What are your thoughts on craft beer in cans?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by lat49, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Riff

    Riff Crusader (728) May 12, 2016 Virginia
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    Knew a girl who worked at a Renaissance Fair that would certainly have shown you the sex appeal :wink:

    That said, I choose the beer first and the container second. Bottles are certainly nice and have a certain appeal to them but cans are rather practical. Nothing like a cooler full of cans where the labels don't get peeled off by melting ice.
  2. meb3476

    meb3476 Initiate (190) Apr 1, 2013 Massachusetts
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    It's fantastic! Better for the beer and better for the environment
  3. CrimeDog

    CrimeDog Aspirant (240) Dec 31, 2015 New York
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    I love it in the can!!
    Your beer will add another 2-3 months of freshness in that sleek cool container. I always look for beer first in a can and will then move on, but the can is a priority for me at this point.
  4. matthewp

    matthewp Aspirant (215) Feb 27, 2015 Massachusetts

    :| Ok, I'm sure quality did impact the decision from the perspective that either bottles or cans probably presented pluses and minuses and it came down more to a business decision than quality.
  5. JackHorzempa

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    Those two aspects are not inherently exclusive. When Trillium made a decision to change packaging formats quality could have indeed been a factor (a big factor?) in their overall decision making process.

  6. Hwk-I-St8

    Hwk-I-St8 Initiate (165) Jan 22, 2016 Iowa
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    I don't get too worked up about the container as a general rule. There are only a few things that might make me care:

    Bombers - suck if you don't want 22 oz. of beer at the moment. Pain for tailgating

    Bottles - no issues but not my favorite for tailgating and not suitable for on the boat.

    Cans - handy for tailgating, ideal for boating which are the only two times I drink from the container.

    Bottom line: I look for good beer in a can for sailing or tailgating, otherwise I buy the beer I want in whatever container it comes in.
  7. Chris912

    Chris912 Devotee (438) Aug 5, 2014 Illinois
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    Cans! Love them.

    And now that craft brewers can take advantage of the linings on the inside, we dont have to deal with the unfavorable metallic taste. One nice thing brought to craft by macro.
  8. Leebo

    Leebo Initiate (174) Feb 7, 2013 Massachusetts

  9. Chris912

    Chris912 Devotee (438) Aug 5, 2014 Illinois
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    I dont believe the consensus is clear on which is 'better' for the environment. Depends on which way you analyze the situation; recycling constraints only, raw material extraction, energy to manufacture the container, etc.

    Provides both view points: http://www.opb.org/news/blog/ecotrope/the-greener-beer-bottles-v-cans/

  10. nc41

    nc41 Poo-Bah (1,512) Sep 25, 2008 North Carolina
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    I haven't seen that here in cans. I mentioned the only one I've seen just can't recall. But in like to see a canned urquell
  11. matthewp

    matthewp Aspirant (215) Feb 27, 2015 Massachusetts

    Yes, I agree and I'm certainly not trying to call out Trillium. I love their beer, my fridge is currently stocked with about 4 4 packs and I'm counting down the minutes until this evening when I can crack one open and drink it since my wife just picked them up for me yesterday. I think their decision to go with cans was a great one but mainly because its more convenient and cheaper per once now and in my opinion at least did not decrease the quality and at best improved it.
  12. tjwarren

    tjwarren Disciple (347) Dec 31, 2008 Ohio

    I love collecting bottles caps. I have boxes of them.
  13. tjwarren

    tjwarren Disciple (347) Dec 31, 2008 Ohio

    My thought is all beer (except for cork and cage cellar-able stuff) should be in PINT cans. Stop the 12 ounce madness. If I see it in a pint can I usually buy it.
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  14. bubseymour

    bubseymour Poo-Bah (2,139) Oct 30, 2010 Maryland
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    Love cans for all things previously mentioned.

    Not sure canning is practical solution for home brewers though. That's about only negative I can add to the conversation.
  15. tanis38

    tanis38 Initiate (27) Jul 26, 2013 Florida

    As a vessel to transport and store beer, cans are better than bottles in practically every way.

    All that being said, when it is time to drink said beer, I am pouring it into a glass.
  16. meb3476

    meb3476 Initiate (190) Apr 1, 2013 Massachusetts
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    They weigh less so they're easier to ship which may use less fuel.
  17. Scott17Taylor

    Scott17Taylor Meyvn (1,284) Oct 28, 2013 Iowa
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    i prefer cans, easier to pack, take up less space in the fridge, get colder faster, stay fresh longer, and are better for the environment. The only downside is I collect bottle caps and cans obviously don't have them.
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  18. gopens44

    gopens44 Poo-Bah (1,869) Aug 9, 2010 Virginia
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    Cans and/or crowlers are so very much terrific. That's all I have to say about that.
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  19. Chris912

    Chris912 Devotee (438) Aug 5, 2014 Illinois
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    Agree. However that's only one aspect of it. There is much much more at play than weight during transport.

    Glass requires less energy to form the container than aluminum. Glass is also more insulative, therefore needing less energy and ice to keep cool.

