What BCBS is hitting MA?

Discussion in 'US - Northeast' started by seanunreal, Nov 25, 2019.

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  1. Ryanwithacomb

    Ryanwithacomb Initiate (33) Jan 22, 2018 Massachusetts

    The beer store in star market on Comm Ave has some cherry and Cafe in the back. According to they guy there was only 50 cases of cherry for the whole state? Also has some utopias sitting on the shelf.
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  2. Piels25

    Piels25 Aspirant (236) Dec 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    $25.99/bottle for the Cafe and $34.99/bottle for the Cherry at the Star Market on Comm Ave.

    Still some Cafe available at Supreme Liquors in Cambridge (sorry, I forget the price) and also Bourbon County Rare for $54.99/bottle (more than half a case left as of about 3:30 PM).
  3. Piels25

    Piels25 Aspirant (236) Dec 17, 2013 Massachusetts

    My snowblower also wouldn't start this morning so shoveled the driveway myself. Just picked up the '19 Regular and will indulge tonight to helpfully take my mind off the lower back pain I'm experiencing.
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  4. brother_rebus

    brother_rebus Meyvn (1,024) Jul 28, 2014 Maine

    Will we see them going for $7 like they did a few years back in cambridge?
  5. TheOneTC

    TheOneTC Initiate (174) Aug 23, 2013 Massachusetts

    $21.95 cafe and cherry just sitting here in Berkshire County.
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  6. Revolution76

    Revolution76 Initiate (66) Aug 27, 2018 Massachusetts

    Didn't even realize Rare got dropped around here. Seems like they're sold out now. Did anywhere else get it?
  7. Resuin

    Resuin Meyvn (1,337) Jun 18, 2012 Massachusetts

    Total Wine in Natick had it for $100 but it sold out pretty quickly Friday morning.
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  8. GonzoHomebrewer

    GonzoHomebrewer Devotee (486) Sep 15, 2012 Massachusetts

    Gridiron Liquors in North Attleboro still has Cafe de olla and a few bottles of mon cheri left, 22.99
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  9. bruindre

    bruindre Defender (641) Jun 20, 2009 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    What about draft availability? I think Five Horse Tavern in Davis Square (dunno if South End has done this too) has had tap takeovers around BCBS releases. Am I remembering that correctly? Are other places doing similar events?
  10. DanPing

    DanPing Aspirant (225) May 30, 2014 Massachusetts

    Today Wegmans Westwood still had Reg $12.99 and Cafe & Cheri $22.99
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  11. AlcahueteJ

    AlcahueteJ Poo-Bah (1,913) Dec 4, 2004 Massachusetts

    Last Saturday Hugh O’Neill’s had ‘13, ‘15, ‘18, and Mon Cheri on tap, and offered them in flights. They also had 2019 in bottles. And many other great stouts.

    Bonus was Tilted Barn The Other One on tap as well.
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  12. bruindre

    bruindre Defender (641) Jun 20, 2009 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    Thanks! Also, I overlooked Stoddards. According to website/Untappd check-ins, they had a lot of BCBS on Black Friday.
    Ugh...the commitment to the Cape on Black Friday...
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  13. TommyKittens

    TommyKittens Initiate (0) Oct 24, 2016 Massachusetts

    River Valley Co-op in Northampton has Reg and Mon Cheri for 11.99 each
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  14. Damian

    Damian Poo-Bah (3,364) Jun 1, 2006 Massachusetts
    Society Trader

    Wegmans Chestnut Hill had cases of regular ($14), Olla ($23) and Mon Cheri ($23) this past Friday. Be sure to look near the front door for them (not either of the dedicated beer sections).
  15. BRYeleJR

    BRYeleJR Disciple (347) May 18, 2013 Massachusetts

    I thought for sure I missed the variants this year, but they're still out there. In case anyone is still looking ... swung by Total Wine Natick at lunch, and they had Olla, Mon Cheri and Wheatwine. I think Olla and MC were $25ish and Wheatwine was maybe $17ish.

    Didn't see them right away. They were on a shelf in the side of the beer customer service desk, kind of in the middle of the beer section if that helps.

    They also had 2019 regular, 2018 regular and the 17/18/19 gift packs.
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