What is your wife's or significant others favorite beer?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by geneseohawk, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. BedetheVenerable

    BedetheVenerable Meyvn (1,023) Sep 5, 2008 Missouri

    In no particular order:

    -Schlafly Coffee Stout
    -Boulevard Zon
    -Schlafly Scotch Ale (wee heavy...now sadly draft-only)
  2. OneBeertoRTA

    OneBeertoRTA Devotee (490) Jan 2, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    She only drinks sours.

    Her favorites in order are
    Fou Foune, Beatification, Supplication, Temptation, Cascade Blueberry, Cascade Strawberry, Sanctification and Consecration
  3. Absolut

    Absolut Zealot (564) Sep 19, 2011 California

    Redemption, Ballast Point Pale Ale, Rolling Rock Light, That god awful dog blue 'beer' that pours purple.
  4. CellarGimp

    CellarGimp Disciple (331) Sep 14, 2011 Missouri

    Tank 7. But she loves IPAs too. Only thing she doesn't like are big stouts.
  5. kingofhop

    kingofhop Initiate (0) May 9, 2010 Oklahoma

    My better half liked Miller Lite, but she kinda dug Chimay Blue too.
  6. kbuzz

    kbuzz Champion (816) Jan 22, 2011 North Carolina
    Beer Trader

    My homebrewed milk stout on the nitro tap!
  7. Crackerroll

    Crackerroll Initiate (0) Jan 16, 2011 Missouri

    I'll bet my wife hasn't drank 12 beers in the 14 years we have been married. I drink for both of us.:wink:
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  8. Cerebus

    Cerebus Initiate (193) Jul 12, 2007 North Carolina

    Victory Moonglow (which we haven't gotten around here) and Lambics.
  9. Moose90

    Moose90 Meyvn (1,441) Nov 25, 2012 Washington
    Beer Trader

    Easy Street or Sunshine.

    JJWIGHT Aspirant (268) Feb 14, 2012 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    FBS, but she likes pretty much any beer I like, except for barleywines. She told me her friend told her she probably couldnt tell the difference between craft and bmc after she had a few and she told her friend she was nuts. I was so proud!
  11. lonewolfcry

    lonewolfcry Zealot (561) Dec 7, 2007 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    The closest I could get her to a decent beer was Indeed's Old Friend - their winter ale (very good).
    Otherwise she's happy drinking her Coors Light - which is fine by me, I guess - less of a hit on our $$$.
  12. ford0626

    ford0626 Aspirant (241) Oct 5, 2010 Washington
    Beer Trader

    My wife hides miller light in cabinets because she is embraced she still likes it... (funny)
    She loves bourbon and cognac aged stouts and barlywine.
    Sadface ); less for me! She hates IPA (score!)
    But drinks all my Belgian!
  13. PsilohsaiBiN

    PsilohsaiBiN Defender (608) Aug 10, 2010 New York
    Beer Trader

    Anything that I don't like. It's a blessing and a curse. Nah, it's a blessing!
  14. Stevedore

    Stevedore Poo-Bah (3,494) Nov 16, 2012 Wisconsin
    Beer Trader

    Homebrewed coffee stout
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  15. rolandboy

    rolandboy Initiate (0) Oct 11, 2012 Michigan

    founders breakfast stout and odd side ales chocolate koffie stout. i fear (and my wallet/cellar fears) this is a gateway to barrel aged stouts.
  16. FriarTuckInLuck

    FriarTuckInLuck Initiate (0) Dec 15, 2011 Arizona

    Parabola/Sucaba/FW15 equally followed closely by BCBS 08 and Fruet. I would reverse the order, but something about that FW barrel treatment trips her trigger just so. Thanks to the guys at the Firestone event who bought her another round of FW15. It made both of our nights.:wink:
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  17. phishphorce

    phishphorce Initiate (0) Aug 4, 2011 Pennsylvania

    Probably Victory at Sea. She didnt like the Cherry Rye we drank tonight. I got half of hers too. I loved it a lot.

    She also said Flower Power and Pliny.
  18. mkennedy119

    mkennedy119 Devotee (456) Nov 13, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    My ex LOVED Wild Blue. Not saying that "ex" and "Wild Blue" had any correlation....
  19. eatabag

    eatabag Initiate (174) Jun 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    My wife likes her DIPAs and sours. Thankfully we live in the general area that makes her favorites, which are:

    Pliny the elder and Consecration. She'll also enjoy a BA barleywine like Abacus.

