What Beer Are You Drinking Now? #2120

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by cmiller4642, Aug 10, 2018.

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  1. AZBeerDude72

    AZBeerDude72 Initiate (0) Jun 10, 2016 Arizona

  2. woodychandler

    woodychandler Grand High Pooh-Bah (6,998) Apr 9, 2004 Pennsylvania
    Pooh-Bah Trader

  3. guinness77

    guinness77 Grand Pooh-Bah (3,408) Jan 6, 2014 New York

    Our last night here in Virginia...BOOOOO

    This is such a good DIPA from Commonwealth. Big Papi. Been a phenomenal week. Bringing a bunch of VA goodies back with me.
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  4. hoosier222002

    hoosier222002 Maven (1,455) May 23, 2008 Illinois

    MORE brewing Pillow Talkin' . Damn good double IPA.
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  5. joe1510

    joe1510 Grand Pooh-Bah (4,522) Aug 21, 2006 Illinois

    Two Headed Psychadelic Donkey from the delicious minds of the fine folks up on the Nort' Side.

    Half Acre - Double Daisy Cutter.


    On a punk kick tonight.


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  6. WunderLlama

    WunderLlama Grand Pooh-Bah (4,474) Dec 27, 2010 Massachusetts
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    The lost abbey red poppy

    3.98/5 rDev -7%
    look: 4.25 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

    Caged and corked bottle poured into a snifter

    Solid dark brown liquid crowned by a taupe two finger foam cap, some lacings

    Aroma is tart, sour cherries

    Tart taste , get some of the oak as well. But, I get an off taste in this beer . Musty,

    Good sudsing, tart finish

    Good beer
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  7. benzodrums

    benzodrums Initiate (0) Feb 19, 2015 Texas

    Toppling Goliath - DDH Pseudo Sue
    ..and an original '69 Robert Ludwig pressing of my favorite album.
    Cheers, BA!
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  8. goingbrokeonbeer

    goingbrokeonbeer Grand Pooh-Bah (3,338) Dec 4, 2013 South Carolina
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  9. Lingenbrau

    Lingenbrau Grand Pooh-Bah (4,779) Apr 9, 2011 Oregon

    You saying my 7" isn't real?

    Perhaps legendary, but it's real.
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  10. TheGenesisOfElegance

    TheGenesisOfElegance Crusader (423) Jun 14, 2014 Wisconsin

    I felt like going old school tonight.
    Like, realllllly old school.


  11. joe1510

    joe1510 Grand Pooh-Bah (4,522) Aug 21, 2006 Illinois

    It's real, I'm sure. I'm just afraid that you're using a non-sanctioned ruler.
  12. Greywulfken

    Greywulfken Grand Pooh-Bah (5,681) Aug 25, 2010 New York
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Out with the missus at Honu Kitchen & Cocktails in Huntington...

    Checked out a new beer, War Flag's American Pilsener...
    Not very pilsener-like, lol, but a nice beer that would probably appeal to the ale crowd...

    Also checked out their Trip to Cuba cocktail...
    Rum, champagne, mint, simple syrup, and lime juice...

    Great spicy shrimp app...

    Gruyere Burger pic does it no justice, totally in the shadow of the basket of fries...
    Medium rare, with gruyere cheese, mushroom, arugula, and crispy onion strings...
    Superior burger action for sure...

    Watching the Jet game now...

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  13. Lingenbrau

    Lingenbrau Grand Pooh-Bah (4,779) Apr 9, 2011 Oregon

    Standard 12 oz. beer can is 12" tall. I'm no dummy.
  14. joe1510

    joe1510 Grand Pooh-Bah (4,522) Aug 21, 2006 Illinois

    There's no arguing that.
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  15. russpowell

    russpowell Grand High Pooh-Bah (7,236) May 24, 2005 Arkansas
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    Work week ended with a thud, time to drink my sorrows away. Let's start with Rogue Combat Wombat a sour Northeast Style IPA with Orange & Grapefruit

    Mrs. Powell did me right Crab Cakes & Cirn for dinner
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  16. GrumpyGas

    GrumpyGas Grand Pooh-Bah (4,293) Apr 7, 2009 Illinois
    Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    That's why I use them as a ruler when fishing.
    Easily a 48" Pike.:no_mouth:
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  17. joe1510

    joe1510 Grand Pooh-Bah (4,522) Aug 21, 2006 Illinois

    Holy shit! That's, like, a 4ft long northern!
  18. WesMantooth

    WesMantooth Grand Pooh-Bah (4,758) Jan 8, 2014 Ohio
    Pooh-Bah Trader

    Like his 7” thumb?
  19. SammyJaxxxx

    SammyJaxxxx Initiate (0) Feb 23, 2012 New Jersey

    Double Nickel Archipelago
    First time trying this. Very good

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  20. beergoot

    beergoot Grand High Pooh-Bah (8,546) Oct 11, 2010 Colorado
    Super Mod Pooh-Bah Society Trader

    A devilish big beer -- 16.3# ABV, Release № 12, March 2016

    Rich and malty, big booze presence yet relatively tempered by the grain base; spicy; dense and oily on the palate.

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