What was the last beer you bought?

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by joeebbs, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. jrnyc

    jrnyc Meyvn (1,158) Mar 21, 2010 New York

    Wow, we are really get desperate for topics :slight_smile:! How about these threads?

    • What was the last beer you found in the street?
    • What was the last beer that was given to you?
    • What was the last beer you stole?
    • What was the last beer you looked at as you walked out of the store?
    • What beer is the closest to the front of your refrigerator?
  2. TheJollyHop

    TheJollyHop Zealot (531) Sep 2, 2009 California

    Surf Brewery's creatively named Black IPA... surf. Enjoyed it on tap, thought I'd see if that extends to the bottle.
  3. oldp0rt

    oldp0rt Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2011 Canada

    - budweiser half full
    - dogfish 120
    - n/a
    - Harpoon black ipa
    - heady topper
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  4. dirtyfab

    dirtyfab Initiate (148) Oct 21, 2004 New York

    a case of Yards IPA
  5. aranheaney

    aranheaney Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2010 New York

    Major haul from our friends to the North, everything from Alexander Keith's IPA to a Rickard's sample pack, oh also a case of Genny Bock ($10.99) and the Genny Heritage Case ($8.99) on the way home....
  6. aranheaney

    aranheaney Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2010 New York

    Is Nugget Nectar out everywhere now?
  7. acevenom

    acevenom Initiate (0) Oct 7, 2011 Louisiana

    I bought a bottle of Westmalle Trappist Dubbel.
  8. Beefytits4

    Beefytits4 Initiate (0) Nov 2, 2011 Illinois

    4 pack of Double Trouble, 6 pack of Hopslam, 6 pack of Hop Box. last night
  9. BeerKangaroo

    BeerKangaroo Initiate (0) May 30, 2011 Alaska

    At the Sea Dog Brewery in South Portland, Maine, I had an Owl's Head Light and a Winter Ale (according to the waitress).
  10. AleVana

    AleVana Initiate (0) Oct 23, 2011 Oregon

    Newly released Lagunitas Red-It is the original recipe from their earliest brewing days. A very smooth ale in my opinion.
  11. AleVana

    AleVana Initiate (0) Oct 23, 2011 Oregon

    Did you like the Ruthless Rye?
  12. firehousebrew

    firehousebrew Initiate (0) Feb 25, 2012

    bought a 6 pack of victorys golden monkey, one of my customers just gave me a westveleran 12 and im pumped to try it
  13. jds8411

    jds8411 Initiate (0) Oct 12, 2008 California

    Hello everybody, this is my first time posting here. This is what I bought yesterday:
    Racer 5 IPA (Bear Republic-12 pack)
    Also, I built my own six-pack:
    Ellie's Brown Ale (Avery)
    Out of Bounds Stout (Avery)
    Old No. 38 Stout (North Coast Brewing)
    Rogue Mocha Porter (Rogue Ales)
    Barney Flats Oatmeal Stout (Anderson Valley Brewing)
    Boont Amber Ale (Anderson Valley Brewing)
  14. Vonstein15

    Vonstein15 Initiate (0) Jan 15, 2010 Ohio

    Great Lakes Irish Ale, it was between that and Yuengling at a new bar just to see what was on tap.
  15. Etan

    Etan Initiate (0) Jul 11, 2011 Wisconsin

    I picked up a 4-pack of CW Bourbon Barrel Stout and a bottle of Brother Thelonious a couple days ago.
  16. dbol

    dbol Initiate (83) Aug 19, 2007 California

    Stumbled onto a Bourbon County Coffee Stout while getting some Old Guardian's this morning.
  17. ThisWangsChung

    ThisWangsChung Poo-Bah (3,109) Oct 15, 2011 Maryland

    Nothing fancy here.

