What one style do you just not like?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by TheVenerableMead, Jul 26, 2014.

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  1. Shroud0fdoom

    Shroud0fdoom Poo-Bah (1,599) Oct 31, 2013 Maryland

    Scotch Ales. Still not a fan.
    Edit: Anything with smoked malts also.
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  2. Averwo

    Averwo Disciple (316) Jul 4, 2013 Iowa

    Lagers and Brown ales. Boring. Also Gueuze. I'm starting to like Saisons so I thought I would try a Gueuze. Holy cow, the cat piss and sour vinegar is just too much for me.
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  3. Leiermann

    Leiermann Aspirant (213) Jun 23, 2014 Pennsylvania

    Sour beer of any type
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  4. Mullen2525

    Mullen2525 Initiate (184) Dec 9, 2012 Massachusetts

    Smoked lagers...not a fan
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  5. BeerZar

    BeerZar Initiate (79) Apr 30, 2014 Ohio

    Not a fan of pumpkin beers or anything with Brett.
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  6. mikeg67

    mikeg67 Poo-Bah (1,909) Nov 12, 2010 New Jersey

    Black IPAs, Hefes, Dry Stouts for me.
  7. SoxFan

    SoxFan Aspirant (230) Jun 16, 2014 Indiana

    I feel like I've always found an exception to the rule. i.e. - don't like wheat - but I'll drink a Gumball Head - several examples like that. But I'm kind of down on Porters lately. To me I can only drink one, maybe two - so why not just go with a nice Imperial Stout. Give me a Founders Imperial or Ten Fidy instead. Better mouthfeel, taste, and buzz. Porters are the "Light" version of a good stout, and I drink craft because I'm not into the "Light" beer thing. Maybe I'm weird.
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  8. smanson56

    smanson56 Savant (994) Feb 15, 2014 New Hampshire
    Society Trader

    As many different ones as I have tried I just can't make myself like the Sours.
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  9. TonyLema1

    TonyLema1 Poo-Bah (1,753) Nov 19, 2008 South Carolina

    Hate sours, not a big fan of barley wines, can live without ambers/reds
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  10. NHhomebrewguy

    NHhomebrewguy Zealot (543) Apr 9, 2012 New Hampshire

    Most sours, smoked beers and session IPA's.
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  11. Hop-Receptors

    Hop-Receptors Initiate (0) Mar 15, 2012 Texas

    Lagers, Ambers & Brown Ales
  12. michman

    michman Initiate (0) Oct 14, 2005 Illinois

    black ipas or lagers. jsut cant seem to get into them. maybe i havent sampled enough yet but after a couple dozen you would think id find one i enjoyed.
  13. racer2k

    racer2k Devotee (418) May 21, 2004 Massachusetts

    Not a fan of wheat beers..
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  14. Kadonny

    Kadonny Meyvn (1,340) Sep 5, 2007 Pennsylvania

    Scotch ales for sure.
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  15. pudgym29

    pudgym29 Initiate (72) Mar 14, 2009 Illinois

    I prefer malty beers. But I just cannot get through even 3 ounces of a smoked beer. This encompasses styles I should like, if not for that they are smoked. Occasionally, I get stuck with one (because there are not style descriptions of every beer you may encounter at a festival), and I insist to myself, "Maybe this fresh example is how it really should be." ~ but, no, uh uh, the taste is just too off-putting. Somebody else can have my share. :astonished:
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  16. AndyAvalanche

    AndyAvalanche Savant (987) Jun 16, 2008 Massachusetts

    Hefeweizens and alot of heavy wheat based beers.

    Side note, isn't the whole Porter/Stout title decided by the brewer? I feel like that was a thread on here not all that long ago.
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  17. StuartCarter

    StuartCarter Initiate (0) Apr 25, 2006 Alabama

    Stout is an outcrop of Porter. A "stout", historically, was a "stout porter", using the archaic sense of stout to mean robust, full-bodied, strong. Hence, a stout is just a strong porter.

    However. The complicating factor is that you can't compare breweries. One brewery could brew a porter that blows another brewery's stout out of the ABV waters. I think this issue is what is responsible for a lot of confusion and misunderstanding of the difference between stout and porter - you can only say "this brewery's stout is stronger than its own porter", you cannot say "porters are up to such and such ABV then it's a stout". It is completely a subjective, brewery-level decision.
  18. kwakwhore

    kwakwhore Zealot (540) Nov 1, 2004 North Carolina

    Fruit beers in general for me, pumpkin especially.
  19. AndyAvalanche

    AndyAvalanche Savant (987) Jun 16, 2008 Massachusetts

    Thanks, what I was trying to get at; you articulated it much better though. How can someone say "I don't like porters" but "I like stouts."

    Would you be able to answer this? I know sometimes you can use Lager yeast in a Baltic Porter and it's still a "porter." Isn't a stout always an "ale" though?
  20. dailyminefield

    dailyminefield Devotee (472) Jun 13, 2012 North Carolina

    Belgian Pale Ales taste like they were aged on potpourri to me. Never had one that left me wanting a refill.

