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What does BA abraxas go for?

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk' started by raczkowski, Mar 12, 2013.


    NYCBUCKEYE Initiate (0) Jan 21, 2013 New York
    Beer Trader

    They are hard but not impossible to obtain. I got one last week from an awesome trader.
  2. ksurkin

    ksurkin Aspirant (258) Jan 9, 2009 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    this is good to know. i'm thinking about making an offer but not sure how big to go.
  3. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Initiate (0) Nov 23, 2010 Illinois

    Makes sense with a 6 bottle limit.
  4. ksodemann

    ksodemann Aspirant (252) Nov 29, 2012 Missouri
    Beer Trader

    Yea, makes a lot of sense when less than 100 people left with all the bottles. And one guy leaving with roughly 10% of the available allocation.
  5. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Initiate (0) Nov 23, 2010 Illinois

    Funny how that's only validated when it bolsters an argument like yours. All other times it's "some troll from PA."
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  6. brian4beer

    brian4beer Initiate (127) Jan 27, 2013 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    I got one in a trade of CW15+ BA abraxas for Rare and I got another from a guy for BCBVS 1:1 if this helps
  7. landhoney

    landhoney Initiate (162) Apr 19, 2007 Florida
    Beer Trader

    I got two with the possible intention of trading one, then I drank it :eek: , not trading the other. This was one of those beers that lived up to the hype in spades IMO. I traded brewery only CCB, Cascade, and HF stuff for my two bottles.

    Very thankful to the two traders I got a bottle from :D
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  8. tobelerone

    tobelerone Poo-Bah (1,942) Dec 1, 2010 New York
    Beer Trader

    Got mine 1:1 for a cherry rye the day it was released and before it reached its current whalicious status.
  9. Anonymous1

    Anonymous1 Initiate (0) Mar 19, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Try a Leon 1:1 on ISO:FT and let us know how that goes.
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  10. BAstoutsNsours

    BAstoutsNsours Initiate (0) Sep 21, 2012 Florida

    I landed one with a Leon and another with 2x CAftW. FYI.
  11. Anonymous1

    Anonymous1 Initiate (0) Mar 19, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Congrats on winning two trades I guess. Leon and CAftW had double the bottle count and were both much, much easier to come by. Leon didn't even sell out on day one, and CAftW had entire case allocations.
  12. BAstoutsNsours

    BAstoutsNsours Initiate (0) Sep 21, 2012 Florida

    "Winning two trades"?, I didn't put those ISOs out, the other trader did. I love it when people like you come on here and cry about what's fair based on bottle counts/availability. I guess BCBVS shouldn't trade 1:1 either since it went into distro and had so many more bottles made? I guess you should need 5x kH to land a Leon then?

    Haha, whatever dude.
  13. evilcatfish

    evilcatfish Defender (605) May 11, 2012 Missouri
    Beer Trader

    Settle down guys
  14. jjheinrichs

    jjheinrichs Initiate (0) Apr 13, 2010 Wisconsin

    Anyone know if this was just a one time deal, or will they be brewing this again?
  15. ksodemann

    ksodemann Aspirant (252) Nov 29, 2012 Missouri
    Beer Trader

    It will be brewed again. Actually, the barrels for the next batch were just recently delivered.
  16. redsand22

    redsand22 Initiate (0) Mar 17, 2010 Illinois

    would a BA sexual choc get it done... if no...what if I added BA olde rabbits foot?
  17. TheGordianKnot

    TheGordianKnot Initiate (81) Apr 2, 2010 Tennessee

    Probably not, but depends in the person I suppose... I'm finalizing a trade for one that includes 3 decent beers. BASC and ORF, plus another one was what the guy wanted before switching the BASC out for something else...
  18. jjheinrichs

    jjheinrichs Initiate (0) Apr 13, 2010 Wisconsin

    Hopefully the next batch will see more reasonable trades. It seems like getting a bottle from batch 1 takes too much.
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  19. greghochsprung

    greghochsprung Initiate (56) Mar 12, 2012 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Agreed. I tried a few times to trade for one, but after 2 very solid Cigar City bottles didn't get one for me, I decided to just wait until the next batch.
  20. bpolglaze

    bpolglaze Initiate (187) Feb 2, 2007 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    I offered up a King Henry and got crickets. Would like to try this and may offer it up again with KH+ one more time.
  21. WagonCircler

    WagonCircler Initiate (130) May 15, 2011 New York
    Beer Trader

    Are any of these recent trades getting done? The KH+ type? The BADL for 3x abraxas type?
  22. iadler

    iadler Initiate (0) Aug 12, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I was able to trade a CW 15 + Peruvian Morning to match $4$ shortly after both releases. I managed to land one before the trade value has skyrocketed luckily.
  23. levon15

    levon15 Initiate (197) Jan 19, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    I traded away three of my six bottle allotment. I believe I sent out regular Abraxas in each trade as well.
    I received things like T25+, BA IST+, Wanderer+. I was happy with each trade I made and we kept things close $4$ overall. All of my trades were done within a few weeks of the release, fewer people are willing to trade what they have left now.