    She leaves the stouts to me though.
  20. MaxOhle

    MaxOhle Disciple (383) Nov 10, 2012 Illinois

    None. (sigh)
  21. arfenhouse

    arfenhouse Initiate (0) Oct 29, 2012 California

    My girl likes almost all stouts and pale ales, Young's DC Stout and Ballast Point Yellowtail are her favorites. Pretty decent beers for me fall back on.
  22. sukwonee

    sukwonee Crusader (740) Dec 13, 2011 Washington
    Beer Trader

    My wife strangely enjoys Aventinus. She doesn't like beer otherwise.
  23. rozzom

    rozzom Zealot (585) Jan 22, 2011 New York
    Beer Trader

    Founders Porter, MBC MO, HF Edward
  24. imbrue001

    imbrue001 Aspirant (213) Aug 6, 2010 Pennsylvania

    I cant even get her to smell my beer


    I always thought the universal panty dropper was Lindemans Framboise
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  25. Marti403

    Marti403 Disciple (328) Jul 23, 2011 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    My wife hates anything to do with hops so her current favorite is New Glarus Belgian Red and Serendipity and anything pumpkin. Other than that, on St Patrick's Day, Kuhnhenn makes a Lucky Charms Ale that is the best thing she's ever had. She'll offer our car for a growler of it if I don't keep close tabs on her. It is magically delicious, though.
  26. Lutter

    Lutter Initiate (0) Jun 30, 2010 Texas

    Anything traditional and German (she studied in Hanover in college and is of German in descent, so she's uppity that German style beers are the best styles of beers)

    Sünner Kölsch
    Köstritzer Schwarzbier
    Ayinger Urweiss
    Weihenstephaner Vitus
    Live Oak Hefeweizen
    Live Oak Primus
    Live Oak Pilz

    ... and anything that Shiner makes! (Bock and Blonde being her favorites)

    Hates IPAs. But I love tricking her ("oh, this beer is so sweet and smooth! Have a sip." *takes a sip* "OH MY GOD, YOU BASTARD!")
  27. randomdanger

    randomdanger Initiate (0) Aug 11, 2008 New Jersey

    Her first craft was Merry Monks, which remains one of her favorites. Now the only thing she doesn't really like in a beer is a heavy coffee presence.
  28. dbfp210

    dbfp210 Initiate (0) Jun 27, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Midas Touch and Golden Monkey
  29. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Zealot (596) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    When my wife drank beer she was a witbier fan mostly Blue Moon or Hoegaarden, however she doesn't stray far from her 1st love vodka, though Malbac has joined the party lately.
  30. ZPag

    ZPag Aspirant (234) Dec 3, 2012 New York

    Rare Vos
    Well's Banana Brea Beer
    21st Amendment American Bitter
    Or UFO Rasperry

    Rare Vos is her go to around here since we live about 20 minutes from Ommegang so everyone has it on tap.
  31. RockAZ

    RockAZ Disciple (371) Jan 6, 2009 Arizona
    Beer Trader

  32. DrunkethWizard

    DrunkethWizard Initiate (0) Jul 12, 2012 California

    Budweiser. That's all. Of the 260-something beers that I've reviewed, she's sipped and spit out (and nearly vomited a few times) on about 99% of them.
  33. UCLABrewN84

    UCLABrewN84 Poo-Bah (12,114) Mar 18, 2010 California

    Anchor Steam and Anchor Summer when it's available.
  34. EyePeeAyBryan

    EyePeeAyBryan Champion (800) Dec 20, 2011 Arizona
    Beer Trader

    My G/F is obsessed with DFH Olde School, DDBA and/or really ANY barleywine. She loves a good RIS stout, especially Parabola (who doesn't really?) but lucky for me and my wallet, it's not a year-round thing.
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  35. Atlas1977

    Atlas1977 Initiate (35) Nov 27, 2010 Illinois

    Goose Island Sofie, it is the only one she will order over wine.
  36. shuntstout

    shuntstout Initiate (191) Apr 2, 2010 New Mexico
    Beer Trader

    My gurl went from Bud Light to Sours thanks to me!! haha. so far she likes Aphrodite the best
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  37. JK4Stout

    JK4Stout Initiate (0) May 10, 2010 Virginia

    Shandy's...one of my least favorites, but it makes splitting flights interesting.
  38. dunix

    dunix Initiate (0) Jan 26, 2011 Vermont

    My wife loves Allagash Black in the winter, White in the summer. HF Abner and Heady year round
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  39. FlakyBiscuit

    FlakyBiscuit Initiate (0) Sep 11, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Petrus blond and penn Octoberfest. Solid choices
  40. Raime

    Raime Meyvn (1,229) Jun 4, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Lemonberry Shandy, Summer Shandy, Molson Ice, And Rochefort 10. All IPA's and Stout's are hairspray according to her.
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