What beer are you drinking in Australia now?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Todd, May 26, 2020.

  1. Todd

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    Despite Australia being #4 for traffic within the last 30 days, I noticed that no one has posted in this forum for months. Thought I'd check in and see what everyone is drinking these days.

    Hope you're all healthy and doing well.

    Cheers! :beers:
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  2. motomike

    motomike Initiate (72) Apr 8, 2010 Australia

    As winter is approaching its time to move off the lighter styles and into the dark ales and stout.
    I have been drinking 4 Pines Nitro Stout, Panhead Hartail Harry Oat Stout, White Rabbit Dark Ale, and for something a bit lighter Little Creatures IPA and Leffe Blond.
  3. nboville

    nboville Initiate (26) Nov 20, 2017 Australia

    Capital Brewing released and incredible IIPA that was just too limited a release and was gone too quickly. Modus Operandi has a really nice Espresso Martini Dark Lager out as well. Otherwise been sticking to my regulars from Capital and Modus, Sonic Prayer, Former Tenant and Rock Hopper.
  4. Den

    Den Initiate (66) Feb 8, 2011 Australia

    I've been drinking a lot of the darker ales and stouts from local craft breweries.
    Devil's Elbow, Dubbo (Black Horn dark ale, Nosey Bob red ale)
    Badlands Brewery, Orange (Darkness London porter, Draughty Kilt Scottish Ale, Brewbacca kolsch)
    Mudgee Brewing Company, Mudgee (Mudgee Mud imperial stout, Mudgee Porter)

    And I've been drinking a lot of my old favourite, Sheaf Stout.
  5. rockitbob

    rockitbob Initiate (66) Jul 31, 2010 Australia

    Clausthaller Original. I no longer consume alcohol (been a couple of years now) but I am addicted to malt hop beverages. Not many on the shelves here so Clausthaller it is.
  6. WhiteLomu

    WhiteLomu Initiate (65) Apr 23, 2013 Australia

    Coopers Sparking. Little Creatures Pale Ale. Modus Operandi Sonic Prayer and Former Tenant. Wildflower Amber. Various homebrewed hefes, saisons, porter.
  7. dejabeus

    dejabeus Initiate (83) Apr 5, 2010 Australia

    Here in the "wild west" I have discovered a group of Kiwis who are producing many fine brews out of Bassendean, Perth. 'Freestyle Brewery' have cans in 500ml size. - check 'em out on Facebook. They open to the public on Saturdays 10.00 am until 4.00 pm. There are free tastings usually, but this has not been possible due to Covid19 regulations at the present time
  8. SheldonWere

    SheldonWere Initiate (31) Apr 15, 2017 Australia

    Hi Todd, Unfortunately the full range of Founders hasn't reached our shores!! For local independent brews I love a Crankshaft IPA (by Bentspoke) and a staple Stone & Wood Pacific Ale fan. Big and hoppy. My own brews feature galaxy, simcoe, chinook and citra.
  9. David-az

    David-az Initiate (37) Apr 28, 2016 Australia

    Temple Brewing Company Nitro Espresso Stoutini hits the spot on a cold night.
  10. danieelol

    danieelol Savant (961) Jun 15, 2010 Australia


    Bruery Offshoot Unwind Pils - solid but not enough noble hops

    Akasha Shape of Hops to Come - good, get lots of mandarin (pick of the night)

    Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout - have not had in a while, quite good, blueberry and bitter coffee

    Black Hops South Coast IPA - candied pawpaw and feijoa

    Black Hops - North Coast IPA - big caramel
  11. Hassles

    Hassles Initiate (39) Jul 27, 2018 Australia

    Of late I have been exploring the releases by Deed's Brewing and am finding myself mostly impressed. They have a lot of different styles and I would rate most as good and more than drinkworthy. Now winter has arrived I am also revisiting the big Belgian's :-)))

    I did recently explore a few big brews from Akasha (Red Ale / Black IPA / Triple) but found I would not drink these again. They were OK just not up to my strandards
  12. Hassles

    Hassles Initiate (39) Jul 27, 2018 Australia

    I drank four beers from Watts River Brewing last night and not an ounce of drinking pleasure to be had. There is a wine industry term Flabby. Flabby means little mouthfeel, not much on the nose and no lingering flavours. This term summed up those four admirably. 60 seconds after the pour all signs of carbonation were gone, NO head retention, subtle malt flavour dominated even the pale and IP ales. NO lingering flavours whatsoever. What a wasted effort that was.
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  13. Johnny_B

    Johnny_B Initiate (16) Jun 24, 2020 Australia

    My go to Breweries are, Mr Banks, Range and Mountain Culture. They release weekly beers and get a good variety.

    Any coffee stouts go down a treat. At the moment
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  14. Hassles

    Hassles Initiate (39) Jul 27, 2018 Australia

    Mr Banks you say - I sit here with a Mr Banks Extra Pale Ale poured from can into glass and less than 60 seconds later - all signs of carbonation gone and head receding. Some lace left on glass walls admittedly but carbonation now non existent. packing date March 2020. I have a couple of other Banks beers now chilled but hold little hope of finding any drinking pleasure based on this experience.