What is your favorite beer of 2013 thus far?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by Matthew1788, Apr 13, 2013.

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  1. audioserf

    audioserf Aspirant (253) Sep 3, 2010 Connecticut

    Enjoy By 4/1/13 by a country mile.
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  2. RikStadt

    RikStadt Initiate (147) Dec 8, 2012 Vermont
    Beer Trader

    Stone Enjoy By IPA. Maine Beer CO. LIL ONE. Liked Hop Zombie from Epic too.
  3. Revenant

    Revenant Aspirant (280) Aug 8, 2012 Minnesota

    Indeed Let it Ride IPA
    Surly Over Rated
  4. TallSaint

    TallSaint Devotee (411) Dec 10, 2010 New York

    Bitter Monk; I had it for the first time this year and I was extremely impressed.
  5. JoeyBeerBelly

    JoeyBeerBelly Initiate (0) Dec 15, 2006 New York

  6. DLDlulz

    DLDlulz Aspirant (221) Feb 15, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Dayman & BA Abraxas
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  7. Saviorself

    Saviorself Initiate (0) Mar 15, 2012 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    Its a tough one between my first HT, Dayman, and Bar Bar by Elevator was fantastic.
  8. Kadonny

    Kadonny Meyvn (1,259) Sep 5, 2007 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    I can't think of a single new beer that I have had this year. Kind of depressing.

    Edit: Just re-read thread title, it doesn't say "new".

    New answer. Troegs Nugget Nectar.
  9. Dirtinabottle

    Dirtinabottle Devotee (486) Aug 21, 2012 New York
    Beer Trader

    Gandhi-bot and Abner
  10. mvdillman

    mvdillman Initiate (0) Dec 30, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Permanent Funeral
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  11. beerindaglass

    beerindaglass Aspirant (217) Feb 20, 2013 Florida
    Beer Trader

    We just got CCB starting in Feb, soooooo... Jai Alai.

    Runners up: Hopslam (On tap!), Sucks, and Enjoy By 4-01

    Have a had some good stouts, but Hop is where my heart is.
  12. Icarus

    Icarus Initiate (175) Oct 6, 2012 Minnesota

    Surly Overrated

    Runner up: Sucks
  13. Dhamma73

    Dhamma73 Aspirant (269) Feb 8, 2013 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    Barrell Aged Framinghammer from Jack's Abby. Easily best new beer I've tried this year.
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  14. shebby

    shebby Initiate (0) Feb 29, 2012 Utah
    Beer Trader

    Upright Fantasia. I LOVE peachy beers, and this one is an absolute winner. Definitely an all-time Top 10, perhaps a Top 5 contender.
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  15. GR_Beer_Nut

    GR_Beer_Nut Initiate (0) Nov 18, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Black note and KBS
  16. bclemens

    bclemens Initiate (0) Apr 11, 2013 Pennsylvania

    Pliny the Elder or this years Nugget Nectar
  17. kdmcguire10

    kdmcguire10 Initiate (0) Jul 15, 2011 Michigan

    New beer for me was Permanent Funeral.

    Best beer I had was BCBS Rare. Wow.
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  18. jrbuckt

    jrbuckt Initiate (0) Sep 13, 2012 Illinois

    Permanent Funeral was my favorite new beer thus far.
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  19. RangnaR

    RangnaR Initiate (0) Dec 17, 2012 California

    Knee Deep's Batch No. 138, and Lagunitas Undercover Shutdown
  20. mmmbirra

    mmmbirra Aspirant (208) Apr 19, 2009 Italy

    Verdi Imperial Stout on cask, but the year is still young.
  21. kexp

    kexp Initiate (185) May 10, 2007 North Carolina

    Stone Best By 4.01.13
  22. otispdriftwood

    otispdriftwood Defender (637) Dec 9, 2011 Colorado
    Beer Trader

    The next one I open and drink.
  23. Beer-Jedi

    Beer-Jedi Initiate (0) Apr 15, 2013 California

    I was introduced to odell's meddler while on a trip to kansas in February and fell head over hills for it....I need to figure out to get hold of some of that here is CA....I also really enjoyed russian rivers pliny the younger, supplication and consecration. I'm some what hooked on laguintas hopstoopid as well.
  24. Zimbo