    1 bottle of Stone IPA
    1 bottle of Flying Dog Wildeman Farmhouse IPA
    1 bottle of Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine
  18. muskiesman

    muskiesman Initiate (0) Apr 9, 2011 New Jersey

    picked up some Founders Cherise and Old Curmedgeon, He' Brew 15, Weyerbacher Riserva
    Hoping for Better Half and Nugget Nectar next week!
  19. xnicknj

    xnicknj Initiate (0) May 25, 2009 Pennsylvania

    a case of nugget nectar
    curmudgeons better half
    CW BA imp stout
    CW y2k
  20. pezfiend

    pezfiend Initiate (0) May 25, 2009 New York

    A 750ml growler of Great South Bay Hoppacratic Oath and a Urbock 23°. Haven't had this yet it's this years release.
  21. pezfiend

    pezfiend Initiate (0) May 25, 2009 New York

    A 750ml growler of Great South Bay Hoppacratic Oath and a Urbock 23°. Haven't had this yet it's this years release.
  22. asustevo

    asustevo Initiate (128) Dec 9, 2011 North Carolina

    Bell's Hopslam
  23. rabbid

    rabbid Initiate (0) Dec 13, 2009 Massachusetts

    SN Bigfoot
  24. Soonami

    Soonami Initiate (0) Jul 16, 2008 Pennsylvania

    Bruery Chocolate Rain and White Oak!
  25. GameFreac

    GameFreac Disciple (343) Apr 8, 2011 Georgia

    SN Bigfoot
    Dogfish Head Indian Brown

    Too bad I have a sinus infection. Next weekend + the whole next week is my Spring break though.
  26. Khazadum

    Khazadum Defender (670) Apr 29, 2010 Illinois

    Just about crapped my pants when I saw this.
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  27. CaptainKirk

    CaptainKirk Initiate (0) May 22, 2007 Connecticut

  28. Scrylol

    Scrylol Initiate (0) Sep 16, 2010 Canada

    Bought a 2009 Fullers Vintage Ale.
  29. WassailWilly

    WassailWilly Initiate (0) Sep 8, 2007 New York

    I bought a Maredsous Brown on sale no less and a sixer of Old Thumper
    Better than that got the wife to pick me up a 6 of BIGFOOT this afternoon !!
  30. SammyJaxxxx

    SammyJaxxxx Poo-Bah (2,326) Feb 23, 2012 New Jersey

    I picked up a Sucaba and an Anchorage Bitter Monk this afternoon.
    Haven't had a chance to open up either of them yet.
  31. Murgen

    Murgen Initiate (0) Oct 18, 2008 Texas

    Deschutes Red Chair NWPA, today.
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  32. marquis

    marquis Champion (803) Nov 20, 2005 England

    Bass straight from the cask by gravity. Perfect pint, totally unrecognisable from the crap in cans and bottles.
  33. ledzeppelin4

    ledzeppelin4 Initiate (0) May 18, 2011 Illinois

    I bought a six pack of Alpha King and 750ml of Unibroue 17 on my last purchase.
  34. DelicateDelirium

    DelicateDelirium Initiate (0) Feb 1, 2012 Massachusetts

  35. tsauce2

    tsauce2 Zealot (562) Oct 12, 2011 Indiana

    Picked up a Schmaltz Funky Jewbelation and a Birrificio Del Ducato Verdi. A buddy just picked me up 2 6ers of Nugget Nectar.
  36. brentusaurus

    brentusaurus Initiate (0) Jan 22, 2012 California

    Same, grabbed a sixer. Pretty good. :3
  37. jk3

    jk3 Disciple (321) Nov 18, 2011 New York

    1 of each of the Stone collaborations
  38. beerindex

    beerindex Initiate (134) Jun 18, 2007 Michigan

    Civil Life American Brown Ale on tap this past Thursday.
  39. Blueribbon666

    Blueribbon666 Zealot (515) Jul 4, 2008 Ohio

    1st trip to Buckeye Beer Engine on 4/6/12 had the following in order Buckeye Porter cask, Buckeye 2011 CBW Altbier, and finished with a Buckeye Mild cask...great stuff and great food
  40. DirtyPenny

    DirtyPenny Devotee (412) Jun 25, 2011 Massachusetts


    Goose Island Honker's Ale
    Dale's Pale Ale
    Rock Art Mountain Holidays in Vermont

    Rogue XS Imperial Younger's Special Bitter
    Abita Turbodog
    Geary's Winter Ale

    Woodstock Inn Wassail Ale
    Anderson Valley Boont Amber
    Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome

    Rogue Yellow Snow IPA
    Cisco Brewing Winter Shredder
    Mayflower Golden Ale

    Yeah, I hang around clearance displays like a vulture (not that all of those were on clearance). You wanna fight about it? The Woodstock Wassail was an absolute steal at 99 cents. Tempted to go back and grab a sixer if there are any remaining.
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