs) at the end, would only impart some flavor/aroma, but not actives.

    If you were to use an extract, though, sure. They're commonly called "tincture" in the medical scene, and making a "green beer" is probably as simple as adding enough tincture to your brewing process.

    Also, besides that Humboldt beer, Uinta's Dubhe and O'Fallon's Hemp Hop Rye use hemp seed oil off the top of my head. I'm sure there's more
  11. Pahn

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    1) lagunitas

    2) much like vanilla being added to beer rarely being as good as "the vanilla note" of an oak bourbon barrel, i doubt weed could ever add as much goodness (flavor-wise) as weed-like hops. the real thing isn't always better.

    3) sure, why not.

    4) i didn't know they legalized pot in VT.
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    RBCORCORAN Aspirant (239) May 18, 2009 Massachusetts
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    Make a batch of green dragon then add to beer or drink on the side. I prefer it by itself.
  13. jRocco2021

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    My input might be relevant as I've had homebrew that was legally made with hash oil.

    • I had both an IPA and Honey Porter. So two of the basic spectrum of styles.
    • In the IPA besides the obvious effects of the weed it was very pleasant tasting. Only detraction taste wise was the slight grassy note (think lawn clippings) in the finish. In the porter it was completely unnoticeable. The nose in the IPA suffered a bit because it smelled like weed, literally. The porter you couldn't tell until it warmed.
    • The effects where as expected except I was surprised how fast it worked I could feel it before I finished the beer. So maybe 10 or 20 minutes.

    My conclusion is it's never going to improve the taste of any beer in the same way adding fruit, spices, or other specialty ingredients would and therefore not a viable ingredient in that regard. However, it was an enjoyable experience and while it didn't enhance the flavor or my enjoyment of the beer itself the important thing is it didn't detract from it.
  14. fuhkyou

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    Don't know if this has been brought up before but since the weed is legal in Washington, Colorado, and possibly other/s is there any publicly available beer made with at least a bit of the herb added?

    Buzz beer... lol
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  15. Warg68

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    Some mention of this in the home brew forum but have not heard of a commercial beer yet. A few with Hemp. Humboldt Brewing.
  16. stealth

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  17. lgmol

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    Someone in my homebrew club made one - it was surprisingly good!
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  18. BongRattlingBass

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    That beer could be useful as bong water.
  19. Strangestbrewer

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    I don't think the TTB would ever allow it, at least not anytime soon. There's been a few with hemp seeds or some other non-thc weed related products, but not bud.

    I've had a few homebrewed versions to varied success, most of them not so good, and at best have been average.
  20. Stezz420

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    I think your better off just smoking it while you drink your tasty beer to complament each other. I do it all the time, I mean never inhale I just like the way it smells :wink:
  21. Urk1127

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    Like with anything its probly best by itself in it own form and way of doing things Nd i would see it as a novelty anyway, plus i dont smoke and some beers already come across as that type smell, (hop hunter) Ex; Its kinda like this place by me makes pork roll (taylor ham for some of you) into the shape of a hot dog, to eat like a hot dog but you know, its better in the original way.
  22. Crim122

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    I dont like to mix the two, I get the spins terribly.
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    Our next President ladies and gentleman...
  24. AWolfAtTheDoor

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    It won't happen because anyone who has tried them has come to the conclusion that it ruins both your stash and the beer that you tried to put it into. They taste terrible, it's just a stupid novelty. Keep the two separate.
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  25. BenOdeski

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    if hombrewed into an dipa recipe you wont taste it. I mean I wouldn't know, but a friend told me
  26. SamN

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    But aren't cannabinoids soluble in alcohol? I've had tinctures that are basically buds soaked in Everclear, delivered via an eyedropper, so couldn't a very high ABV beer (ilike a imperial IPA) effectively leech THC and create a psychoactive effect?
  27. SFACRKnight

    SFACRKnight Meyvn (1,139) Jan 20, 2012 Colorado
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    Fat solubility I believe. An oatmeal stout would be a great candidate... so I have heard.
    Also Dad and Dudes made Indica and Sativa IIRC for GABF this year using cannibanoids but no THC.
  28. Blueribbon666

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    No, the suits are more insidious in their "shoot outs", at the very least disputes are handled on the golf course or at the country clubs.
  29. Blueribbon666

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    Seriously well said...ahem pumpkin beers.
  30. HorseheadsHophead

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    Just drink IPAs with Simcoe hops. Heavily Simcoe-hopped beer smells like weed to me. Especially Smuttynose Finestkind.
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  31. JaefromLA

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    They already have this at the legal Marijuana spots. First saw this over a year ago probably. There is THC infused into it.
  32. utopiajane

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    I'll be the mom because I am seven pages late. Marijuana would not impart any appreciable flavor to beer and because it is fat soluable would also not impart any effects. Have you had that Peace hemp seed cereal from that cult guy in India. Like that. Gruit beer though . . .
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  33. pat61

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    Weed beer would undoubtedly be a waste of good pot and good beer.
  34. Wolfhead

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    You're the best Mom, hemp seed cereal? Do seeds have any effect? My Mom likes the gummy bears :grinning:
    Seriously, aren't hops and hemp part of the same genus? The smell of IPA's reminded myself of weed, which I do like and drew me to them and combining them in the traditional sense, sip and smoke makes the most sense to me.
    Drinking a beer that gets you buzzed and drunk? I'm assuming you could only have one or two and then switch to a non cannabis beer just like eating "baked"cookies or brownies and in my Moms case, gummy bears
  35. upsbeernut

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  36. Dan_K

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    It's illegal to make such a thing.
  37. scottbrew4u

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    Had a Homebrew amber ale about 8% abv that had a lot of buds in it from someone's homegrown. It did in fact give a buzz similar to smoking herb but it did not last as long. It took over an ounce of bud in a 5 gallon batch and yes there was a vegetal taste that was tough to get past. Point being it is not cost effective and will probably not happen in production.
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