what breweries are you willing to blindly try anything from?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by nanobrew, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. fmccormi

    fmccormi Meyvn (1,272) Oct 24, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    Hill Farmstead, I guess . . . that is the only one I can think of. I am, admittedly, maybe overcautious with my money. Some beer styles are hard for me to like, and every brewer is capable of making something shitty—you just hope they're smart enough not to release it.

    Oh, and the Alchemist—but I'm not sure that counts ;-)
  2. GPLanciano

    GPLanciano Initiate (0) Oct 22, 2012

    I may be too plebeian for this thread (only started drinking beer 3 months ago) but here it goes:

    Rochefort (dear God, it's all awesome) Stone, Dogfish Head, Weihenstephan and Mayflower.
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  3. IcemanCometh

    IcemanCometh Aspirant (290) Sep 6, 2012 Massachusetts

  4. danedelman

    danedelman Initiate (0) Apr 3, 2011 Pennsylvania

    I am not going to state the obvious but Bell's(since now I live in PA I can buy, will buy) Founders, and Weyerbacher because they are local and do product decent brews.
  5. creepinjeeper

    creepinjeeper Champion (840) Nov 8, 2012 Missouri
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Three Floyds
    Bells . . . with more to surely follow:slight_smile:
  6. nanobrew

    nanobrew Initiate (0) Dec 31, 2008 California

    Also, my local spot Pizza Port OB. Always try whatever new beer they have on tap (so I guess the bottle store example doesn't work).
  7. decimator

    decimator Zealot (572) Jun 1, 2009 Ontario (Canada)

    I'll try any beer once.
  8. celtic33

    celtic33 Initiate (122) Oct 22, 2012 Minnesota

    Surly and New Glarus have never disappointed.
  9. Lantern

    Lantern Initiate (0) Feb 27, 2011

    Dogfish Head, Stone, Lagunitas, Founders, Oskar Blues
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  10. bleakies

    bleakies Disciple (374) Apr 11, 2011 Massachusetts

    For the most part I'll shy away from styles that I've never enjoyed.

    But if Pretty Things puts out something that I don't think I'll like, I'll try it anyway and if I don't like it I'll chalk it up to my own narrow and petty sensibility.

    This is all hypothetical, though, as I've never tried something by Pretty Things I didn't like.
  11. BillyCannon

    BillyCannon Initiate (0) Mar 2, 2012 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    Used to be Oskar Blues before I tried Gubna... Didn't like that onion bomb so now I'm a little weary before trying some of their offerings. Sierra Nevada is a pretty safe go-to.
  12. Drtfinelli

    Drtfinelli Initiate (0) Jun 7, 2012 New Hampshire

    Jack's Abby
  13. Horbar

    Horbar Zealot (559) Feb 24, 2012 Rhode Island

    Stone, Founders, Firestone Walker, Lagunitas, Sierra Nevada, Hill Farmstead, Jack's Abby, Grey Sail, Lawson's Finest Liquids, Russian River, Bells, Cantillon, Goose Island, Troegs, New England Brewing Co, Maine Beer Company, Three Floyds, Pretty Things, ..........Ahh, it's a good beer life!!
  14. jdklks

    jdklks Initiate (0) Aug 9, 2007 Maryland

    Sierra Nevada, Deschutes, and that's about it, unless you go more specific. For example, I will blindly try any sour or ipa from Russian River, etc.
  15. bramsdell

    bramsdell Aspirant (278) May 27, 2011 North Carolina

    Boulevard, Smuttynose, Straight to Ale, Terrapin
  16. cpinto6

    cpinto6 Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2010 Georgia

    There's more than a few. People like to rip on breweries but there's quite a lot of them producing quality offerings in every style they try their hand at even if they're not a whale factory.

    Some of mine: Sierra Nevada, Stone, Lagunitas, Founders, GI, 3F, FFF, Cantillon, CCB, HF, Green Flash, FW, RR, Funky Buddha, Alpine, Deschutes. There's probably more I'm forgetting.
  17. johnkale

    johnkale Initiate (0) Dec 19, 2009 Wisconsin

    New Glarus, Founders, 3F, Sierra Nevada... maybe a few others but those are the obvious ones. Granted, if you hand me a hefe when it's ten degrees out and I'm eating spare ribs, or a RIS when it's 85 and humid and I'm probably going to get something more appropriate for conditions, so there's that to take into account.
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  18. hopfenunmaltz

    hopfenunmaltz Meyvn (1,255) Jun 8, 2005 Michigan

    I don't enjoy bourbon barrel aged beers, so not Founders. Really. Do like many of their beers, but all of those in barrels, not so much. The last several times in the Grand Rapids area have not bothered to stop.

