What adjustments should I make on a grain bill already milled

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    I am brewing a cream ale for a group of guys coming over who drink mostly American light lager, so I decided to brew a cream ale. I’ve never done one so I looked up a recipe before heading to my LHBS on my lunch break. I didn’t plug the recipe in brewchiper so I wasn’t sure of the details. When I got home I plugged the grain bill in and based on my efficiency, mash temp and length (90 min BIAB) etc I’ll end up with a cream ale over 6%. Not really what I was looking for. I don’t have a grain mill so I do it at my LHBS thus The grains are already milled and in a bag together.

    What adjustments would be the best when trying to brew a highly drinkable, and clean beer with a moderate abv (like mid 5%).

    -mash at a higher temp for a higher FG, and lower abv
    -mash for a shorter time reducing my efficiency
    -make an “imperial” cream ale and maybe bump up the ibus or add a small whirlpool hop addition like .25 ozs.

    Also, currently I am targeting 20 ibus using warrior for bittering and willamette at 15.
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    I mean the other way to go is to bump up your volume (if your system has the capacity) or just weigh out 4/5 of the grain or whatever you decide is appropriate. If you go the latter route, I would shake up the bag a bit to make sure the grains are well mixed.
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    I would go with @minderbender first option. Just make a larger batch by diluting with water to the right pre-boil gravity. Then just ferment in two vessels. More beer.
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    @minderbender @jbakajust1 i thought about that too. I can mash in a 12 gallon cooler and have a 10 gallon brew kettle. I could bump the match to like 6.5/7 maybe? I’llstart there.
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    If you want to be true the recipe you intended, do what @mindbender says.

    Going the imperial rout defeats my purpose for brewing the cream ale style, which is to have a fairly sessionable, clean drinker. If brewing it in the 6+% range, I'd add another twist, like Belgian yeast to push it to blond or strong saison territory, or hops it like an IPA. I just got no use for a