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  1. Photekut

    Photekut Initiate (0) Mar 31, 2006 Tennessee

    The term WHALE I believe came up as one of those "what is your desert island beer", or "name your top 5 IPA" type boring posts that come up over and over on this site if you just search, but instead this time the topic was interesting and new.

    Someone asked something like Are there any beers that are considered like the whale in Moby Dick?
    The origin that Lamibicpentameter alluded to a few pages ago, and the phrase stuck.

    It did not take long for the real WHALES to be grouped in with the limited shelf beers and one day a year releases that newer BAs had heard about and were desperately seeking.
    ( Kind of like my *chokes to say it* "good buddy" Ding's session beer definition. )

    Whale is usually spelled funny ( wale ) due to a guy a few years ago that acted like a few people actually posting in this thread do now.

    Jojomdma came on the scene out of nowhere and every thread he started was asinine. No matter how many people told him politely or not so politely that he was acting like an idiot, he did not care.

    He soon found out about trading and turned out to be the OG "2012 type" trader long before 2012.
    ( No offense to good 2012 traders :slight_smile: )
    I still have no idea why anyone would have traded with him in the first place, but people do it today with the same types of people too. History repeats itself apparently.

    He dove right into the empty pool without looking first and had multiple trades going from the get go.

    Soon he was trading for beers with the intent to trade them away for other beers he wanted.
    He was making these hidden 3 way deals before he had received his trade bait.

    One of these was a "rare" beer ( he thought ) in growler form that was actually a widely distributed bottled beer that no one would want to trade the farm for. ( IE like pinot noir barrel aged supplication and PTE found on the east coast. )

    It came out that he was trading this common growler which he was getting shipped to him in WI from SC or somewhere similar to turn around and ship it again a few weeks old for hard to find beers.... Everyone laughed at him, but again people still traded with him.

    He then posted a thread called something like "noobs gettin wales" because he spelled Whales wrong.
    He was asking how to work his way up from shelf turds to whales through multiple trades. IE "winning" trades, again the OG "trade winner" before it's time.

    Everyone laughed at him and "wales" stuck, but again people kept trading with him...

    Soon after he realized that trading 6+ boxes at a time cost too much and flaked out, leaving several people ripped off. He was a real innovator.

    Whalez bro, etc is a play off this. Basically like gopickitupformebro... basically mimicking the douche attitude many people have about trying to get something for nothing and winning trades. When you see "Whalez bro" most likely it is sarcasm directed at someone else being an ass about trading or wanting to pay cash at face value for someone to go out of their way to pick up a limited release beer for them.

    How could a hop head give a shit about wales? There can't be hoppy wales because the hops fade too fast to get that rarity factor. Once it is rare, it probably is a skeleton of itself or it sucks. You cannot really be on the lookout for that rare one time released IPA for years.

    IE the first release of Heady Topper in the 22oz bottles may have eventually turned into one if it was not an IPA.
  2. paulys55

    paulys55 Zealot (582) Aug 2, 2010 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Nice work. Brought back some good memories. Fuckin' Jojo.

    In a nutshell, a WHALE is a very rare or hard to obtain beer.
    The 'white whale list' that was linked to on the first page of this hilarious (and at some points sad thread) is a pretty good reference as it was compiled by some fairly reputable whale hunters. Is it the be-all-end-all? No, but a good start.

    That's my .02. Continue bickering.
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