What beer are you drinking now? #1891

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by superspak, Dec 24, 2017.

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  1. King8767

    King8767 Zealot (589) Oct 7, 2016 Ohio

  2. Lahey

    Lahey Initiate (0) Nov 12, 2016 Michigan

    Just finished a black note stout. It was good, but a little thin. Might try one in a year and see if it improves
  3. RaulMondesi

    RaulMondesi Grand Pooh-Bah (5,167) Dec 11, 2006 California
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Get in where you fit in - Revision What What:
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  4. Zaphog

    Zaphog Grand Pooh-Bah (4,464) Sep 23, 2011 Michigan
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown
  5. LifesAnesthesia

    LifesAnesthesia Maven (1,426) Dec 17, 2014 Virginia


    Rogue's Santa's Private Reserve - because well, Christmas.
  6. mickyge

    mickyge Grand Pooh-Bah (3,993) Nov 1, 2014 Massachusetts
    Pooh-Bah Society

    Pretty good beer
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  7. CanConPhilly

    CanConPhilly Initiate (0) May 17, 2012 Pennsylvania

    At a shitty sports bar now, drinking Drake’s Get Stupid IPA.
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  8. Franziskaner

    Franziskaner Grand Pooh-Bah (4,816) May 27, 2005 Missouri
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Probably the closer. I will have more tomorrow. It’s going to be a long night:

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  9. threeviews

    threeviews Initiate (0) Apr 18, 2011 Florida

    I can empathize with your palate...my wish this Christmas is that 21st Amendment makes Hop Crisis again for mass distribution. Yes, I understand that they snuck it into the variety pack released a few months earlier, but I will not purchase an entire variety pack for a few cans. Give me Hop Crisis (seasonal or better yet, year-round) and I am happy!
  10. WavyC

    WavyC Initiate (0) Apr 27, 2014 California

    Some Ten Fidy from a year ago [​IMG] Love you, mom
  11. Karibourgeois

    Karibourgeois Initiate (0) Jul 28, 2013 Texas

    Martin House Cookies. Sweet.
  12. tasterschoice62

    tasterschoice62 Grand Pooh-Bah (3,533) May 14, 2014 Rhode Island
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Wrapping. Hate it.[​IMG]
  13. Jaywalsh20

    Jaywalsh20 Pooh-Bah (2,088) Apr 21, 2014 Illinois
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Noon Whistle Gummy Buddy. Watching Christmas Story and wrapping presents with this.

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  14. Hiwattowner

    Hiwattowner Pooh-Bah (2,790) Feb 23, 2008 Massachusetts

    I wasn’t sure what to expect from this sour IPA from Beer’d. Surprisingly tasty. Would be good on a summer day. Refreshing.

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  15. puck1225

    puck1225 Grand Pooh-Bah (4,393) Dec 22, 2013 Texas
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Fat Head Brewing Pimp My Sleigh winter ale - good beer with a peppery finish. Merry Christmas to all!
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  16. Ocalafox

    Ocalafox Grand Pooh-Bah (4,089) May 17, 2016 Florida
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Stone enjoy by......you know the date....
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  17. Minnesota_beer_guy

    Minnesota_beer_guy Savant (1,088) Feb 15, 2014 Minnesota

    You’re welcome Santa

  18. Sludgeman

    Sludgeman Grand Pooh-Bah (3,222) Aug 17, 2012 District of Columbia
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    More English Mild than Old Ale.
  19. JackRWatkins

    JackRWatkins Maven (1,438) Nov 3, 2014 Georgia

    The Common Sense Christmas Ale!
  20. hoosier222002

    hoosier222002 Maven (1,455) May 23, 2008 Illinois

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