    Most all of the Firestone Walker for sure. Maybe not the bourbon barrel beers, but those weren't on tap when we were there. Did have a little from a barrel that Matt was tasting that day. :slight_smile:
  19. robwater

    robwater Initiate (0) Jan 14, 2012 Colorado

    Avery, Deschutes, Cigar City, Hoppin Frog and (I'll get flamed on this) Rogue...not because they're consistently good, but I like the novelty. Then I like to bitch about it on BA (seems almost cliche).
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  20. aurorabeerealis

    aurorabeerealis Initiate (159) Jun 9, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    Stone, Sierra Nevada, Lagunitas, Alesmith, DogFish Head
  21. BrownNut

    BrownNut Devotee (423) Jul 11, 2011 Florida

    Sierra Nevada

    Hair of the Dog

    Nøgne Ø


    Samuel Smith's

    I once would have said Cigar City but I keep finding unexpected things on tap and they keep being sub par. Looking especially at you, Table Saison. Hotter than Helles and Cracker were both meh. Other stuff is great.
  22. Golden

    Golden Initiate (174) Dec 4, 2008 California
    Beer Trader

    Sante Adairius!
  23. slconnol

    slconnol Initiate (0) Dec 2, 2010 New Jersey

    New England Brewing Company, Maine Beer Company, Nightshift
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  24. johnyb

    johnyb Defender (676) Aug 11, 2012 Florida
    Beer Trader

  25. Brewsed

    Brewsed Zealot (505) Oct 29, 2010 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    Russian River, Founders, Bells, CCB, and my buddy Joe :slight_smile:.
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  26. Mic-Lee

    Mic-Lee Initiate (0) Oct 30, 2012

    Russian River
    Sierra Nevada
    Port Brewing

    All of these have a very strong pedigree and I have yet to be left completely flat with any of their offerings.
  27. daryk77

    daryk77 Initiate (0) Jun 16, 2005 District of Columbia
    Beer Trader

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  28. ripps1

    ripps1 Initiate (0) Aug 28, 2012 New Jersey

    Kane brewing and Lost Abbey. Love everything I have tried from them.
  29. mellowmark

    mellowmark Aspirant (263) Mar 31, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I would have to say Surly. They have never made a below average beer, and most of their beers are downright delicious.
  30. TX-Badger

    TX-Badger Poo-Bah (2,538) Jun 14, 2012 Texas
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    New Glarus
    Ale Asylum
    Great Dane

    My favorite Wisconsin breweries. Haven't had a disappointment from any of them. Wish I could get them in Texas.....
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  31. SammyJaxxxx

    SammyJaxxxx Poo-Bah (1,776) Feb 23, 2012 New Jersey
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Not going to repeat breweries mentioned many times above.
    I'll just add Terrapin, Troegs and Victory
  32. SammyJaxxxx

    SammyJaxxxx Poo-Bah (1,776) Feb 23, 2012 New Jersey
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Great Avatar.

    Go Brew Crew!!!!!!!!!!
  33. GennyCreamAle

    GennyCreamAle Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2009 New York


    Wait, what? wrong thread. Sorry.
  34. TylerKohlhagen

    TylerKohlhagen Initiate (0) Oct 10, 2010 Wisconsin

    O'so, Surly, Hinterland, Ommegang, and New Belgium.

    THANAT0PSIS Defender (639) Aug 3, 2010 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    New Glarus, Three Floyds, Dogfish Head, Cigar City, Founders, Firestone Walker, Deschutes, Elysian, and Odell.

    THANAT0PSIS Defender (639) Aug 3, 2010 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I haven't tried O'so; are they good?
  37. abraxel

    abraxel Initiate (0) Aug 28, 2009 Michigan

    Founders, Hill Farmstead, and Short's -- I know plenty disagree on Short's, but I'm a fan.
  38. TylerKohlhagen

    TylerKohlhagen Initiate (0) Oct 10, 2010 Wisconsin

    They're fantastic. I love everything they make. I could make a few suggestions depending on what you like.
  39. Wolfpack2005

    Wolfpack2005 Initiate (0) Oct 15, 2010 North Carolina

    Olde Hickory, Foothills, and Fullsteam. Ill try anything our local breweries put out!

    Also partial to Founders, Rogue, and just recently Boulevard.
  40. HoistinBrews

    HoistinBrews Devotee (471) Mar 26, 2011 Minnesota

    Town Hall and New Glarus
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