What Cider Are You Drinking Now?

Discussion in 'Other Beverages' started by weaverr, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. weaverr

    weaverr Initiate (161) Jun 10, 2008 Oregon

    Agree or disagree with the reasoning behind excluding ciders from BA reviews, we now have this new alternative beverage forum! Post cool and interesting ciders you’ve tried recently and be sure to mention what state you tried them in!

    Out of Oregon I’ve recently been exposed to EZ Orchards Roman Beauty and a few other varieties of theirs. Beautiful single varietal ciders with a nice dry and slightly funky finish. Highly recommend you seek them out when visiting Portland. I need to make it out to their farmhouse shop this summer.
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  2. champ103

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    Been drinking this great little French cider this Easter Sunday.


    There is a still (not carbonated) Spanish cider that I have been drinking recently. I can't remember exactly the brand name, but its from the Basque region and is excellent. I'll have get another bottle soon and actually note the brand name this time.
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  3. dmtaylor

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    The Etienne Dupont Cidre is very tasty indeed. Like overripe slightly funky apples, tart, and not too dry. I really like that one.

    I'm not a huge fan of Basque sidras... they all taste like green olives to me, which might be fine except that I don't really like olives. Txopinondo Sagarnoa was alright. I didn't care for Ribela, maybe a bit too funky for me. The Basque stuff is very unique, can be a love/hate thing even for lovers of every other type of cider.

    I popped a J.K.'s Scrumpy cider yesterday. It tastes very good, but sickly sweet. Obviously backsweetened, and must be pasteurized since they advertise no preservatives.

    My homemade ciders are the best.... taste like applesauce but quite dry, usually with some sparkle. I still haven't bottled my 2018 cider yet but have been drinking it straight out of the fermenter so it might be gone before it goes to bottle.

    Cheers all.
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  4. weaverr

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    Visited 1859 Cider in Salem today. Some really great 100% pressed apple ciders, mostly dry and funky. They recently signed with a distributor so we’ll hopefully be seeing more of them in Portland.

    Standouts were their Farmers Reserve, aged in bourbon and rum barrels but still super dry and not boozy, and their single varietal Winesap ciders.
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  5. champ103

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    Here is the Spanish cider I mentioned above... Barkaiztegi. Funky, a little salty, fruity, almost overripe/sour apples, dry, no carbonation. This is really nice. I never thought of it like this before, but almost seems like t he Gose of the cider world :slight_smile:

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  6. Davl22

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    I typically lean towards Shacksbury's ciders out of VT. Bone-dry, naturally fermented, just enough funk to keep it interesting. ANXO just started getting ME distro the past 6 months and I've enjoyed everything I've tried from them, including this collab w/ Snowdrift Cider.

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    PEBKAC Savant (950) Sep 4, 2006 New York

    Agree on the Shacksbury. Good to great ciders at a really appealing price for the most part.

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    Heya Adam!!! Long time no talk. Happy to see another old schooler still around here.