    Zimbo Initiate (0) Aug 7, 2010 United Kingdom (Scotland)

    Harviestoun Old Engine Oil Special Reserve 10.5% ABV from a cask. So good I had to change my pants.
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  25. JasonLovesBeer

    JasonLovesBeer Initiate (0) Mar 27, 2013 British Columbia (Canada)

    Gonna go with 8Wired iStout. Though it's a somewhat arbitrary decision because I couldn't possibly decide between my top 5-ish.
  26. meb3476

    meb3476 Initiate (193) Apr 1, 2013 Massachusetts
    Beer Trader

    HF's Society & Solitude #6, Everett and Lawson's Fayston Maple Stout...
  27. Djsaturn1

    Djsaturn1 Aspirant (270) Dec 12, 2012 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I have to go with KBS
  28. ksbeaty

    ksbeaty Initiate (0) Apr 5, 2011 Indiana

    Permanent Funeral is a definite NO. 1 so far in terms of newly released beers for 2013
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  29. kmello69

    kmello69 Defender (618) Nov 27, 2011 Texas
    Beer Trader

    Going with something new in 2013, so I'll say "The One They Call Zoe" by Hops & Grain
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  30. dougfur

    dougfur Initiate (0) Jan 24, 2011 New York

    So far, it's a tie between Hill Farmstead's Abner and Kern River's Citra DIPA. If anything tops those, 2013 will have been a pretty exceptional year...
  31. archi348

    archi348 Aspirant (218) Nov 7, 2012 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Toss up for me between Cherry Rye and TG Assassin.

    I know Cherry Rye isn't a 2013 release, but I just recently got to enjoy if for the first time so for me it counts!
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  32. Stinger80OH

    Stinger80OH Crusader (759) Nov 11, 2011 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    Best New Beer: Alchemy Hour
    Best Annual Release: Nugget Nectar
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  33. Geegar

    Geegar Initiate (0) Apr 15, 2013 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    CW BBBW. Keep going back to it.
  34. DmouthCaliBrewz

    DmouthCaliBrewz Initiate (0) Mar 29, 2013 New Hampshire

    actual new: Dayman
    for me: Sucaba or Brandy Barrel Angels Share '10
  35. ThirstyFace

    ThirstyFace Initiate (0) Jan 11, 2013 New York

    Hands down in the pants, Victory Swing. Can't get enough. Can't remember the last time I put back a sixer of one beer in one night...before Swing came along and changed that. Complex, low ABV and so damn drinkable
  36. Devi0us

    Devi0us Initiate (0) May 3, 2011 California

  37. RaffyS

    RaffyS Initiate (0) Jun 21, 2011 Florida

    Pliny the Younger, Hopslam and 2012 Black Tuesday for me so far this year.
  38. mallen413

    mallen413 Initiate (0) Sep 9, 2010 Pennsylvania
    Beer Trader

    Its a tie between Westvleteren 12(non US Release, shipped straight from Belgium) and Hunaphu. 2 Totally different beers, both very good
  39. Tmonk13

    Tmonk13 Initiate (0) Mar 13, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Great Lakes Alchemy Hour or Full Pint (Pittsburgh,Pa) Rye Rebellion fantastic bourbon barrel aged imperial stout. Took me by surprise.
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  40. SadMachine

    SadMachine Meyvn (1,423) Mar 14, 2011 New Jersey
    Beer Trader

    If we're talking about beers that weren't released prior to 2013 then I'd have to go with Stone Dayman! That stuff is delicious!!
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