    For those of you that don't like Scotch Ales/Wee Heavies, get your hands on Backwoods Bastard or Wulver, that may change your mind.
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  21. FatBoyGotSwagger

    FatBoyGotSwagger Meyvn (1,326) Apr 4, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Marzans for the most part. Kind of grinds my gears the we have created a light lager, very piss poor across the board. There is probably something else I dislike but seemed to black it out as of right now.
  22. BobbyDigitali

    BobbyDigitali Initiate (0) May 26, 2014 California

    Coffee Porters and Stouts - bc I don't like coffee
  23. TWStandley

    TWStandley Crusader (744) Jan 15, 2008 Massachusetts

    Wheat beers and many Belgians. I went through a phase where I loved tripels but now I'm not that into them anymore. Also not a huge huge fan of Flanders red ales.
  24. TWStandley

    TWStandley Crusader (744) Jan 15, 2008 Massachusetts

    Oh and every cherry stout I've had I've hated so far. I'm hopeful there is one out there I will like because I love stouts and I love cherries but the few I've had so far taste over the top artificial.
  25. StuartCarter

    StuartCarter Initiate (0) Apr 25, 2006 Alabama

    Well. Porter (and thus stout) kind of stand to one side coming from a separate historical brewing tradition. They are brewed with top-fermenting ("ale") yeast, and most places categorise them as ales, but that's a story for another day!

    As for not liking porters but liking stouts - maybe they like the extra complexity of the stout flavour? Maybe they like some sugar in their coffee? Maybe they're just idiots - it's a question for the ages :wink:
  26. Hefewiseman

    Hefewiseman Disciple (355) Sep 6, 2011 Florida

    Black IPAs/Cascadian Dark Ales.. The intense bitterness with the chocolate malts just don't do it for me.
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  27. AndyAvalanche

    AndyAvalanche Savant (987) Jun 16, 2008 Massachusetts

    Haha! I HAAAAAATE sugar in my coffee!!!
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  28. ArsMoriendiOU818

    ArsMoriendiOU818 Zealot (535) Nov 5, 2013 Idaho

    I wouldn't say I've written off any styles, but the following style's I've never been excited to try examples of and wasn't much amazed afterwards:

    -regular Scotch Ales
    -Brown Ales (don't mind these, they're just towards the bottom of my list)
    -Red/Amber Ales (excluding Nugget Nectar)
    -Kolsch (or at least what American brewer's brew as Kolsch. Is their even a world-class example of this style?)
    -Belgian Strong Dark Ales (that Belgian candi-sugar is overwhelming/off-putting, but when kept in check this style can be great)
    -Getting real picky with my Dubbels and Tripels, used to like many examples of these. I see a few other's are experiencing this too, interestingly. I'm a huge fan of Saison's though.
    -Beers classified as Witbiers (but not its variants, like Hefeweizens... Weihenstephaner's one of my favorite beers)
    -Rye beer
    -Fruit Beer would've been on here until I tried New Glarus' Raspberry Tart.
    -Not a style, but I hate when American Wild Ale's have no funk or tartness to them... Brux-like beers and Brux. Terrible beer.
    -Irish Dry Stout is an unimpressive style (though I don't mind Guinness)
    -English malts... haven't given up yet, but English-style IPA's, ESB's and Barleywine's are mostly skippable for me.
  29. liveordie17

    liveordie17 Initiate (0) Nov 25, 2010 Florida

    Love every style except for black IPA's and brown ales.
  30. Mitchell57

    Mitchell57 Initiate (160) Jan 8, 2013 Wisconsin

    There are exceptions...but...I usually don't like spice/herb beers, oktoberfests, or smoked beers
  31. Mark

    Mark Initiate (0) Jun 18, 2001 California

    Anything and everything Belgian. Don't get, never will. also not crazy about wheat beers and do not want anything to do with fruit in my beer.
  32. PSU_Mike

    PSU_Mike Champion (821) Sep 6, 2013 Pennsylvania


    Pumpkin beers
    Fruit beers
    Scotch ales/Wee Heavy
  33. richobrien

    richobrien Initiate (0) Dec 29, 2013 California

    Hefeweizen isn't my favorite. Smoked beers don't do much for me either.

    I'll try any beer once.
  34. MykeJ

    MykeJ Aspirant (207) Oct 6, 2013 Minnesota

    Fruit beer
  35. kwakwhore

    kwakwhore Zealot (540) Nov 1, 2004 North Carolina

    Hefeweizens, Fruit beer, macro lagers.
  36. BeerMeBro720

    BeerMeBro720 Initiate (0) May 2, 2013 Ohio

    I'm still trying to develop a liking for chili beers. I recently acquired Mexican Cake and Bomb!, so here's hoping!
  37. popopine

    popopine Initiate (0) Jul 15, 2014 New Jersey

    I'm gonna catch huge sh$!. So be it. IPAs.
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  38. nicholas2121

    nicholas2121 Poo-Bah (1,549) Sep 29, 2008 Ohio

    Not a Big fan of the IPA's
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  39. BH712

    BH712 Initiate (0) Jan 29, 2014 District of Columbia

    I like pales, IPAs, and malty ambers, but for some reason hoppy ambers just don't do it for me.
  40. Philthe

    Philthe Initiate (0) Aug 18, 2013 Pennsylvania

    I've tried to like sours...but no go. Can't do it
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