What Beer Are You Drinking Now, Explained

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    What beer are you drinking now? (WBAYDN) is a long-running daily thread series that focuses on users sharing and discussing the beers that they're literally drinking now.

    Where? https://www.beeradvocate.com/community/forums/beer-talk.39/

    We've never officially outlined the rules, so here we go...
    • Anyone can start this daily thread after 12am PT in Beer Talk, but not if the day's thread has already been started. Duplicate threads will be merged accordingly and mods will lock the previous day's thread.
    • The title of the thread is "What beer are you drinking now? #X" and replace the "X" with the incremental number.
    • Don't start the thread without actually posting about the beer that you're currently drinking now. Including a photo of the beer and a short beer-related intro is highly recommended to kick-off the thread and set the tone.
    • When replying, most users will include a photo in their post. See "How do I post an image in the forum?" in the FAQ for help.
    • Some users include a link to a YouTube music video, but posts that abuse this will be removed.
    • Some chitchat, banter, and jib jab is allowed in WBAYDN, but not to the point of derailing the thread.
    Thanks in advance for participating!