What are your favorite meaderies?

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  1. superspak

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    What are your favorite meaderies? Being from MI Schramm's is the king, but still a lot of other great meaderies available. We have a ton of them now. I've almost had 300 unique meads myself, tracked on untappd. Also brewed a few of my own, and have one aging to keg soon with fruit.

    Other notable establishments I've had:
    MI - B. Nektar, Black Dragon, Superior Lakes, Arktos, Kuhnhenn, St. Ambroise, Cellerman's, Bardic Wells, Bee Well
    OH - Crafted, Brothers Drake
    NJ - Melovino
    NH - Moonlight
    Slovakia - Apimed
    Sweden - Sahtipaja

    We just got Superstition this week, I had this one tonight, and it was amazing. Super rich dark honey, with chocolate, cocoa, coffee flavors. Balanced vanilla, coconut, toffee, bourbon barrel complexity. Perfectly balanced with no barrel booze, and minimal warming of 13%. Light cherry/dark fruits. Velvety, silky, full bodied.
  2. mkh012

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    I've only had mead twice. I really enjoyed B. Nektar Zombie Killer and didn't love a Melovino mead I forget the name of. Places like Pip's Meadery have definitely piqued my interest. Multiple meads rated 4.75+ on untappd.
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  3. AZBeerDude72

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    I have to roll with Superstition Meadery being from AZ.

    Also Arizona Mead Company..
  4. aasher

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    I'm glad that after years and years of debate that this forum FINALLY opened up. I've had almost everything that Schramms, B Nektar, and Garagiste have produced. I've also had a large amount of Superstitiion and Pips and of course various meads from dozens of other meaderies around the country. Sahtipaja also makes some really interesting meads. Those guys are great. We had the pleasure of sharing lambic with them while at Cycle Barrel Day last month.

    I'd rank them:
    1) Schramms
    2) Pips
    3) Garagiste
    4) Superstition
    5) B Nektar
  5. gclaw4444

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    Moonlight is great, but my new favorite is Sap House, also in NH. I went on a tour of the place and had a flight there. I dont think i've ever met an owner so passionate about honey, the mead making process, his community, product quality, using local ingredients, using creative ingredients, it was just amazing.
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  6. bluejacket74

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    I can't say that I've had a lot of mead, but I liked what I've been able to try from Schramm's and Brothers Drake. Luckily we have more meaderies popping up in the area, lucky to have Brothers Drake and Uprising available nearby.
  7. aasher

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    Their blueberry pie or whatever it's called is pretty damn good
  8. Dan_K

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    B. Nektar makes really good stuff- both mead and cider. Widely available.
    Superstition and Schramms of course.
    Melovino. Beyond that, I haven't had any Pips but the hype around them is insane.

    Locally Redstone is very big, but I don't think they are very good. :/

    I might be going into the commercial mead business in the next couple years, it's crazy to think about.
  9. Sabtos

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    I would love to hear thoughts on two things:

    1. "Funky" mead, i.e. Zamunda Forever by Garagiste.

    I have a hard time imagining anyone, even the most developed American palate, enjoying something like that. Do communities actually eat that sort of honey straight up? Or do they just use it in cooking, otherwise nullifying the flavor, which we identified as...rotting compost meant for outdoors but forgotten in a warm house and left in a closed container.

    3. "Pastry" mead.

    A lot of people less familiar with mead just want to try some 'honey-wine,' but the in-crowd really pushes pastry mead on each other, and those trade through the roof. There's almost almost zero mention of traditional meads in these circles, including and especially lower abv meads, which would be truer to the historical meads people like to romantically recall or imagine they're imbibing.
  10. TanBxj

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    Superstition Meadery. These last 2 years in The Guild have been great!!
  11. DOiNK

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    Haven't had that much mead.. But Pips, Schramm's and Bone Flower are currently my favorite
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  12. dmtaylor

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    SoLu Estate jumps to mind (out of Wisconsin), and St. Ambrose (Michigan). Outstanding stuff.

    I'll confess, I've probably tasted more homebrewed meads than commercial. Overall I think most meads are pretty damn good, and making them myself, they're pretty damn easy to make. So to me, arguing which ones are best is beyond my level of certification. The ones I don't like as much are either: 1) full of fuselly alcohols and burn you up inside, 2) poopy diaper essence from beloved buckwheat honey, or 3) sickly sweet sippers where I can only drink one sip then I'm finished. My ideal mead is the one I just made: Simple hydromel, almost no additives, no staggered nutrient addition bullshit, about 8-9% ABV, clear as crystal, semi-dry, petillant, with a smidge of added acid for balance. That's it. KISS.
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  13. Sabtos

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  14. dmtaylor

    dmtaylor Aspirant (219) Dec 30, 2003 Wisconsin

    Thousands of mead enthusiasts claiming to enjoy buckwheat honey can't be wrong, I guess. :rolling_eyes:
  15. Sabtos

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    That ZIMA w/ Jolly Ranchers though!
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  16. Kemosabe

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    Superstition for sure
    Garagiste with the PB Banana French Toast...good lord thats good
    locally...Greenwich Cove made a spicy mead that was fantastic- not too hot. and the Ginger B was really really tasty as well
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  17. SlapDash

    SlapDash Disciple (355) Nov 15, 2009 Illinois

    If you're ever in Madison WI, give Bos Meadery a try. Coleen Bos is mostly a fan of dry meads, and the lineup normally skews in that direction, but despite having a preference toward sweet meads, I didn't have anything I didn't like.
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  18. dmtaylor

    dmtaylor Aspirant (219) Dec 30, 2003 Wisconsin

    Call me a poopy diaper, but... I did.
  19. FlandersNed

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    As someone who’s had 560 different meads/melomels/braggots/related just in the last few years, (and well over 1,000 total) I can tell you there’s a mead for every taste. They run the gamut from: light/thin/dry/carbonated (like most Bo’s)
    rich/thick/sweet/still (like most Schramm’s).

    The adjuncts and flavors are just as varied: Kuhnhenn was a real innovator there with many amazing meads, over a decade ago, like Bourbon Barrel Banana French Toast, Mint Julep, Caramel Coconut Creme, and many others. Superstition, Pips, Garagiste and 4 Fires have picked up where they left off and make myriad big, viscous, sweet flavored meads. Many are using added flavors, while Schramm’s remains true/commuted to real fruit (though also just released their second batch of traditional mead “Heather”, which I picked up). Ken Schramm wrote the book “The Compleat Meadmaker” which nearly every meadery has utilized.

    I was lucky and got into mead tasting and collecting early on so have a deep cellar there (just wish I’d started earlier in bourbons too!)...
  20. GentleKnight1

    GentleKnight1 Aspirant (239) Apr 13, 2007 Netherlands

    Wild Blossom Meadery in Chicago has a great bourbon barrel aged mead, and a great blueberry one.
  21. koopa

    koopa Poo-Bah (1,763) Apr 20, 2008 New Jersey

    Schramms, Garagiste, Melovino, Superstition, and Black Heath