What is best way to store Firestone Parabola?

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    I am buying this beer (firestone parabola) for a friend as a gift, as he told me it was one of his favorites. I'm not a beer drinker myself and was wondering what the best way to store this type of beer would be. I've tried to do research and have seen many conflicting advice, such as refrigerating it, dark closet, 40-50 degrees, 55 degrees, etc. Ideally, I'd like to store it till December (for about 5-6 months), but at the very minimum, I would have to store it for at least 2 months until I see him next. Is any of this possible?

    Thanks in advance for all the help.
  2. readyski

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    Refrigerator is best. Make sure you hide it in the back lest anybody get tempted (including yourself) :slight_smile:
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    Refrigerator is probably best. Dark cool closet second best.
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    Back of the box says "45 - 55"...but I'd sues that's for long term storage over a year.. like others say, fridge will work fine. 2 months is nothing..even 5 - 6 months would be fine sitting in a cool spot. there's cases of it that will be sitting on shelves/storage rooms in bottle shops for the next few months that probably are probably 70 - 80 degrees
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    Fridge is fine. If you live up north and have a cool basement that will be fine too. Having at higher than fridge temps is only "beneficial" if you are trying to age it and have it change/evolve. The safest for you would be the fridge.
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    Honestly the best place to store it is in your stomach, but second best is in a cool dark spot, if youre keeping it until december the fridge will work just fine
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