    Do these two points above conclusively prove Glass is more environmentaly friendly? No they don't - they're only part of the entire issue. Make sense?
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  20. Wasatch

    Wasatch Poo-Bah (5,317) Jun 8, 2005 Colorado
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    Many years ago, I was skeptical, but Surly and Oskar Blues showed me the way.:slight_smile:

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  21. zid

    zid Savant (910) Feb 15, 2010 New York
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    This topic has been discussed to death here. It's funny how people on a beer forum are so interested in the nuances of their beer that they can tell the difference between a 1 week old beer and a 1 month old beer, but they can't see the complexity in the container debate. Cans aren't necessarily better than bottles at keeping beer fresher. Cans aren't necessarily better than bottles for the environment. It's all a case of "it depends."

    That's strange logic. If green bottles weren't a superior vessel then why would so many world class beers be in them? :slight_smile:
  22. manillaroad

    manillaroad Disciple (394) Jun 5, 2016 Florida
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    People who think cans are bad nowadays are opposed to facts. Cans rule.
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  23. Betolito

    Betolito Disciple (302) May 20, 2012 Nevada

    CAN't be the first time this has been brought up right? I also have skeptical friends, family and well wishers who think that something in a can isn't up to par. To that I say, pop open an Oskar Blues Ten Fidy, Even More Jesus, a fresh PP Swami's out of the can and tell us what YOU think...I have a do Can attitude.
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  24. Davidstan

    Davidstan Disciple (304) May 24, 2014 Alabama
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    Lots of German canning, my favorite is Konig Pils in the pint can.
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  25. jssf

    jssf Aspirant (256) Dec 16, 2015 California

    I wish everything came in cans.
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  26. benlanelsu

    benlanelsu Initiate (113) Nov 18, 2016 Ohio

    Totally agree! Pint cans are where things should go.
  27. akolb

    akolb Crusader (709) Aug 8, 2015 Colorado
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    Enjoying one right now! Cheers.

    Really, I challenge anyone to do a blind taste test and come up with a statistically significant difference between cans and bottles. I personally don't give a fuck and would rather enjoy a nice beer than engage in an opinion-based argument about which is better.
  28. SkipZ

    SkipZ Initiate (176) Jul 3, 2015 Pennsylvania
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    Bottles are heavy and have potential for broken glass in case a mishap occurs. Cans are light,stackable,compactible,fit upright in the fridge drawers and filter out damaging light.
  29. matcris

    matcris Savant (941) Sep 17, 2015 Arizona

    Can them all.
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  30. spelingchampeon

    spelingchampeon Defender (640) Feb 21, 2016 Delaware
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    I don't know. I pour a beer from a can, it looks the same.. smells the same, and pretty much tastes the same.

    My hangup is, I feel that I'm losing about 1/3 an ounce of beer, which now riding along the top, between the rim and mouth opening. I'll stand there and shake the can for 5 seconds coaxing that last drop into my glass.. to no avail.

    My wife thinks I'm anal.
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  31. mambossa

    mambossa Initiate (188) Jun 30, 2015 Ohio
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    Pretty much sums up the truth right here. Cans seem to retain much more intended flavors and aromas for a longer period of time. Better for the beer, better for Mother Earth.

    Plus, for whatever reason, I feel WAY more comfortable drinking a nice beer from a can than straight from the bottle.
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  32. JISurfer

    JISurfer Poo-Bah (1,659) Dec 10, 2002 South Carolina
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    I much prefer cans, mostly because they are easy to travel with, ship to friends, and take to the beach.
  33. cavedave

    cavedave Poo-Bah (2,359) Mar 12, 2009 New York
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    Cans are not better for mother earth IMO and I work in the industry. Cans are made from 30% recycled aluminum, 70% new aluminum. Bauxite is becoming harder to find, its mining is polluting, changing aluminum oxide into aluminum is polluting and uses a lot of energy. Glass is fully recyclable locally, and is made from the abundant raw material silica sand.
  34. bbtkd

    bbtkd Poo-Bah (1,845) Sep 20, 2015 South Dakota
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    The recently released BA Fidy in the 19.2 oz stovepipe can was pretty damn impressive, seemed cooler than if it had been in a bomber format.

  35. jageraholic

    jageraholic Devotee (401) Sep 16, 2009 Massachusetts
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    that's interesting. Do you know why cans are being made with so little recycled aluminum? I throw them in the machine just as much as glass when I'm returning empties. Are they doing something else with the other 70% of recycled aluminum?
  36. AZBeerDude72

    AZBeerDude72 Meyvn (1,210) Jun 10, 2016 Arizona
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    I honestly done care either way can or glass. The only thing that helps is with cans you can pack more in at times and no issue on breaking. Otherwise to me it really does not matter.
  37. jimboothdesigns

    jimboothdesigns Disciple (320) Nov 1, 2014 Pennsylvania

    All of our recycling locations have stopped taking glass and have asked the community to start throwing all glass in with our garbage.
  38. rgordon

    rgordon Crusader (766) Apr 26, 2012 North Carolina

    We have bi-monthly municipal recycling pick-up (a large brown hard plastic container). This includes metal, glass, plastic, and paper all together. The city sorts them from there. It is a great system that works well.
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  39. Squire

    Squire Poo-Bah (1,782) Jul 16, 2015 Mississippi
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    We do what we can. In my small town (the University has more students than the town has citizens) there are no facilities to recycle anything. We donate our aluminum to the animal shelter where a can guy comes by once a month or so to buy them. Considering his travel time I doubt he breaks even on the deal but he supports the shelter as well.
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  40. Crim122

    Crim122 Aspirant (284) Aug 4, 2014 North Carolina
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    I wish everything came in a can. You think SN would be having this recall if all their beer was canned?
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