    I think/know Perennial will handle the release much differently next year. If they reduce the allotment per a person down to two per person in order for more people to get a bottle or two and I'm lucky enough to get some I know I won't be trading it away, its just too good.
  24. pmoney

    pmoney Defender (692) Apr 15, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Apparently a BCBVS++ isn't enough to pull a BA Abraxas. I got crickets. :eek::(
  25. hooliganlife

    hooliganlife Meyvn (1,302) Apr 12, 2007 Missouri
    Beer Trader

    A lot of you guys saying you got crickets, you may have been offering stuff that was available here. King Henry was bountiful in the stl metro area, people stocked up. Id be willing to bet there is under a few hundred bottles left, if that. And not all of the owners pay attention to sites like this.
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  26. jjheinrichs

    jjheinrichs Initiate (0) Apr 13, 2010 Wisconsin

    Supply and demand, I suppose. supply is down from when it first came out, demand is the same if not higher... so some of the offers being thrown out now are reflective of that.

    I'll try trading for batch 2, maybe batch 3.
  27. GhettoFabulous

    GhettoFabulous Initiate (189) May 29, 2010 California

    It's interesting how top notch one-off beers that will never be produced again are apparently not enough to land one of these, even though it appears that BA Abraxas will continue to be produced indefinitely. I think it's obvious in situations like these that seekers should step back and wait for future releases. Life flies by fast. All you have to do is blink and we'll be ten batches into BA Abraxas. People who traded away crazy shit to land a Black Note 750 know what I'm talking about.
  28. MikeTen

    MikeTen Initiate (0) Apr 3, 2009 California

    I herd King Henry was rar everywhere tho

    I wasn't.... lied to wuz I????????

    ...Just kidding, I know it wasn't, I picked up a case when I was in Long Island on business. :)
  29. ThoreauLikeAGirl

    ThoreauLikeAGirl Initiate (0) Mar 11, 2011 Pennsylvania

    try telling that to my boyfriend. he's trying to trade away his god damn cellar for one when. philly just got perennial distribution. hell, nobody knows if it'll even be brewery-only release next year, do they?
  30. keirhaug

    keirhaug Initiate (23) Dec 12, 2006 Missouri
    Beer Trader

    From what I hear, the batch will be double (~1400 bottles) in 2013 and will have limited distro...very limited.
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  31. kpacedo

    kpacedo Aspirant (206) Nov 24, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    Like 3 2013 kbs
  32. heatwaves

    heatwaves Aspirant (262) Oct 17, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    I wonder if Kate the Great would even be able to land one. Not the beer, but the real Kate the Great.
  33. DovaliHops

    DovaliHops Initiate (0) Nov 16, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    "Barvo" indeed
  34. chase2634

    chase2634 Initiate (0) Nov 10, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Had a recent negotiation for BA Abraxas and the guy tells me he wants something additional to the BCBVS i was offering. I asked what he had in mind and he tells me Kuhnhenn Blueberry Eisbock and Jackie O's Rum barrel Oil of Aphrodite for his 1 BA Abraxas. I told him he was being too generous so i would add Rare, DDG and Blauw just as a thanks for his generosity.
  35. ncaudle

    ncaudle Zealot (592) May 28, 2010 Virginia
    Beer Trader

    after seeing some of the requests for BA Abraxas, I'm very glad I only had to give up 2 of the Voodoo barrel releases for a bottle. 5 minutes after mine went through someone was asking for all 7 of the Voodoo releases for 1 BA Abraxas...
  36. chase2634

    chase2634 Initiate (0) Nov 10, 2009 Pennsylvania

    I have had multiple trades fall through when even offering exactly what was requested. I'm sure that many have been a victim to the price of admission increasing by the minute or the auction style posts. Hell i even had one person bmail me to notify me that he now wants to trade his BA Abraxas after declining my prior attempts. He goes on to tell me he posted an FT and please let him know if we can work something out. I agree to the exact trade and find out a day later from his post that he traded it to someone else. Didn't even have the courtesy to contact me to tell me this after HE was the one asking if we could set up a trade! I am now resigned to just wait for the next release. This sh*t is just getting Regoddamndiculous!
  37. phishphorce

    phishphorce Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Same thing happened to me 2x. I posted up an ISO and was offered exactly what I was looking for then a day later after some striniging me along got the. I decided to keep my beer reply. I guess when the stock market is on the rise its harder to get someone to sell.
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  38. leschkie

    leschkie Initiate (0) Jan 30, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Sorry man, but I had to do what I had to do. My 3-74 W-L trading record is nothing to brag about at the moment.
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  39. chase2634

    chase2634 Initiate (0) Nov 10, 2009 Pennsylvania

    My record isn't much better and i've already traded away two left nuts for this godforsaken beer! I'll be damned if i'm gonna trade my right one! Well maybe for multiple BA Abraxas'.
  40. stxSS07

    stxSS07 Initiate (0) Nov 23, 2010 Illinois

    Had a guy I traded a King Henry to (for a 4-pack of Abrasive when it was up on France44) try to bend me over a barrel for a BA Abraxas PRE-TRADE. Killed most of my remaining faith in trading...also boosted my cynicism 100 XP.
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