What are we going to do with Places?

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  1. Redrover

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    I would be lost without the Places feature. I travel a lot for work and I try to book my hotels within walking distances of beer spots.

    I use it even more when I go on vacation and will plan days around being near a brewery or restaurant for lunch and dinner.
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    Same here ! The places feature helps me a lot preparing my travels...
  3. metter98

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    As others have mentioned on this thread, one of BA’s strengths is its forums. When people post in threads asking for recommendations of places to visit when traveling, it might be helpful if people put hyperlinks to the place listings on BA in their posts. Then people could see the reviews/ratings of others and hopefully add a review or rating of the place themselves if they visit it. This could help integrate the places section with the forums.

    I found three new beer places on my current trip so I added each one to BA, added a review, and also mentioned the new places in current threads in the forums with recommendations for those areas.
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    But most of that can just be added to the place's information, much like hours of operation or address. Kitchen, food trucks, take away beer, kid friendly, dog friendly, etc. can all be generic Y/N questions.

    Yeah, nuking events made sense as one could go to a breweries social media page and see a list of upcoming events there.

    While I do not travel to new areas nearly that much anymore, I definitely used the place feature when looking for spots to figure out what type of brewery/bar crawl to do. Could the drop off also be a generational thing? As people just getting in to craft beer are more drawn to untappd for the proverbial 'hey look at me' social media dick swing they can do versus the core principles of this site? I run in to tons of people who exclusively only use untappd and have never heard of BA, all of them in their early 20s. Could a more aggressive marketing strategy reach these people? I used to see Beer Advocate plastered everywhere that had anything to do with beer.
    To touch one what others have said, I do not like a word cap of 250 in a place review. Sometimes there are a great many things that went wrong, or right, with a place and informing others is necessary. Hell, I wrote a place review once that went almost a thousand OVER the limit because of how utterly terrible of an experience it was.
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  5. Singlefinpin

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    Breweries and their rating are important to me.
    What that brewery experience is like is important to me.
    Expanding breweries might be a good fit.
    But, I live in a Brewery rich environment, and other people have different priorities.
    Tap houses. Stores and the like.
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    Not going to pretend this isn't reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal personal to me as I've been writing these since '02 (posted at least 1 review a month for 12 and a half years before I went slacker in '18).

    I always saw place reviews as the thing that made BA stand out from the other sites.
    It's a full on beer travel guide. Yes, there is some difference of opinion about how one should score 'vibe' (I've been to brand new shiny big money places that are completely devoid of a soul and I've been to the most comfortable, warm, & friendly dive bars) and 'quality' (quality of the beer or quality of the experience?), but it's the content you write and not the score you give it that tells the story, and let the reader decide if they want to go there.

    Reviewing beer is, well I don't want to say 'easy', because if you're going all sensory in, it's very involved. But not when you're doing them on your phone in bulk at a beer festival when your palate is shot and so are you. And it's good that you can do beer reviews from the comfort of your living room, any night of the week, and many of them in one fell swoop if you'd like, but you don't have those luxuries on the place review side because you have to work harder for them. And I'm not being dismissive of you folks who review beer like rock stars. I simply mean that to review places, you have to get out and go somewhere. And the more you write, the further out you have to go because you've somewhat depleted what's good around you. And then you're planning your vacation around beer destinations or doing beer trips.

    I traveled hard for work for years and would regularly use the guide to find good beer places along the way (and sometimes the longer way around). Without this beer travel guide to reference, I'd be woofing down spicy nuggets in the parking lots at every Wendy's; sad, like the clown.

    Someone said earlier that the beer was the real attraction here. I disagree. Woody's written up a place in all 50 states. That's involved (I'm at 40 states + DC, and I have 4 more states in my little book of crazy soon to be converted to word documents where I can massage them and then post here). And am planning to knock the rest of 'em down at some point.

    Don't know what else to say except I believe the place review aspect here to be second to none. We are the beer travel guide.

    I, slander, and I write place reviews.

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    Just catching up with this. One thing that I want to add is that I've put a fair amount of time and effort into place reviews. I don't want all that to just go away, at least the written portion. So if the review values go away that's not too big of a deal, but if the written portion goes away I would be a little upset. Maybe it's a good idea to keep the ability to add comments about a place, for good service, or bad, or something special, etc. Just somewhere you can keep notes and comments on a place, for other users and even for myself.
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  8. rudzud

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    Or if written stuff is going to be purged and then reopened with a character cap...at least give us a decent heads up so we can save our reviews in prep for redoing them.
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    In my mind the idea is to create a set of criteria that can be checked and used as filters. So if I'm going to Atlanta and I want a kid friendly brewery that has food, wine/cider available for my wife, and doesn't allow dogs I can make those selections and pull up a maximally useful list of places
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    Ahhh I see. Yes, that would be VERY helpful and useful. I like it. It could be implemented as tags though as well, enabling one to sort via tags. Although, if memory serves me right, there was a brief time when you could add tags to reviews which failed pretty hard (abuse of tags, mistagging, etc. etc.).
  11. RMW66

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    I agree that I / we generally review less places than beers but still find it very useful when travelling. Perhaps we need to lift our collective game!
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    I don't want this to sound like I'm picking on you specifically, but any country with a light BA membership should "lift 'their' collective game" which can only help each other as well as hopefully attract new members.
  13. rudzud

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    To correct an earlier post, the character cap is 5,000. My original place review, before editing, of an utterly terrible brewery was 8,032. It was actually cathartic writing that place review after everything that happened and I occasionally go back and reread it, and the rest who have posted lengthy ones from that place, if I need a good chuckle.
  14. FBarber

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    Not sure if this has been suggested, but I just had a thought. I am visiting family in NJ and hit up a few stores that I had hit up last time I was in NJ, so I updated my reviews to reflect my recent experience. That being said, the reviews are still buried since they were originally from 2016. Is there a way to make the reviews dynamic, so that if they were updated they would rise to the top of the place listing so that the most up to date information is included at the top of the page?
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  15. roan22

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    Cheers, glad you posted! I've always enjoyed your reviews.
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  16. zeff80

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    Untappd is vastly superior in this area. Especially the venues that have their beer menus posted. I used to always use BA before I traveled. Now, I figure out where my hotel (or attraction) is on a map and zoom in to that spot on Untappd's maps.
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  17. rudzud

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    Yup, that's a big part of it too. Venues post their beer menus on untappd and social media.
  18. gatornation

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    A huge item to me also when traveling for work or on vacation. I find where the hotel is and where I want to shop for and and then eat dinner and enjoy some pints.
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